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    Fictional Cliches that you like?

    There's a thread already on what fictional cliches annoy you. So i thought it might be a good idea to get a thread going about the fictional cliches that you like.

    Personally, I am a fan of the flawed hero cliche. I love anything where the protagonist is either somewhat morally flawed or has a grey side.

    I must say I also love "good" winning in the end. People can die, even the protagonist(s), but so long as in the end "good" prevails over "evil", I like it.

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    I actually really like the very disney-esque cliche where the protagonist seemingly dies and everyone is heart broken, but is then miraculously saved at the last minute.

    It just gives me the warm fuzzies, even if I see it coming.

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    The Monomyth. It's a super powerful analog to humanity's sense of purpose.

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    It's easier to name the cliches people hate... >.< I don't see this thread getting quite as many replies as that one did (and continues to).

    For the most part, I like any cliche as long as it's handled well (aside from the fate/destiny/chosen one BS and bad/overuse of flashbacks, that is). It's hard to think of any that I actually favor over any other. I do like my heroes to make mistakes on occasion, to feel flawed and imperfect, and I don't mind a good romantic interest so long as they don't ruin the characters in the process (best example of ruining characters is what others have mentioned in the other thread about SAO: Asuna was such a badass until she fell in love, and then she suddenly became a weak, pathetic damsel in distress).
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    Guy/Girl beating the shit out of loads of people in a huge fight, doesn't make sense (for the most part) but it's epic as hell.

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    I like the "I date strangers because they are looking interesting"-cliche. You will never met a person like that in the real life!

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    I like prisons that are tailor made to combat a specific superpower. Like Magneto's plastic prison. I like seeing the creative ways writers can come up with for countering powers.
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    The whole "no" scenes I always welcome or its equivalent

    This one especially
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    Hero turning down a dark path, only to be redeemed in the end! (Darth Vader, Arthas Menethil (to some extent), etc.)

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    When the bad guy turns out to be the good guy in the end. Like Snape in Harry Potter.

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    When the guy who is meant to be the asshole of the movie is cooler than the main character. Not sure if that counts as cliché or not, but yeah. Goes for any kind of movie for me, really.
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    I do kind of like the cliche of "the chosen one" as long as it's done well. But in my life, I do believe I would be considered a fatalist.

    I also like the cliche (again, if it's done well) of power corrupting, and absolute power corrupting absolutely. I think the struggle to strive for the better angels of our nature when we're given free reign is a theme that can be done amazingly well. Stories which are about heroes with powers who fall (or don't fall) are good. CF Superman after Lois Lane is killed.

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    Reluctant hero/flawed hero are definitely great.

    I like it when a game nails home that the characters are meant to be human.

    Twisted Crazy villains are pretty good too, although morally gray ones can be done even better.
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    good winning in the end.

    it's good to have a break from reality every now and then.

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    Good triumphing over evil. I don't like stories their conclusions foregone or not. I like the journeys.

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    I love stories where the hero is living a double life, be it through a secret identity or just being really damn sneaky. Dunno why, it just hits the right kind of button for me. It's always very cathartic when the other characters discover the hero's secret. Big bonus points if it's a super mega earth shattering type of double life secret like, "I'm the most wanted person in the world" or "I'm that super hero that's been saving the world/city for awhile now."
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    I love mosyt of them to be honest...Sounds crazy but i do LOL.

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