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    SuckerPunch 9/10
    Tripped my mind hard.
    Was good, entertaining, and the main girl was lovely!
    Great movie though. Ordered the Bluray of it about 5mins after I finished watching it.
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    Wrek it ralph. 8/10, classic Disney story telling combined with video games, cant really go wrong there. what i really liked about it was it was able to give me what i wanted or at least was expecting but didn't go overboard with any of it. do i see famous video game characters? yes. but only as cameos which is really all they should be. and as a John c. Reilly fan i was half expecting to see/hear lots of....dale but instead i get a fully realized character of Ralph that i care about or at least see myself liking. the other characters are great and it has the, dare i say stereotypical happy disney ending(not that it's a bad thing by any means).

    that really a spoiler? no...

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    The Amazing Spider-man.


    Was actually a pretty good reboot, and stuck much closer to the Comic version of Spiderman than the Tobey Maguire Trilogy (Webshooters/Flash/Gwen Stacy etc.).

    Was a good solid Comic movie.
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    Stand by Me
    My new favorite movie (and my new avatar ). Seriously, this is a must watch, I don't know how I only recently saw it for the first time. I could watch it over and over and over again. So sad too

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    Prometheous: 7/10

    The set-up was amazing and really had my attention going. Without giving too much away as I'm lazy, I was dissappointed with the second half of the movie, instead of making what could have been something awesome and original they made it a super-predictable crapfest that has been done hundreds of times already. It was a nice looking film with good effects and decent acting, but nothing all that special because of the turn they took with it. Could have been so much more.

    Also, I'm glad to see some good Skyfall reviews. Haven't gotten around to seeing it yet but will make sure I do.

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    Skyfall: 7/10. A decent action movie and one of the better Bond movies but nothing great. I think that after the disaster that was Quantum of Solace people are over hyping this one.

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    Dodgeball: 8/10 Awesome movie! The coach is insanly funny

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    mainly asian films..

    all are not bad

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    Don't know, it had some funny moments or references, especially the massive overacting with the shit on the ground. Acting wasn't to bad, but a bit predictable and not hilariously funny. Good if you're bored imo.

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    Chernobyl Diaries.

    5/10? If that.

    I thought the storyline was amazing - the ideology behind it, at least.
    But the deliverance was crap. The ending was awful.

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    The Sweeney
    I'd give it 8/10
    It's quite heavy in action but very un-realstic in how the law would act but if you can put that Aside you'll love this film

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    Wrong turn 5

    This movie is the worst of its kind. I somehow kind of enjoyed the first 4 movies, as in, they were amusing in a way :P But the fifth movie is just soo bad.. :<

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    Total Remake( recall )

    I have no idea what I just watched? I think it was a fan made trailer splicing Minority report, I-Robot onto what a modern Total recall remake would look like.


    Would have given it 3/10 if they had added some more lens flare, every 5 seconds just wasn't enough imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimryas View Post
    Wrong turn 5

    This movie is the worst of its kind. I somehow kind of enjoyed the first 4 movies, as in, they were amusing in a way :P But the fifth movie is just soo bad.. :<
    Totally agreed, the one set in the insane asylum was surprisingly decent but this one was terrible.

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    Skyfall, 6/10. My hopes were too high after all that hype so I was a bit disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimryas View Post
    Wrong turn 5

    This movie is the worst of its kind. I somehow kind of enjoyed the first 4 movies, as in, they were amusing in a way :P But the fifth movie is just soo bad.. :<
    Wrong Turn 5 is out already? I've seen Wrong Turn 4 not that long ago, and that movie was pretty crap aswell :P. Wrong Turn 3 is still the worst imo.

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    'The Master'
    Absolutely top shelf cinematography and stellar acting (Phoenix should get an award for this one), tied to a story that just doesn't seem to go anywhere. While I get that that's sort of the point, it still isn't nearly as solid as some of this directors other flicks. 6.5/10.

    'The Anniversary Party'
    A rather interesting cast IMO, but I felt that this would be better served as a play. Not amazing, but not bad. I didn't care about any of the characters. 5/10

    Shop Girl
    Meh. 4/10

    We Need to Talk About Kevin
    One of the best pro-abortion movies ever made, even if that isn't the intent. Great acting, easy to follow time skipping, though the fathers actions and some of the mothers choices actually make the story quite unrealistic. 6/10
    And it's squeezing all the air out of this goddamn cave I live in.

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    Skyfall: 8.75/10. lots of hype, and it generally lived up to the hype, but Bond movies aren't really 9 or 10 material. Was a solid film with a decent ending.

    Serenity: 7/10. Firefly series was AMAZING before it was cancelled and this movie is a must-see for a true fan; good story but Joss Whedon has no idea how to do war scenes, they're cheesy in a bad way. Movie would be a solid 8-9/10 with some editing and better production value.

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    Wreck It Ralph

    Overall 10
    Minus 1 for M. Bison's voice being fucking awful.
    Minus 1 for making Zangief a bad guy, he isn't.

    Final score

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    Argo 8,5/10
    It's a really good movie, and I would recommend in to anyone.

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