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    Good job. Quite an accomplishment.
    There were around 7,000 Greeks in total at the Battle of Thermopylae.
    Not just the Spartans and a few inept imbeciles to play clean up.
    Friends don't let friends listen to Zach Snyder/

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    now, 5man the 25m version!

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    Waoh, really amazing.

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    Nice job guys. Who dot the mount?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fryr View Post
    Nice job guys. Who dot the mount?
    I did, the other 2 had it .

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    Awesome, even more for the first music
    Tool - Vicarius

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    If you hit the train tracks you've gone to far.
    You had me when Tool started up. Awesome Vid.

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    Actually really cool vid. The fact you did it the old school way mad it more impressive than a straight out zerg. GJ

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    Thats just amazing, I wish I was in a guild that good, i hate how i can't play the game to its fullness.

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    Awesome video. I really enjoy videos like this with original feats.

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    If anyone says something bad about this, I'd ask them to try and 3 man this ": )

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    Fucking awesome.

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    Holy shit, that's impressive dude good job!!
    Congratulations on graduating to expert level trolling, I would stick around but I'm busy getting gay married in 13 states and performing roadside abortions while passing bills that take away people's guns while i sip superior european wine and cheese i bought with european style socialist money, arrivaderci!

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    Ignore the haters. This is awesomely done, especially from the tank and healer PoV (but yours was great too). It doesn't matter that you overgear this. OS+3 pugs fail with 10man being ICC geared.

    Onto your next challenge! (Malygos 2man? Paladin + Lock?)

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    Awesome job guys. I am impressed
    English is not my native language and i type fast. So bare with my typos, like "jsut".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumpingbear View Post
    The love in this thread is overwhelming. Thanks for the support everyone.

    We're running out of ideas though; ICC and Halion are locked out since we run 25 man every week. So suggestions here and on the YouTube comments for fights to do would be awesome!
    First off, congrantulations on your kill, your character seems quite undergeared in comparision to the other two.
    Maybe Alone/One light in the darkness would be pretty hard with less than five people.

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    Hooray, another thread in "Raids US First Kills" which isn't a first kill, but instead outdated content with special conditions. =/ Yeah yeah, "gratz" and all, but it doesn't really belong here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazlehoff View Post
    anyone flaming this thread is a troll, a bad or just jelly as hell.
    Having an opinion =/= Trolling. Love it when people throw around the word "Troll" without knowing what it means.

    It's not that we're "a bad" or "jelly" (whatever those mean), it's the fact that these people are saying "LOL WORLD FIRST GUISE" for outdated content with special conditions. Not an actual world-first kill.
    Last edited by Vook; 2010-11-19 at 04:30 AM.
    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
    Words that lots of people don't seem to know the definition of:
    "Troll", "Rehash", "Casual", "Dead", "Dying", "Exploit".

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    I've 2 manned it

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    Quote Originally Posted by dooditsprinny View Post
    oh yeah wotlk isn't easy or anything were just better now

    And 10m 3 drake isn't exactly "easy." It's one of few fights that's harder on 10 man than on 25 man. And I'd personally like to see you 3 man that fight then tell me that it was easy.
    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post is quite obvious...."Boob"buille
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Cenarius View Post
    I saw Mankrik vs. Saurfang...I thought the apocalypse was supposed to be coming in 2012?
    Quote Originally Posted by Peeb View Post
    Once in church when priest went to get more candles I whispered to my friend "Priest ran out of reagents" and heard someone laugh very loud behind us.

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