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    Corpse of the fallen
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    Powerful, dead Paladins.

    "Underneath the chapel is a catacomb which houses the remains of the heroes of Lordaeron. Many of the remains were exhumed and moved to the chapel so they could not be resurrected in the service of the Lich King."
    World of Warcraft: Ashbringer, Issue 4 - Dust to Dust
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    Corpse of fallen paladins and priests , they buried(mumify maybe?) them there so Scourge cant reanimate them to fight vs their brethren (imo that was the smartest move done by those self righteous pricks)
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    An orc named after Jesus firing a kamehameha at a tentacle dragon and making it explode into fairy dust before a group of dragons don't lament the loss of their once-friend or the now inevitable extinction of their species due to their newfound sterility and mortality but instead congratulate him on knocking up his wife was pretty fucking insane even by this series' standards.

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    Essentially, as Arthas was charging across Lordaeron, killing left, right and centre, a thousand dead heroes of the light were exumed from their graves across the land and brought to Light's Hope, where they were interred so they could not be brought back to join Arthas' army.


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    I believe, as Mijen said, powerful dead paladins. They were moved there so Arthas couldn't raise them to be a part of the scourge amry, to read up go to the wowwiki page for Light's Hope
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