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    Super (2010): 8.5/10.

    I was expecting a quirky superhero movie, and more or less, that's what I got. I'd describe this movie as Kick-Ass meets Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job; it's bizarre and silly, and then it gets really violent and dark (and then silly, and then dark. And then...). Really enjoyed the movie, I only have two complaints: the rape scene, where Rainn Wilson's character gets raped by Ellen Paige's character, and that the opening felt like it was really trying too hard to elicit emotions. But it was really amusing to see The Crimson Bolt decimate people's faces with a wrench for petty 'crimes' (ranging from legit crimes, to cutting in line). Found it on Netflix, and was pleasantly surprised.

    Shut up, crime!
    I didn't see what happened to Ellen Paige coming...

    Also the only problem I had was it would have been awesome if it would have just ended when the fight with kevin bacon on that line 'do you really think stabbing me to death will change anything?' and he replies 'I don't know until I try'. It would have been awesome if it ended there with the woman screaming. Proper good movie

    Watched Interstellar. 8/10. Sci-fi without the science. Entertaining.

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    I didn't see what happened to Ellen Paige coming...
    I saw her death coming, but I didn't see that rape coming...

    have been awesome if it would have just ended when -snip-
    I dunno, I agree it would have been a bad-ass way to finish it, but I rather liked the sappy ending...normally they don't do much for me, but it pulled it off, in my opinion

    Proper good movie
    Definitely. Happy I gave it a chance.

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    The theory of everything 8/10

    really good film, very sad in parts, but also really interesting. the actor who played Stephen was amazing, he played it fantastically.
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    Will TRY to watch The Wolf of Wall Street. Scorses always fucks me up with his ENOURMOUS movies... Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
    Its a good movie, just don't watch it with kids around. That movie's got more nudity than a playboy mag.
    Still bitter.

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    Watched two movies today.

    Grave of the Fireflies 10/10

    Extremely heavy movie to watch, at least for me. Still feeling pretty damn sad. Everyone should watch this. What the hell.

    Interstellar 9/10

    Easily the best movie of 2014 (closely followed by Nightcrawler)

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    Django Unchained
    10/10 easily. Great action move with a real story. Has awesome characters and good acting. Has subtle humor elements taken from old westerns.

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    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) - 8/10
    Of the four Stanley Kubrick movies I've watched so far (the others being Clockwork Orange, 2001 and The Shining), this is my favorite. It's hilarious, it has great characters, and the overacting Kubrick loves works well here. It shows how the world could easily end if a few of the right people were a bit stranger.
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