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    Game Time "Goodies"

    When youre about to embark on an epic gaming marathon, whether it be Halo, WoW, or Hello Kitty Island Adventure, what type of snacks/drinks are essential?

    -For social gaming in general... there must be Pizza. This is law.
    -Beer is required for Guitar Hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijen View Post
    -For social gaming in general... there must be Pizza. This is law.
    -Beer is required for Guitar Hero.
    Beer goes with Pizza. This is law.
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    Mountain Dew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenkachii View Post
    Mountain Dew.
    Mountain dew free ;O
    Quote Originally Posted by May90 View Post
    Wow, you managed to outdo yourself dude. Calling people stupid just because they pre-order games is a new level of Internet bullying.

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    tostino pizza rolls
    iced tea
    - Nom Nom

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    Hot chocolate. Nothing keeps my moonchkin moonfirin' as a good, big, steaming cup of sweet hot chocolate... with some crossaints... oh damn... *ran away to make some hot chocolate with croissants*
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