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    I5 4440 or A10 7850k

    so i have a R7 250 GPU in one of my pcs but i don't know if using A10 with dual Graphics is better than I5 4440 + R7 250, i'm searching for benchmarks but no results . i only play wow and i want improve this pc for Legion

    actually this pc have an Intel Pentium e 5700 so whatever will be better than that

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    For WoW, CPU matters a lot more than GPU. More importantly, IPC matters more than number of cores. intel is better at IPC so the intel is better.

    Really though, there are better choices than either of those, you would be better off going to the Computer Build / Upgrade Help sub forum and filling out the sticky.

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    The i5, obviously.

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    The 7850K is mostly meant to be by itself. If you're adding a graphics card then the i5 is better.

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    That i5 has the performance level of i5-6400, which is not that bad.

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