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    Monster's University
    I'm going to flat out say if the entire movie were as good as the last 30 minutes of this movie this would have been an easy 10 out of 10 (Or Golden Star since that's my highest rating), but the first hour and a half isn't, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good and entertaining. I really enjoyed the movie as a whole though, my biggest complaint is they could have done a lot more with Randy (Randall) than they did in this movie, they could have delivered a lot more heart to his character and why he went from how he was in the beginning in this movie to the end (unlike the way they did it). I also found MU really funny (especially some of the ending bits, that's where I laughed the hardest) and laughed harder at points (though not as consistent) as, good, full-out comedies like This is The End (Really good actually). The performances and animation were obviously great (I mean obviously they are, it's Pixar), and I honestly thought this was a very solid step up from Brave, although it did not restore Pixar to their glory days, it got close at points but lacked the consistency. Overall I loved parts of the movies (yet the parts I loved were outweighed by the parts I merely liked), but I can say this movie did prove Pixar can do prequels right, unlike 99% of the prequels out there. 8.7/10 for MU (But I will say the last 30 minutes of this movie was probably some of the best stuff I have seen in theaters in 2013)

    Side note: The short before the movie was really good and worth seeing (the CGI-animation was absolutely stunning with how real it looked).
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    World War Z = 6 / 10

    It was OK. The characters were difficult to like for some reason. Just the way I felt. The story was OK.

    Some of the events mentioned in the film, but that happen off-screen, sounded more interesting than what we got to see. Like one character just casually mentions DC gets overrun and the President and high ranking politicians are missing. I want to see what happened there!

    I wonder if these fast zombies could be used a perpetual motion machine. Like stick a bunch of them on a huge hamster wheel, and then have some guy standing in front of them and they run super fast forever and generate power.

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    Watched Barb Wire on the TV while having dinner. Nothing special to be honest... I liked the black actress though, very pretty.

    Perfect Illusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    Equestria Girls

    Maybe a bit too predictable sometimes, but overall it was a very good movie which kept the same standards as the tv series
    Did you watch it in the cinemas, or... other places? Living here in Denmark with no viewings ><

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    Meh, way to predictable with all the supernatural horror elements in the movie
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    Second time I've seen it and I'd rate it an 7/10

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    Iron Man 3
    Actually feel asleep during some of it

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    I, Robot (yeah quite old-ish).


    It wasn't bad but it wasn't something special either. Even though I love Will Smith, the acting was quite poor in my opinion. Waaaaay to much super obvious CGI and from time to time Will Smith looked to be some superhuman. He may not be 100% pure human, but this was over the top. It's hard enough to fight 1 of those advanced robots, but near the end where dozens or more robots attack suddenly it's easy as hell.

    I've never read the Isaac Asimov story, but I'm pretty sure they could get way more out of this. He's basically 1 of the pioneers who created robots the way we know them, only 60 years ago .. You saw the plot coming from miles really.

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    Man of Steel


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    Angels & Demons = 8/10

    it was a lot better than the Da Vinci Code!
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    Jack Reacher 6/10. If someone else than tom cruise was the lead it would have been better..

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    Last movie at home:

    The Last King of Scotland. 9/10
    Utterly horrifying because its based on true events (details were added, but most of what happens does happen one way or the other). But also brilliant for its camerawork, acting, soundtrack, scenery... And I like the fact they used a lot of Ugandan actors, so it adds a lot of authenticity to it.

    Last movie I saw at the cinema:

    Star Trek: Into Darkness. 7/10
    Good movie, I enjoyed it. Far from perfect but the right levels of goofy but sincere to keep me happy as a Trekkie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zogarth View Post
    Man of Steel - 9/10, best dragonball movie ever.
    I wish they would make a Dragonball movie like Man of Steel.

    For me, Man of Steel 8/10
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    World War Z: 7 / 10

    Solid movie, not as epic as I had hoped it was going to be. Too much nonstop action and not enough time fleshing out the characters so I care if they lived or died. Still a fun ride and great acting all around.

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    Man of Steel - 10/10 a new addition to my top10 movies of all time (definitely one of two top superhero movies, the other one is obviously the dark knight) and just ... Wow! Action-packed drama full of intriguing characters and Superman, that I actually can relate to. The first time I saw it (I already went to the cinema 4 times) I cried exactly four times. At the very beginning (I was looking forward to this movie for a year and half! so come on.. Im not a pus*y), again after the "launch", again when he had his suit on for the first time and again, when he finally got mad. Recommending it*

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    Decent Swedish Horror movie. I did not have high expectations because it's "just" a Swedish horror movie, but I was pleasantly surprised, the movie were bloody and had a good chunk of gore and the effects were really good in comparison with other Swedish movies. And they had a relative low budget ($46k) to begin with so I think they did good with what they had, and with a low budget they invested almost everything on the movie itself and only hired two "professional" actors and a bunch of amateurs therefore the acting is not the best.

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    Flame on.

    White House Down: 8.5/10. This movie, was the most pleasant surprise I've had in awhile, check your brain in at the door, it's freaking fun. This movie has an entire all-star cast, right down to freaking Joey King (little girl who played younger Talia al Ghul in TDKR) Seriously though, this movie is awesome, and hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    Flame on.

    White House Down: 8.5/10. This movie, was the most pleasant surprise I've had in awhile, check your brain in at the door, it's freaking fun. This movie has an entire all-star cast, right down to freaking Joey King (little girl who played younger Talia al Ghul in TDKR) Seriously though, this movie is awesome, and hilarious.
    Seonded, Limousine RPG battles on the Wite House lawn.
    Top that.

    Easy 8/10 if not more, because it achieved what it set out to do : thoughroughly entertain me for its entire running time.
    Great flick.
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    A-team: 7/10 I decent action comedy, Murdock raises the rating

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    Zombieland: 8/10

    Solid movie! Loved the comedy involved and the characters. It's definetely the first movie with zambiez that entertained me.
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