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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    It's either 0-1.5, or 8-10, people don't understand how a scale is actually supposed to work.
    Well no it's not that it's just that his movie didn't know what the fuck it wanted to be. It's one of those independent movies that tries to be too indie. The camera work is nice, but it's just not needed, it's a party movie for the first 30 minutes, it's ATL part 2 for the last, and it's Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kids at the end, like what the hell did I just watch. I was so confused yet so fucking amazed that I just couldn't give it anything else. I sat there and watched the whole thing, then on the way home we talked about so many things wrong with the movie, it was probably the most I've talked about a movie after seeing it. I have no idea what was going on. James Franco was a reason to give it an 8/10. If you even make it to his part, because it tries to be artsy, but it just fails on that degree. It's a masterpiece of shit that desreves not to be seen and the weirdies movie I've ever seen. 2001 a Space Odyssey but with spring break. I respect what it "tried" to be, but it just failed. And the teenagers looking for a party movie will be so fucking disappointed. I gave the last twilight a pretty high score, but the movie was pretty fucking terrible, but that twist at the end was so fucking golden, especially at a midnight showing crowd. So yes, I know how the score works. It's just a very confusing movie that could get better in time....we'll see.

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    Safety not guarenteed, went in thinking it was a different film (lol), then realised what i was actually watching. Was decent but nothing special, ending was decent.


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    Quote Originally Posted by reohh View Post
    Spring breakers...........I'd be shocked if you could find a worse movie that had a wide release.

    2/10 because at least they attempted to have some of story.
    so you think films/film making is only about the story?
    sure i like movies with good storys like memento, shutter island, inception, fight club and many more...
    but this movies wasn't made to have a great story..it was more like an arthouse film, where it's more about the pictures/colors, atmosphere, cinematography/cuts, music in association with the scenes (britney spears' everytime was really great at their brutal assaults..and also skrillex scary monsters and nice sprites and with you friends fits very well) and social questions. (the movie was also a little bit like a documentation)

    but i can understand, when people who generally doesn't watch movies like this and expected a comedy or whatever, don't like it.
    you found it boring cause of the thin story and dialogues?! i find movies boring, (action, comedy, whatever) which always have the same boring story and dialogues and nothing else..i've seen this "shit" a hundred times over and over again..
    but spring breakers was different in every way! (yeah..also in the not really excisting story )

    btw this movie got 70% at rottentomatoes (which is a fairly good score for rottentomatoes)
    ..and it was filmed by the same cameraman who filmed enter the void ..which is very similar (not the story) and one of my fav movies..maybe that's also why i liked it

    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    And the teenagers looking for a party movie will be so fucking disappointed.
    or just this

    surely it wasn't a perfect movie, but for me it is a 7,5/10

    (sorry for my bad english)
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    Social Network - 5/10

    I have actually never seen the movie before. Did not care much for it though and I found myself looking more at my kittens, iPAD and cellphone from time to time.

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    oz: The great and powerful - 6/10

    Had some really good scenes like the witch becoming evil , when she shot into the village and the fireworks scene but the story was pretty basic >.<

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    "Would you rather" - 9 - a good sort of psychological thriller movie that shows a view of the human mind in desperate situations.

    I did remove 1 because none of the previous contestants who lived went to the police, which was a weird thing and kind of made you wonder. Also Sasha Grey's performance was kind of lacking. She may be good at porn movies, but she wasn't so good in a real movie.

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    The Hunger Games - 7.5/10

    A few inaccuracies, but seriously...what movie based on a book doesn't have them? I, personally, think the casting was fantastic. Overall it was pretty great and I can't wait for Catching Fire.

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    Olympus Has Fallen - 8/10 - As some reviewers have noted it's very much like the original Die Hard as it had action and humor. Gerald Butler did a really good job to the point I wondered why he hadn't played that type of movie before.

    Robocop 2 & 3 - 5/10 After getting back from Olympus I watched both. They don't age very well especially in the graphics department. I was surprised at some of the actors/actresses that appeared in the movies like Rip Thorn, Jill Hennesey, Bradley Whitford, Stephen Root for example. The other funny part in the second was the kid that swore up a storm and fired gun. Almost like Hit-Girl almost 20 years earlier.
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    Sinister: 7/10

    A pretty solid film all round. It's a slightly better than the average horror, but just lacking the extra bite, or creeping dread to really make it great. Worth a watch, but not astounding. It has a slight twist on the usual twist, that I liked, but again, it just needed a little more weight to its atmosphere.

