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    Transformers: Dark of The Moon 7.5/10
    Ah don't get upset I thought it was way better than the 2nd one. Not even sure how I got through the 2nd one. Granted I didn't like the first 30minutes, the plot flaws that didn't really connect with the first 2 movies (2nd didn't connect with the first should have seen that coming ha), and the lenght of the movie itself. By time the best moment came in the movie I was ready to stop watching cause of the hour and a half of the almost there moments that never really came. Seriously, it wasn't a bad movie it just needed more thought put into it.

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    Inglorious Bastards 9.5/10 - Nazi killing in a slapstick comical way. Best ending I have ever witnessed.

    Everybody's Fine 8/10 - "Cute" movie if you will, and it can make damn near any women cry (most guys, too). Definitely worth checking out.

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    Scream 4


    Could've had an 8/10 if they killed off that annoying Sidney Prescot kid. Scream 1 is still the best out of them all, but 4 is atleast better than 2 and 3

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    Rise of the Planet of the Apes


    While I did enjoy the story as a whole and the special effects were pretty good, I felt the lead up was far too long. There was too much build-up to the eventual take-over. I wouldn't even call it a take-over either. More like, a bunch of smart apes escaped. A lot of that could have been done in the first 30mins, it didn't have to take over an hour.

    It's not a bad movie, it's just not great. Beats the Marky Mark planet of the apes film but doesn't really make me love this reboot.

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    Statham as punk cop In the end a nice movie but a bit confusing with all the "missing" evidence. But with a realy nice ending. A good timefiller if you like UK - Underground cop movies.

    So 7/10.

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    Contagion. The theatre I went to messed up the movie with their equipment failures which made the movie less enjoyable. But overall I'll say it was worth my admissions ticket to watch it. 8/10. As I would've liked to see some more things in the movie.

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    Crazy Stupid Love 8/10

    Some parts are pretty silly, though some are really really funny and hilarious, and some parts made me cry honestly.
    Howay the lads!

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    Limitless 8,5/10 , really good movie, definetly recommending to everyone.

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    Cars 2.

    In all honesty, it was a lot of fun. I remember seeing Cars when it came out in 2006 and marveled at how a children's film could be so entertaining to a bunch of 15-year-olds (which I was at the time, seeing it with a few friends). And now, five years later, it's sequel was more or less every bit as entertaining to me. Cars 2 has been given a lot of mixed reviews, with most of them erring on the negative side. While I agree that, in some cases, the car chases and action scenes stole away from the story and the characters, the film was incredibly fun and still managed to deliver a solid message throughout. And isn't that sort of the point of children's films?


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    Stay 10/10

    A Film about art in everything surrounding us, near-death-experiences, deep soliloquy and the art of death
    beauty in imperfection

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    Messy and unnecessary. 4.5/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redtusk View Post
    Messy and unnecessary. 4.5/10
    WAT?! It's like ... brilliant.

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    The Thing

    Kurt Russel full beared is priceless :O
    Well b4 the cinemastart of the remake I had to watch it. I must admit I really like such movies: limited space, thrill and aliens. Humans turn into evilish selfish and getting suspicious about everything and everyone. So in the end its an 80's horror movie with typical 80 overtuned music. Its a nice timefiller if you like those kind of movies.
    And now I cant wait for the remake to hit the cinemas.

    8/10 in the category horror and 80s

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    Red State 7.5/10

    anyone else watch it?

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    Full Metal Jacket
    im just gonna give it a 7/10 for how funny/bad the acting was
    couldnt tell tell if it was suppose to be an actual war movie or a comedy war movie -.-

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    Fast Five 10/10 The best one of the series so far also great ending i Cant wait till the Fast 6

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    Hard Target

    It was a tad strange, but made up for that with all the unnecessary explosions. For example, anytime a bullet hits anything, it explodes. Also, how they seem to never have to reload.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holy View Post

    what?? phonebooth was an amazing film.

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    The risk with threads like this is that you get caught up on other peoples rating of movies you love.
    Either the moderator is VERY active in this thread or the trolls are too busy making trouble in feral druid-threads...

    OT: Saw Horrible Bosses, Green Lantern and Transformers: Dark side of the Moon this weekend.

    Horrible Bosses: 7/10
    I personally love "arrested development" and "its always sunny in philadelphia" so that might be
    whats making me give the movie a 7/10. It has its moments but its not an AMAZING comedy.

    Green Lantern: 3/10
    I have a really hard time taking ryan reynolds seriously so he pretty much destroys the movie
    for me. Other than that i thought it was a really un-interesting story they delivered and i caught
    myself thinking about logging into wow and playing some arenas instead.

    Transformers: Dark side of the Moon:
    This movie delivers what its supposed to. Action, action and more action.
    filled with special effects that makes you puke like a little kid on too much sugar
    it gives you exactly what you expect. Nothing more.

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