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    How to Monitor Fan Speed of case fans connected to motherboard

    Does anyone know of a way/program to monitor case fans that are connected straight into the motherboard from the desktop? Basically your chassis rpm fan speed.

    The only way I know of is by going to the Bios of the motherboard. I tried out "Open Hardware Monitor", but that doesn't seem to work with my motherboard I guess.

    I use an asrock z97 extreme 4.
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    My motherboard tells me everything I need to know via the BIOS. It even came with its own software so I can monitor it in my OS if I really needed to.

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    might want to look into a fan controller, alot will give out RPM read outs, then you got basic one with just speed adjustment knobs.

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    I use Aida64 though, because it gives out reports that my fan controller software can read.. The full version is licensed though so you may not want to spend money for just fan rpms, but there is a free 30 day trial, so if everything else fails you can try it for free at least.

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