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    Léon - 9/10.

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    The Croods: 6/10.

    a decent film, some funny jokes, good voice acting (Nick Cage ftw ) but overall the story was just a little too predictable. I didn't feel like it was a waste of my money to go and see it, but I wouldn't see it again.
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    Yeah, I am a little late with my year-end list, but here it goes. I took a lot of time making my list, and rewatched most of the movies I considered. I should also say from the start that I saw A LOT of movies from 2012 so I'd say my list is kind of prestigious (not to be a pretentious bitch). It's not like I watched the biggest blockbusters and made my list from that, I really spent a lot of time and money on this. But what can I say, the film medium is my passion.

    I also know this is the wrong thread to post the thing in, but I couldn't find the proper thread, it's probably dead now that it'd been months.

    Best Pictures of 2012
    20: The Sessions
    19: The Paperboy
    18: Monsieur Lazhar
    17: Seven Psychopaths
    16: The Impossible
    15: Safety Not Guaranteed
    14: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    13: Cosmopolis
    12: Killing Them Softly
    11: Django Unchained
    10: Cloud Atlas
    09: Amour
    08: Last Ride
    07: Silver Linings Playbook
    06: Your Sister's Sister
    05: A Late Quartet
    04: End of Watch
    03: The Master
    02: Les Misérables
    01: Life of Pi

    All the movies I'll list now are also ones I truly loved, consider that each one of them could have been on my list. Those are my "runners-up", I guess you could say.

    Grand Jury Prize (in alphabetical order):
    Argo / A Royal Affair / A Simple Life / Beasts of the Southern Wild / The Dark Knight Rises / Death of a Superhero / Lincoln / Oslo, August 31st / People Like Us / Robot & Frank / Ruby Sparks / The Secret World of Arrietty / To Rome with Love / The Words / Wreck-It Ralph

    And of course you can comment on my list, but please don't be all like "you forgot XX" or "XX was bad, it should not be on your list", because it is my list. I thought those were the 20 greatest films out of the grand batch I saw.

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    Upside Down - 3/10
    Really wanted to like this, the concept was intriguing and it looked visually stunning. Everything else about it let it down. The narrating at the start is terrible.

    The Lucky One - 10/10
    No idea what was happening, just stared at Zac Efron for the full movie.

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    The Hobbit- 7/10
    The dwarves just looked way to CG and wasn't crazy about how it ended but then again it did follow the book pretty welll.....

    Skyfall - 4/10
    Worst bond movie ever 3 actions scenes, horrible bad guy, no new tech and then bam the movie is over....

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    Rampage - http://www.imdb.co.uk/title/tt1337057/
    Wait for it, its a GOOD Uwe Boll Movie, Its not fantastic, and the subject matter is a little dark, but compared to his other movies, this is actually watchable.
    id give it a solid 6/10

    one scene that sticks with me, is where mid Rampage he stops off at a bingo hall for a sandwich and a drink. totally surreal moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eorayn View Post
    Yeah, I am a little late with my year-end list, but here it goes.
    Nice list, I haven't seen them all, but would say that Ruby Sparks was a better flick than SNG.

    Also, the Master was exemplary acting and cinematography wrapped in a rather meandering, unfocused movie. which is a shame.

    Last movie I watched?

    Warrior: 7.5/10, I had a little trouble with the relationship between the the brothers and father, especially the whole "I hate you more than anything, but can you still train me?" thing. Outside of that, it's a very underrated fight film, and definitely worth your time.
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    Sling Blade 9/10 - Billy Bob Thornton as special kind of murderer.

    I really enjoyed the long dramat!c arc.

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    Finally got around to seeing Silver Linings Playbook. Definitely a 10/10 for me! Jennifer Lawrence really shined in this movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eorayn
    14: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    How did you feel about this one, as a whole? Would you expand on it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelesti View Post
    How did you feel about this one, as a whole? Would you expand on it?
    I turned it off after the first 45 minutes, it was very cliche high school stuff. >.< It was like the writers of the script had forgotten what high school was really like, and had only read about high school experiences in books like Sweet Valley High.

    You didn't ask me, but just my $0.02...I doubt very many people will agree with me but it's my honest opinion.

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