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    Kingsman: The Secret Service - 8/10

    I liked it a lot.. Fun action/comedy movie. Kick-Ass is still Matthew Vaughn's best movie in my opinion.

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    50 shades. A solid 7/10

    Yeah, I am rather shocked too. i lost a bet to my friend cause I was so sure I would hate it. I went from nitpicking the crap out of it for 20 minutes to actually really liking Mr. Grey as a character.

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    Kingsman: The Secret Service - 10/10 - excellent movie!

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    Robocop (2014) - 7/10 - surprisingly entertaining.

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    Kingsman: The Secret Service - 10/10

    I really enjoyed this movie. Samuel L. Jacksons character was great!

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    Book of Life 8/10 was enjoyable
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    Ida 7/10. Good cinematography but meh overall. Not too impressed really.

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    The Loft 7/10 a reasonably good thriller/who done it , good cast too.

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    Horrible Bosses 2. 7/10.

    Dumb movie, but in a good way. The opening scene with the shower was incredibly juvenile, and made me wary about what was going to happen for the rest of the movie. But, thankfully, that was the one of the few, if any, scenes that did absolutely nothing for me.

    I mean, comedy, so it's completely subjective, but I chuckled a lot (nothing super funny, but consistently amusing), so I enjoyed it. I was, however, saddened by the use of Spacey (he was barely used!), and the waste of Christoph Waltz; Waltz is amazingly amazing in his previous roles, but he didn't really do anything with this role (not that he was given anything to do with).

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    Big Hero 6:

    8/10 .... was entertaining,...funny...but not how to train your dragons 2 amazing.

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    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - 8/10

    Really interesting plot, loved it from start to end. I love trying to connect events on movies like this (the beginning of the movie being AFTER the brainwash for example).

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    American Sniper 10/10. I'm not American, I don't like war, but it was a helluva good flick.

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