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    Watched Premium Rush last night, Usually a huge fan of Joshua Levitt Gordon, but that movies was the biggest piece of hipster crap I have ever seen. Seriously a 1/10, I'm not even sure how i finished it.

    I should have known what i was getting into when they started talking about "fixies".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozen Death Knight View Post
    Avatar deserving an Oscar for best picture? It would have been an intellectual crime if it had won, considering that the story was severly lacking in substance with its very simplistic plot of good vs. evil with an environmental message done by pretty much every film ever done about the subject.

    The only reason it can be passable as a decent movie is because of the production value that was done by very competent people who knew how to sell this old story concept. The technical aspects of the movie are undeniably impressive, but I do not consider the visuals to ooze creativity or them to be anything that surpass other movies inside or even outside its genre.
    Avatar always reminded me of Nagrand and Zangarmarsh. It is striking how similar Outlands is to scenes in the film; it is also interesting that the film's concept art was developed between 2005 and 2007, while BC was launched Jan 2007. Not to mention the similarities between the Na'vi and Draenei...I'd imagine that the film was influenced at least somewhat by the expansion's art design, although there is no real way to prove that.

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    Just watched Django Unchained, holy shit is it a good movie, breath of fresh air seeing as most of the movies I watched in 2012 were full of CGI shit. Wow, definitely 10/10, honestly nothing bad to say about it, and Christopher Waltz is so fucking good in it, same with Jamie Foxx.

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    Django Unchained 8/10

    Django unchained has been watched , while its a good film its still not one of Tarantino's best. Worth a watch and a good western, if you like westerns and violence watch it.

    "Would you please let me join your p-p-party?

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    Argo - fantastic thriller, highly recommended! 8.5/10

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    Django Unchained, 10/10

    Loved that movie so so much.

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    Jack Reacher, 4/10. Meh acting, plot was pretty bad/overly complex. It's based on a book, and I feel like they tried to fit too much into the movie. Random stuff happening all over the place

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    Lawless, 7/10
    Was pretty good, aside from Labeouf, he seemed out of place to me.

    Props to Sanistra for the awesome signature.

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    Wreck-it Ralph
    The movie was great up untill he got to Sugar Rush, then it just became your standard Disney movie. Still the animatons are really well done and the nostalgia on certain parts alone make it worth it. The voice cast is top notch, as always.

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    500 Days of Summer

    What can I say? Definately the best movie I've ever seen based on a setup of a boy and a girl falling in love with each other (even tho that was not actually the case in this movie but you get my point), just such a beatiful movie, and really sad too in a way. The acting by Zooey and Joseph is nothing but spectacular, and you can really see that they are good friends in real life as they just click perfectly in the movie. That's why it's so easy to connect with the character of Gordon-Lewitt and that being said, the movie is one hell of a rollercoaster of different feelings and emotions. The movie was really refreshing in the genre filled with generic, non-interesting movies that really give you nothing back. I wasn't actually expecting that much from the movie, but it completely blew me away with it's overall execution and beauty. The soundtrack was one of the best movie soundtracks I've heard in a while, including artists like The Smiths and Temper Trap.

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    Good entertaining movie, nothing extremely rememberable imo though. A pretty good bond movie.

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    Jurassic Park 3. 1/10

    First time I've seen it actually.. It was horrible. I want to kill it with fire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    Jurassic Park 3. 1/10

    First time I've seen it actually.. It was horrible. I want to kill it with fire
    What!? Noooooo! You must be mistaking JP3 for JP2. JP3 was great!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tigercat View Post
    Don't use facts, they unsettle peoples' prejudices, and once that happens the flames start.
    Quote Originally Posted by krethos View Post
    Its Science, just ask Albert Einstien, he invented Space

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    Django Unchained - 9/10 - Great film and everything you would expect from Quentin Tarantino. The story, characters and intense scenes are all there. Christoph Waltz is a great actor.

    The Hobbit - 8/10 - I was worried about it failing after the success of LoTR but while it might not quite be at that level it's still a very good effort. The setting and effects are amazing and the scene with Golum was worth the admission price alone

    This Is 40 - 5/10- I liked Knocked Up and I generally usually like this type of movie but this was awful, I was bored watching it.

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    Looper, 9/10.

    I find time-travel movies a bit too analogous, but enjoyed the concept behind this one.

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    7 Psycopaths, was very impressed 9½/10

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    The Hobbit - 9/10. Just plain freaking awesome! Loved it!

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    The Patient
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    Skyfall - 8.5/10 Probably the best Bond movie I have seen.

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    V for Vendetta, watched it on DVD earlier, amazing movie, 9.5/10

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    Skyfall 8/10

    Really good movie but I just didn't like the antagonist, to me he imitated Heath Ledger's Joker too much. Otherwise I liked the movie a lot and it was special (or unexpected as I didn't read about it before watching) that the movie was like a 50th year anniversary and therefore was styled with old Bond movies in mind.

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