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    Total Recall 6/10, quite dissapointed to be honest, quite plain and I didnt find myself bothered about what happened to the characters throughout. The whole concept was cool though

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    Jennifer's Body

    It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, I heard alot of hate for it when it was released on the cinema so I never went to see it

    The premise was good and it was a very dark and gritty movie. acting was okay, the story was pretty good. the atmosphere reminded me of the movie, Ginger Snaps. But that's only because of its dark tone and the fact it features two best friends whom are entirely different, while it could have looked like a chance to cash in on Megan Fox's fame I actually don't think that was the case, while it does expose her a lot it doesn't over expose her too much, its kept pretty level

    The only gripe I had was with the ending. Which I felt they rushed completely, as well as the whole friendship between the two girls was sort of ignored and not touched up on as much as I thought it would be.

    Overall a good movie, not perfect but better than people gave it credit for.

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    12 Angry Men (1957)
    Nearly all of the movie takes place in the jury room, with every aspect put on the dialogue between the 12 jury members. It might sound boring but it is definitely not. Stunning movie, one of the best movies I have ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettan View Post
    12 Angry Men (1957)
    Nearly all of the movie takes place in the jury room, with every aspect put on the dialogue between the 12 jury members. It might sound boring but it is definitely not. Stunning movie, one of the best movies I have ever seen.
    Read the play. Tons better. The movie/s are quite terrible(Studied 12 Angry Men for one of my English novels in my final year of school last year).

    Got 9 and Nightmare Before Christmas on Bluray finally.

    9 - I love it. It's a great movie, cutish and awesome. 9/10
    Nightmare Before Christmas - Don't need to say much, it's my most favourite movie of all-time. Such a brilliant masterpiece. 10/10
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    maybe I should read 12 Angry Men because I hated the movie, but then if the play is still about a jury that doesn't know what a jury is supposed to do and arbitrarily dismisses evidence then I still won't like it

    The Punisher (2004) 4/10

    The score to this movie just didn't fit, it was like watching some early 90s fluff movie instead of The Punisher. I don't think I ever saw a movie undone by the orchestral score the same way this film was, it was that jarring to me to merit a 4. The movie really only had two enjoyable scenes and a further 85 minutes of boredom.

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    They better make the 2nd one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuthe View Post
    Read the play. Tons better. The movie/s are quite terrible(Studied 12 Angry Men for one of my English novels in my final year of school last year).
    Plays are meant to be seen and heard in my opinion. I haven't read that one but I've heard people say the same thing about Shakespeare's work and I just can't see how anyone could take as much away from a reading of a play as they would from a good performance. At least in Shakespeare's case, his language is so different that a careful reading could help you understand certain things that you might miss otherwise but a good performance is still preferable and can communicate more to the audience than just the dialogue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Celticmoon View Post


    They better make the 2nd one...
    I completely agree. A great movie that received a lot of undeserved hate because people expected Alien. Two really great characters, David and Elizabeth that I'd love to see more of.

    Anyways, on topic:
    Resident Evil: the new one, forgot the name, re-something or something. - 3/10. I got what I expected action-wise. This is going to sound weird since I'm talking about a Resident Evil movie but the story disappointed me. This was weakest movie in the series thus far. I'll probably still see the next one. I think I'll still be watching Milla dance around on invisible wires when she's in her 50's.
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    That would probably be The Dictator. In terms of OH-GOD-MY-SIDES I'd rate it 10/10, that scene when Aladeen and the other guy are talking in the chopper with the white couple... Goodness, I cannot recall the last time I laughed so hard. (YouTube clip of said scene)
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    Batman Begins

    11 out of 10

    I have not seen in in a while, so I decided to go back and watch it. I loved every single minute of it.

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    The Raid: Redemption. Asian movie (can't remember from which country) about a police squad raiding a building full of criminals. There was only a minor story to begin with, and that story kinda turned into nothing. The action was superb, though. I'd give it a 6 because the action was amazing. Could probably have gotten an 8 if the was a story.
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    Ted - 8.5/10

    very entertaining comedy with an original concept and good cast. it's a bromantic comedy and it's good for the girlies too as it has it's sad (although very predictable) sad moment. ideal date night material. sometimes drags on like they had to put certain things in to fill it up for full movie length and its predictable at times, but still, it's been a while since i laughed so hard at the theatre.

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    Dredd 3D. 9.5 out of 10. Took out a .5 because there wasn't really a Showdown with the main villian, but I guess the whole movie was the showdown with her and her goons Overall, it was an amazing experience, this is the real Dredd. If you have the money and the option to see it in 3D, it's a must, can't believe I'm saying this but it really adds to the experience, especially during slo-mo when the whole world just lights up. Along with the soundtrack, I was completely immersed in this movie the whole way and hope for a sequel. This was a piece of art and truly the biggest surprise of the year.

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    13 Assassins - 9.5/10 So I finally got around to watching about the only Takashi Miike film I hadn't yet seen, on Blu-Ray and it was pretty much one of the best samurai films I've seen since Akira Kurosawa's efforts. The first half, with its slow burning build up and traditional Miike-esque (that's a thing now) style of hatred generation for the main villain is very well crafted - at least one dismembered person, check. The second half, which is essentially an extended battle sequence is just fantastic and as usual Miike manages to show us his perverse side, with a villain who isn't as purely evil as he appears, more just another man lost in a world of violence to try and find reason. Oh you, Japan.

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    Men in Black 3 - 8/10
    Snow White and the Huntsman - 6/10
    Prometheus - 5/10

    Those are the three I watched in the last 5 days

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    Ghostbusters 10/10

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    Hey Guys.....................
    I am a great fan of watching movies DragonBall: Evolution. recently I watched

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    Dredd - 8/10. An excellent sci-fi action movie. I want some sequels please.

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    Prometheus, 8/10

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    Resident Evil: Retribution... not a brain in its head, but it entertained me, and sometimes that can make up for any glaring faults -- of which there were many in this here moving picture film movie show. Ada Wong fan service. Mmm. 6 ~ 10

    Cabin in the Woods... funnier and creepier than I expected. Self-imposed media blackout served me well. 8.75 ~ 10
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    Movies I've watched/rewatched since I last posted.

    People Like Us (2012) - 7.5/10
    Breathing (2011) - 7/10
    Adventureland (2009) - 7/10
    Moonrise Kingdom (2012) - 8/10
    Sound of My Voice (2011) - 6/10
    Prometheus (2012) - 5/10
    The Big Lebowski (1998) - 8.5/10
    The Cabin in the Woods (2011) - 6/10
    The Ice Storm (1997) - 8/10
    The Avengers (2012) - 7/10

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