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    Skyfall 007 james bond 2012 movie and i rate it 8/10 after watching james bond acting........

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    Frankenweenie... 8/10, great film interesting feel to it. The whole thing is in black and white and when mixed with 3D makes a truly unique experience.
    Madagascar 3 10/10 great film, brilliantly funny... all I can say is Circus afro!

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    Argo- 8.5/10

    Good story, decent acting, didn't feel ashamed to have watched it afterwards (*cough* Here Comes the Boom *cough*). Took off a point and a half because it didn't quite live up to the hype, despite being a good watch.

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    Skyfall 8/10. Quite an optimistic rating, as I had some problems with it. It had a lot of the more adventurous feel of the old Bond films which was oddly refreshing even if I enjoyed the grittier style of Casino Royale and to a lesser extent Quantam of whatsit. On the other hand, while it was slick and very watchable I was a bit disappointed that the villain didn't get more exposure. Most of the time I remember him stealthing around in a disguise. Perhaps the problem is down to a shorter running time. He in particular seemed to have a short run. I also felt confused by the ending for M, I was put in mind of her as a potential secondary villain who had partly caused lots of problems, but the ending didn't seem to provide much resolution. Still, weightier than the many silly Roger Moore films, so I should stop complaining I suppose.

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    Looper - 10/10

    Holy hell it was so good! Best sci-fi movie since Inception. Best movie I've seen this year.
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    Skyfall - 7/10 good bond movie, best since Goldeneye

    Looper - 3/10 horrible sci-fi, starts out decent to turn out total shit, telekinetic mambo jambo. Score would be lower if it wasn't for Levit.

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    The Avengers 7/10, was expecting a lot better movie after all the hype it got
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    The Amazing Spiderman - 9/10

    Better than Spiderman 1. Better than The Avengers. Loved the retelling, loved the darker tone, Lizard was creepy and badass, Garfield was sexy and badass, Stone was sexy and badass, they both had great chemistry, put Sally Fields on screen and tell her to look sad and I'll start tearing up (damn her). Great movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavol View Post
    The Amazing Spiderman - 9/10

    Better than Spiderman 1. Better than The Avengers.
    Really? You must have watched a different version than me cause it doesn't touch the Avengers.

    OT Skyfall 8/10 I really enjoyed it Daniel Craig really makes the character. I enjoyed the story and the introduction of new classic characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koodledrum View Post
    Skyfall - 8/10 - not really enough gadgets for me and felt it lacked a little something to be a true Bond film, good action flick though.
    Meh, Skyfall is definitely the best Bond film of recent times, not enough gadgets? Well I think this makes it alot better, because it makes it more realistic, and less 'cheesy'. The invisible car scene in 'Die Another Day' is a good example of when the directors go too far with the 'gadgets'.
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    Wreck it Ralph: 10/10

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    Interesting story laid over the top of Disney's usual cartoon style. Great musical numbers. Disney really did well with A Girl Worth Fighting For, as just before the final line, they cut to a shot of a burning village. It reminds you about what is happening off screen in the real war, and that it's not all just song and dance on the battlefield.

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    some guy who kills people 7/10

    cockneys vs zombies 6/10

    skyfall 8/10
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    The Amazing Spiderman: 6/10 A fairly good film in my opinion, but some severely sloppy direction at the start. The relationships are too abruptly formulated, especially between Captain Stacy and Peter. It was fairly ridiculous to kill him off so suddenly, with a random 'redemption' death scene. Other than the abruptness of the whole affair, it wasn't a bad film. A bad film was Spiderman 3, by design. This just made me wonder what would've happened with Spiderman 3 if they'd left Raimi alone and hadn't forced him to include Venom in the proceedings.

    In that perspective, this reboot was vastly superior to Spiderman 3 and almost on par with Spiderman 1/2. I would've preferred to have seen Spiderman 3 with a focus on Sandman instead, no Venom. The reboot took note that 3 was just ridiculous in this aspect, with too many bad guys in one film. Lizardman is an interestingly designed character, though it does feel a little forced in places. The acting is OK overall, if corny (again by design) and the special effects/action scenes are excellent.

    Overall it was not a great or bad film - it was just average, leaning towards being good.

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    The Avengers - 10/10
    I forgot how good it was. Just so much fun to watch. With some superb performances from the cast.

    Thor - 8.5/10
    Having seen some of the deleted scenes on top of this, makes me realise how much trouble the producers must have had to make Loki un-likeable. I feel it could have used another action sequence. Very much looking forward to Thor 2 though.

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    Police Academy 3: Back in Training - 3/10. The PA movies are so bad... bad bad bad
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    Odyssey 7/10.
    This long-ass film was quite an enjoyment to watch. It was well made (given the playtime of 3h.. you can stuff a lot of mythology in there ) with the story being loyal to the original texts whilst keeping the film itself on a good pace - no meaningless chitchat or this and that, it was pure storytelling.
    What did put me off though, was the occasional overacting on multiple characters' parts. Sure, they can cry, shout, laugh and play with their hearts full of joy or sadness, but still.. enough is enough. Also, the special effects were on the brink of lame. But to be honest, I can't blame a film for having not-so-good special effects, since it's not the most important feature, just something that's there to please the viewer's eye.
    All in all, it was more than "ok" film. And I would recommend everyone interested in the epic tales of Odysseus to sit down, have a snack, grab a blanket and prepare for this 3-hour adventure filled with monsters, war, deceit and also a strong bond of brotherhood!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    Really? You must have watched a different version than me cause it doesn't touch the Avengers.
    No. The versions were the same, the people watching it weren't.
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    Total Recall(the new one) 8/10. Thought it was a great movie.

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    Total recall 5/10. Movie was ok but no Mars.. Earth is boring:P
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