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    Core Temperature Problem - I5 4460

    Built a new rig about a month ago, everything smooth and no issues.

    Only problem I'd get was, sometimes, WoW would get sluggish.. Whatever, I figured that was normal. WoW is an old game and shows it's age.

    This started happening more and more (even in low pop zones) until I decided to look at reinstalling, software issues, drivers, patches.
    Once everything was out of the way I looked at workload performance and temperatures.. and then I saw it.

    Work load numbers looked mint but my stock cooled i5 4460 haswell was running at 95º C .... so I let it cool and it went to 80º in idle... so I took the thing apart and the thermal compound was dry.. well then I just need to replace it and end of the story right?

    Well, no. I did replace it and while IDLE is much cooler at 59º it is still HOT. More so when playing WoW it reaches 85º.

    So I'm kind of at a loss here. I don't believe that is a safe temp if it's affecting my game, I can't afford to buy new cooling right now.
    I heard about lowering the Vcore in the bios makes a good difference but I know nothing of that really and don't want to mess it up, all I know is my Vcore says 1.021 and that looks low enough as it is.

    Any help would be welcome.

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    I don't think it should be reaching these Temps even using the stock cooler.
    Don't touch the bios unless you're sure about what you're doing. Is this cooler really properly installed? That's weird.
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