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    Why is Anchorman 2 so god damn bad.

    I watched the movie on sat night with a few friends after the Brazil/Netherlands match , Usually I can watch a film all the way through and enjoy it to some degree , especially if it is a sequel to one of my favourite movies.

    We were all pretty tipsy so you would think that would somehow bring this movie up from the depths of mediocrity but it just dive bombed into a pile of shite.

    It was almost like two different directors were taking turns with the scenes , some just seemed so fucking different than what we got from the original anchorman.

    How did the rest of you guys feel about this movie?

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    meh i had a few chuckles. not a movie to rave about. one of those movies where you watch it, laugh a bit, then forget about it.

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    Because Will Ferrell? Can't stand that moron.
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    because some movies don't deserve/need a sequel.

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    to many rehashed jokes/scenes.

    the movie feels very lowest common denominator.

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