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    Comcast doubled speeds on most of their plans in certain areas of the west.

    Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, and Colorado Springs got a free upgrade today. I am close to Salt Lake and my 30mb connection double in speed to 60 down and 6 up. Not bad for $20USD.
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    When I got my doubled speed(I live in Illinois) and I swapped out my modem my internet has been feeling crappier. Idk why I loose connection for a while sometimes and YouTube vids feel slower.

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    Mostly harmless
    I have a feeling they some times do this just so people will hit their data caps, more download speed=faster that it can happen, if you consume more content because of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    I have a feeling they some times do this just so people will hit their data caps, more download speed=faster that it can happen, if you consume more content because of it.
    Yeah that's exactly why they do it!! *rolls eyes*
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    Quote Originally Posted by g01851 View Post
    Yeah that's exactly why they do it!! *rolls eyes*
    Actually, this is more plausible than you think, given exactly whom is doing this. I would be wary of free stuff from Comcast if they said it was magic.

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    I'm guessing this has more to do with them using their customer's modems as WiFi hotspots and less to do with them just being nice
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    I'm not in the west but my speed was doubled months ago, i was paying for 24mb and my actual speed was 28mb, one day it randomly went up to 56mb and its been like that for months. They keep increasing the bill every month though, gets really frustrating when you have to call them every month because they just keep adding shit you didn't ask for, then they charge you for it.

    Btw the internet has been very unstable lately while playing wow, idk if anyone else is having the same issue. The signal randomly goes off for a couple of mins, and it only happens while playing wow. I'm planning to call them this weekend to see what they tell me.

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    can comfirm, went from 50 down to this:

    upload is not affected

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    Wish they would show some love to timewarner customers considering they own tw now. Really sick of paying almost 50$ for 10/1.
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