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    zachie, I'm glad I'm not the only one with two P2770s that aren't quite the same height...Mine aren't really level either. I can tell from your pic that one base stand is just slightly higher than the other. Mine are the exact same way. The monitors are quite nice though.
    Indeed i've been thinking what it could possibly be, and didn't find anything on how to solve it...
    The problem is that the P2770HD is 6mm higher then the regular p2770, wich is pretty weird imo for 2 products of the same series...

    Edit: now that i'm thinking of it, i might try and switch the stands and see witch one is higher then and try to get 2 identical stands so they would level out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncutshadow View Post
    Bit of a new build guys

    2500 k i5 oc 4hgz
    8 g 1600 mhz ddr 3 Mushkin Ram
    460 GTX Cyclone OC edtion
    SSD 60g sata 3 Corsair (boot drive)
    2 seagate barracuda 7200 sata 3 HDD's (Raid 0)
    1 TB western digital 7200 sata 2 (Back up)
    Case -Predator evil black edtion
    Razer DeathAdder Mouse
    G15 keybord
    HP 23inc LED Screen
    Corsair headset vengeance 1500

    Enjoy the orange case :P
    How is the GPU cooling on that case? Does it give them good airflow? (I'm searching for a replacement for my 800D, since it got poor airflow for GPU's.)
    i5-4670k 4.2GHz | AMD R9 280x | 16GB Kingston HyperX | 256GB 840 EVO | Corsair H100i | Noctua IndustialPPC
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    Case: HAF X 932
    CPU: i5 2500k (OC to 4.3 GHZ)
    MOBO: Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3
    Gpu: 2x Zotac 470 Gtx AMP! 1280MB
    RAM: 2x4GB 1866Mhz Patriot
    HDD: HITACHI 2TB 7200RPM 64MB cache
    Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper N520
    Monitor: Asus MT276
    Mice: Razer Naga
    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
    Headset: Logitech G930
    PSU: Kingwin 85OW modular

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    Quote Originally Posted by inux94 View Post
    How is the GPU cooling on that case? Does it give them good airflow? (I'm searching for a replacement for my 800D, since it got poor airflow for GPU's.)
    Well i havnt got any side fans in blowing directly onto the gpu but i can tell you the card is idling at 35 degrees which i think its pritty good considing the fact theres on 3 fans in the case atm

    Ive ordered a 200 mm side fan which will blow directly onto the the entire motherboard and components which i feel will make another big difference

    I have to say ive build alot of pc's (full towers mid towers etc) and i must say this case is the best case ive worked in even better than the HAFX in my opion

    I would recomend it A +++ there just so much room and the cable routing holes are well placed etx you wont be dispointed if you buy it (also there is a selection of different colours black & green , orange & black "mine ", white & black and black & red)

    Hope this helped inux94

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    This is what I have at the moment. It's obviously not finished yet as I'm in the middle of upgrade process but hardware wise I'm done for couple of months. All the peripherals apart from the headphones are next on the list as I find something suiting .

    The best light had already faded as I found the camera Sorry for the overly warm colours at the times. I would have taken some unboxing and assembly ones too but didn't locate the camera untill recently. Suppose this will do.

    Intel e8400 at 4.0GHz
    Thermalright Silver Arrow
    2x1GB Kingston Valueram + 2x2GB Hyundai Electronics (DDR2 at 444MHz)
    Asus GTX 560 TI with DirectCU II Top, stock
    Samsung 830 128GB
    Samsung Spinpoint F 500GB
    Corsair AX 850
    Fractal Design Arc Midi

    Just upgraded the case, PSU, graphics card and added an SSD. The plan is to replace the board/cpu/memory/gpu when Ivy ships. Also not sure when I get down to my liquid cooling project as my time is slightly limited at the moment but I'm looking for a decent vendor and nailing down the last list of what-to-get.
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    For being an old E8400 system, that looks really slick.
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    Hah, I was thinking the same thing Asera... "That rig looks sick! The cpu is a whaaa?"
    i7 930 @ 4.0Ghz | Sapphire HD5970 w/ Accelero Xtreme | ASUS P6X58D Premium | 32GB Kingston DDR3-1600
    Xonar Essence STX | 128GB Vertex 4 | AX750 | Xigmatek Elysium
    Laing D5 | XSPC RX 360mm | Koolance RP-452X2 | EK-Supreme HF
    Dell 3007WFP-HC | Samsung BX2350 | Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate | Razer Naga Molten | Sennheiser HD650

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    I am surprised his CPU isn't severely bottlenecking the rest of his rig.

