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    Twitch cover image issues...little help?

    Hey All,

    I've wanted to give twitch a go for a while now and I'm just starting to get all the pieces put together. I had a friend make a logo for my cover image, yet for the life of me I can't get it to show up properly on my channel page.

    Is the "best" I've gotten it to appear so far and if you click the right arrow at the top of the cover image, in expand mode it kinda works (icon and text are at the absolute bottom of the cover image space at this point) but I really want it to be fully view-able (with or without extra space on the top/bottom of the logo, I really don't care at this point) without expanding the image and when shown on a normal size window.

    Twitch is so finnicky it seems with cover art images it seems and even though the recommended size listed when you try to upload says "1200x380" the dimensions it lists under the help section says otherwise - 480px high x 900px wide.

    Can anyone help me out here? I nor my friend are not very good at resizing/cropping (obviously this needs to get altered) etc to make it just right and I was really hoping to get this knocked out today. Here's the full-sized logo:

    Thank you so much.

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    What res is your monitor and are you using zoom on chrome? It kinda looks like you are in the picture.

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    1920x1080, no zoom. Could it just be on my end?

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    I tried finding your twitch channel but nothing shows up in the search box lol, ya i was trying to see if it was on your end. Can you link your channel?

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    Ya looks goofy on mine too, what are you using to try and resize it? It should fit fine if you are using what twitch recommends.

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    I don't have anything decent on my computer but I was using http://resizeimage.net/ and yeah, no matter how/what I tried, either size preference, no luck.

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    Hmm that page is pretty much what i was going to suggest lol. Hopefully someone knows more, also if you go into a stream that has a properly cropped image maybe the broadcaster would know too.

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    k, I'll keep poking around. thanks for trying!

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    I just use MS Paint to resize images quickly. It works well enough. You could also get something like GIMP, it's free, but a bit hard to use until you get used to it.

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    This should be resized as per your dimensions

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