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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanotical View Post
    nothing protects from a direct lightning strike, (like a strike on the power line outside your house) but where i live all power, cable, and phone lines are underground, only high power transmission lines from power plants are open, but they are not grounded so lighting will strike the tower, but not the line itself, and if it does strike the line, a transformer would blow first, long before it ever reaches a house, if you are really worried about your computer, get some form of insurance

    also, from what i've read, an UPS causes a good amount of interference on powered studio monitors like the RP8s
    We got round this by installing a copper grounding strip on the roof. Granted it still doesn't protect you from strikes at the transformer box (beyond your control) but it sure does help reduce the risk that the power line directly connected to the building will be hit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinni View Post
    We got round this by installing a copper grounding strip on the roof. Granted it still doesn't protect you from strikes at the transformer box (beyond your control) but it sure does help reduce the risk that the power line directly connected to the building will be hit.
    We have a lightning conductor that runs from the chimney pots to the ground down the outside wall of the house. We actually got a hit on it a couple of years ago when lightning struck nearby. While we heard a massive crack when it hit (like somebody cracked a whip next to your ear but many times louder), it had absolutely no effect on the computers and TVs that were switched on at the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by googz View Post
    Cooler Master MegaFlows it looks like (which are awesome fans)... but I did notice that Newegg didn't have any last time I checked.

    BitFenix also makes some 200mm with LED's but will cost you a good bit more.
    I found these NZXT ones on newegg, the user reviews look quite good. At $28 a pop (+$4 shipping) they aren't cheap though.
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    from what i remember from my A+ class, an UPS can function as a line conditioner buffering electricity both surges and dips, and also has a battery so you can save work and safely shutdown, UPS are used on servers to keep the server up long enough for a generator to start in a power loss, however, they cant stop lightning, the only way to prevent lightning damage is to unplug your computer from an outlet, and in some cases that doesn't even work, a non diffused strike withing 30-50 feet can still fry your CPU, which is why servers are not placed near an outside wall

    this is why a good place to put your computer is in the basement, it's safer from lightning and often the cooler part of a house

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanotical View Post
    if you are willing to part with $300, why not save up for a bit longer and get the Rokit8s, because eventually you are gonna want to get them or something similar anyway

    also, i forgot a pic :P
    Suddenly, your setup is disgusting.


    also, from what i've read, an UPS causes a good amount of interference on powered studio monitors like the RP8s
    Probably. I had to run my old Altec Lansing speakers from the wall instead of the UPS because of that.

    And while you might have good power, I'd still be scared to death running any computer system without a UPS now. Not just because my power tends to droop a bit sometimes (and flickering, but you wouldn't have that issue with underground lines), I noticed a decent drop in my electric bill since I put my tower and two servers on UPS units. Not entirely sure why.
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    No, that PSU should be fine for SLI 570's

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    well out of my two rigs one just had its first part failure and two weeks after the build.
    MSI gtx560 ti hawk edition. <<<< only one died so itll be sent back, this time ill get a 570

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    i havnt updated in a while but a few of you know that i have a rather large special build in the works

    today i ordered my mountain mod case
    also ordered
    12 X http://www.frozencpu.com/products/12...wf&mv_pc=12240

    2 X http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10...wf&mv_pc=12242

    and new white tubing to replace my red tubing

    once case gets here ill post some pics of it before i do the modding and some pics of course when its all said and done

    total build is

    case - mountain mode u2-ufo custom panels
    mobo - asus maximus iv extreme z - rog
    cpu - i7 2600k at 4.8ghz
    gpu - 2x 7970
    ram - currently 16gigs gskill going to upgrade after case mod complete
    2x - m4 ssd 240g raid 0
    2x - 1tb caviar black raid 0
    psu - 1250 seasonic 80+gold custom sleeved using mdpc-x sleeving in white and color X

    cpu cooler - custom water loop
    gpu - stock for now waiting to order water blocks =)

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    Thought I would upload what I was using while I had no computer,
    Specs aren't very good, 4gb of ram, an i5 and a 200 series nvidia card, can't remember what it was

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    Red laptop Pretty. Beats some of the CM HAF exteriors to be honest..
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    WoW has been a CPU-bound game for much of its lifetime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cusco View Post

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz
    Memory: 16 GB Kingston HyperX DDR3
    Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
    GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5570 - I bought this very cheaply six months ago, as a temporary solution. But I just..don't run demanding games, so I don't need any better, I play wow and watch movies. The RAM and processor are rather cheap upgrades primarily bought for full-scale 4928x3264 photo-editing, and for creating 16000+x4928 panoramas. I know there are better options, but I like the 2500k.
    Hard Drive: Intel® SSD 520 Series 120GB, + 550gb shared amongst two other, old disks. Waiting for the WD CB 2tb 7200rpm to sink even further in price.
    Case: Antec Performance One P180
    Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 225BW + temporarily an old 17" LG L1715S
    Mouse: Logitech G5
    Keyboard: Logitech G15
    OS: Windows W7 64

    And the camera equipment-figure has risen to around $5000. Quite remarkable when I think about it, I bought my car for $2900.
    Well, the 5570 turned out to be a much thinner bottleneck than I had imagined (and I knew it wouldn't be pretty), as faster general speeds makes you want faster gaming speeds as well and, you know, much wants more. So...

    GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5570 --> XFX Radeon HD 7950
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickz View Post
    What fans are those? Do they come with the case or did you buy them separately?
    I'm still looking for 200mm fans with blue LED's
    Not sure if I like the blue fan in the side window, but I will sure as hell try. Never thought about replacing that fan on my HAF X. And to the person asking about the fans, I bought the Mega Flows from Newegg. They are made by CM themselves.

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    So apparently my fan controller died on me, as to when I do not know. I checked my filters today and noticed that only one of the front fans was spinning, the other two connectors on the controller bit the dust it looks like. A friend gave me a couple of molex repeaters to get my case fans back up and running. The sad thing was that I only had the controller for a few months. The controller I had was the Silverstone FP33-B, so it's now going in the garbage and I shoved my DVD writer back into the second 5.25 inch drive bay. For a nearly 40 dollar product, the build quality is actually pretty shitty and the lifespan of the product seems to be short for many users. I bought it on sale at NCIX for 20 bucks, but it's regular price is 26.99 CAD plus tax and an extra 10 bucks in shipping if you buy from Newegg.

    The upside is with the repeaters, my case looks much neater on the inside now that I don't have the crappy controller bracket sitting under my hard drive case.
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    You might notice the waterlevels aren't exactly stellar in the picture. Wanna know why? This is why.

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    Aside from creating more work for me the leaks were inconsequential, really.

    After all, I had specifically filled it with tap water for the leaktest. Gonna throw some battery water in now.

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    My first attempt at water cooling...Some notes.

    * I never cared about PSU length until now. I had to swap out my Antec HCP-850 for a Corsair AX850. No Platinum level PSU is shallow enough.
    * Compression fittings will destroy your fingers.
    * You will probably have to make a couple trips to the hardware store for metric fasteners and washers.
    * Gentle Typhoons have a tick when in a pull scenario (in this case push-pull).
    * When flushing your radiator make sure you replace every rubber drain plug with an actual screw plugs.
    * Putting TIM pads on every DRAM chip on a video card is tedious.
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    Bitfenix Shinobi XL and the cable management is a work in progress. I haven't even zip-tied anything in back yet.

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