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    A C2D at 4GHz paired with a modest 560Ti, I wouldn't worry too much about too big of a bottleneck in most games.
    Obsidian 350D | i7 2700K @ 4.8GHz | ASUS Maximus V Gene Z77 | 32GB RAM | Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan @ 1.1Ghz, 7GHz Memory, BIOS mod. | 500GB SSD | 4TB Stripe

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    I was going to buy i3 2100 with Ivy-ready motherboard actually but Tetris talked me out of it :> Would have been such a waste as I'm going to upgrade the CPU anyway later. And most of the waterblocks are compatible with 775 socket so I can actually begin assembling the loop before IB is even here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rennadrel
    I am surprised his CPU isn't severely bottlenecking the rest of his rig.
    It's not pulling the numbers some newer CPU's would but will do for now. Haven't had time to do any excessive benching yet but it's running Skyrim nearly flawlessly at ultra .

    Shame that I already used so much time on the cable management though. Seems like I'll have to take the PSU back. Coil whine. Or it could be the board but to test it I'll have to rip it all apart .

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    We have a store called techbay in norway, other than that I know for a fact that Performance-pcs ship to norway within reasonable price.

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    I don't recall Ghâzh being Norwegian though. o_O

    That said, techbay's a bit of an odd place. Not bad though. I would in retrospect not recommend using aquatuning unless they've got something you want that you're not finding elsewhere, since they exclusively follow German law (which is fairly not-legal in Norway for example when they work under a .no domain) and are a little sketchy.

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    Used to look a lot better, but then I sort of stopped caring.

    And by beloved boot-time, lol.


    i5 2500K @4.8 GHZ
    Asus P8Z68 Deluxe /gen3
    Corsair Vengeance 16GB
    Zotac GTX 560ti 448 (getting another one)
    Corsair Performance Pro 128GB SSD

    Custom watercooling loop with EK blocks.

    I don't know who's from Norway here, I just replied to the post, lol.

    Regarding Techbay, it's ok, I suppose.
    - IF they actually have the things you need, and you need it quick I'd consider it. Otherwise I'd just use performance-pcs. (I allways go waaaaaaaaaaay overboard when I head over to performance-pcs though.)

    * Mod Edit: Don't embed images >800 pixels, there are thumbnails for that.
    ^ My bad, it looked fine on my screen. D:
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    No I'm not It's not far though.

    I'm being little suspicious about ordering over seas already and threads like this really aren't on the performance pcs side.

    It's mostly CPU block and radiators only that I can't seem to find locally anyway so maybe I'll just have to bite the bullet :<.

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    performance-pcs do ship to Norway, but their shipping prices were a mixed bag to say the least. Some people were suggesting the TJ07 over the Cosmos II I was considering. So I checked prices. The prices came up to generally be the same as or more expensive than just ordering the TJ11 from a Norwegian page... >.>;

    That said, they may very well be competitive for quite a few things if it's the right size and weight.

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    Just remember that the cosmos 2 can't fit a think rad in the roof, if that's what you're looking at.
    Otherwise dustinhome is selling the TJ11.
    - You have to give your left nut for it though.

    Personally I were considering getting a custom TJ07 from Chilled-PC, but after seeing the NZXT Switch 810 here in the thread, I'm consdering that one.

    Problem is the fact that my rad is 62mm thick. - WIthout fans.

    Dont really want a case without a mid-plate though, seeing my PSU is something I can live without.
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    I was just making a point. I wound up going for something else in the end, but that was neither the TJ07 or TJ11, nor Cosmos II. But ordering the TJ07 from anywhere brought prices up ridiculously fast.

    Have to admit though, now that I see the prices on ChilledPC I'm itching to do some order-cancels...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunkenvalley View Post
    Have to admit though, now that I see the prices on ChilledPC I'm itching to do some order-cancels...
    ..... I swear, really? x_X

    What case are you thinking now? ;p I thought you were in love with the Raven 01....


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    I feel much the same, Deltrus. And I do indeed plan to proceed with what I'm doing. I'm just saying I get the itch when I see the TJ07 painted, modded and shipped for the price of the Cosmos II. :P

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    Yeah, thought about getting a TJ07, with either blue exterior and black interior, or just the black interior, along with a mid-plate and a PSU-plate.

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