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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post

    It looks better than it did in the pictures!

    Gah, must... resist...
    Oh I wouldn't hesitate for a SECOND, Deltrus. This is, hands down, the most beautiful keyboard I've ever seen in my entire life. It really is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    All in due time...

    I'll be posting an update of my own here in a week or two. ^_<

    Doubt anyone will expect it.
    a bigger ssd -_- (or finally a new gpu )

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    a few hours and many removing and installing of fans later:

    new case is really a joy to work is but be wary the I/O connectors are on the short side.
    back is a mess since no modulair psu might change that around in the future or untill the psu dies.
    in two weeks this bad boy will go full custom loop (if evga en EK finally hurry up with releasing stuff in EU )

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    looks great but that sli bridge looks so cheap compared to everything else! ... wonder if they have any better ones like in this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/bRCsb.jpg but can actually purchase!

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    My computer setup, old pc I know. Upgrading soon

    CPU: Intel Core2 Duo CPU E7300 2.66GHz

    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT (1gb)

    RAM: 4gb (dont know what model)

    Motherboard: Asus P5KPL/1600

    HDD 500gb harddiver (dont know what model)

    Screen: Philips (dont know what model) 1920x1200

    Keyboard: Razer anansi

    Mouse:Logitech MX 518 optical gaming mouse 1800dpi

    Headset: Razer Characias

    HDD Western Digital 1TB USB 3.0

    It manages BF3 on lowest graph + 1920x1080 with around 12 people at 15-25fps so im happy
    Wow at medium/high settings in bgs- 40-80fps (and FPS drops at LM when it's a big fight)

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    Finished my first build a few weeks ago but never got round to putting any pictures up so here goes, be nice :P and yes those front filters do need a clean (dogs + summer = hair storm)


    i7 4770k 4.6Ghz @ 1.225v
    Corsair H100i with 2x NF-F12s in Pull
    Asus z87 Sabertooth
    16gb Corsair Vengeance @ 1600mhz
    SLI Gigabyte WF 3x 770s (currently at 1181/1833 although there's a lot more room to up the mem clock and a tad more on the core)
    Samsung 840 250GB SSD
    WD Blue 1TB
    Corsair AX860
    Corsair 600t

    Also stumped up for a set of corsair's white cables and replaced all the stock fans with 2x SP120 (currently using as side intakes), 2x AF120 (1 in drive bay, 1 rear exhaust) and a 200mm Spectre PRO down front. Plus ofc I had to put some pretty white LEDs in it.

    Still a couple of silly aesthetic things I need to sort out, like getting hold of a black sli bridge and tidying up the cables a bit more but im proper chuffed with how its turned out. Just need to wait till this awful summer heat passes then I'll get the side window back on and push the OCs a bit

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    Amazing setup mate.
    Only thing thats missing is backplates for your GPU though.
    Skylake & Maxwell gaming build 2015
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    and he can take the bottom hd tray out if he wanted to. its like 2-4 screws on the bottom, just gotta take the front panel off

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    Microphone desk stand finally arrived! Amusingly the solid metal base resembles a 2kg gym disc weight.

    It can be placed on the desk to record me:

    Or what I primarily bought it for (SM57 being an instrument mic n' all), facing the amp while I humiliate myself recording guitar:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habbage View Post
    Looks really nice man. Must've taken quite a while sleeving that many cables. I luckily didn't have many hardware devices :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majesticii View Post
    Must've taken quite a while sleeving that many cables.
    Those are the premade cables Corsair sells according to his post. Though I do agree, the build is very pretty.

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    Today, instead of pictures, you'll get a video!


    Because it is audio-focused, and you can not only see what I got... but also, hear.

    Plugged the mic into my ASUS Xonar DX sound card instead of the RealTek because whenever I record with Fraps on a game, I get coil-whine. Okay then.

    Basically... here's what game footage would sound like with my voice.

    Sounds pretty good, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuvial View Post
    @Merc is that an XPSC Rasa kit? Nice blue/black theme.

    As for me, lookie what I got! Yes, that is an a authentic leopard-skin bedsheet that I stripped last week off a real leopard that I came across while journeying across the mountains. Obviously I couldn't pass up that opportunity, chased the motherfucker down (they don't run as fast as shown on TV) and managed to punch it to death.

    I guess you were carrying that box while you were punching that leopard, it seems to have scratched it, probably right before it died.

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    This term isn't far off, though it would need the word "scientific" in front of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    Accessibility, ownership, availability; these are all essentially the same thing.

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    MSI HD 7970 OC 3072MB GDDR5 PCI
    Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40GHz
    ASRock Z77 Pro4 Intel Z77
    Samsung Green 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
    Corsair Obsidian Series 550D PC case
    Samsung 250GB SSD
    Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB
    Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB

    Need to get new monitor next.

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    I got another Acer AL1951 for cheap so I guess it's time for an update.

    An Imgur album

    • i7 920 @ 3.3GHz
    • 3*4Gb DDR3
    • GeForce 660 Ti
    • OCZ Agility 3 120Gb SSD accompanied by WD Black 1TB HDD and Seagate 4TB.
    • Zalman 850W PSU - I was fool to think the trend of increasing power consumption would continue.
    • Samsung 245B accompanied by two Acer AL1951's. Television is an old 46" Samsung, probably one of the first 1080p TVs.
    • Logitech G15 and Mx518 mouse.
    • Yamaha RX-V765 is powering a 5.0 set by OR with AudioPro SubFocus woofer. Or alternatively, Beyerdynamic DT-770 cans.
    i5 4690k ♦ Z97-A ♦ GTX 760 SLI ♦ 8 GB ♦ 120Gb + 1Tb + 4Tb ♦ Define R4
    Muh Paladin

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