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    Furious 7. 5/10. The tribute to Paul Walker was nice. And Ronda Rousey is nice. Other than that, well....
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    Damn you guys really wrecked Fast and Furious 7 for me lol. Still didn't see it but it feels like I know some secret now because of reading just the first few posts about it.

    Trying to relax a little before finals week. Worked hard this school week and had some time off. Decided to watch Pulp Fiction (found a website off google) on my laptop to see what all the hype was about.

    Mmmmmmmmmm it's definitely entertaining. The dialogue is very interesting. It was pretty...outlandish so that was good. I don't really have that many complaints so I'll give it 8/10 because it's pretty "original" (lol at me saying that for a movie from 1994) so there isn't something I can really compare to to say "well it wasn't as well done as it could have been."

    I took two points off because while it is fun and even though the plot ties in together, there's really no direction and you're just kind of watching waiting to see where the movie is going to take you too next. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when a movie is 2.5 hours long and it's basically just people doing random stuff you kind of have to wonder what the climax is going to be and what you're waiting to see happen.

    Was the hype worth it? It has interesting references and material that the Internet would like so I'd probably say yes. Is it a perfect movie? My rating says otherwise.

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    The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

    Grabbed it off netflix. Seemed like it had potential but was just average. I do wonder if the books were any better.

    It gets a 5/10. Just average.
    The books are phenomenal, there is a little too much girly wah wah emotions. but other then that they are great! :P

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    Gone Baby Gone - 7/10. Pretty good. There was some disappointing lack of realism with some (police) characters acting inconsistently to their past, but overall good, if slightly brainless movie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raldazzar View Post
    The books are phenomenal, there is a little too much girly wah wah emotions. but other then that they are great! :P
    I remember reading the reviews from Goodreads (and even Amazon) some years ago and the HATRED it received from avid book readers for so obviously ripping off other authors as well as excessive teenage angst, put me off the Mortal Instruments series completely.
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    Interstellar 7/10

    I enjoyed it for what it is and didn't over analyse which I think is the issue a lot of people have. Took a while to get going but once they got into space I really enjoyed it. The robots were my favourite characters in the movie

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    Avengers : Age of ultron 8/10
    Pretty impressed with the film on a whole, nice to see a bit more back story to certain characters. Action sequences were awesome, story felt a little whimisical, like it was more of a setting up for the Infinity Gems and the next two movies That being said it was still a solid film, but I do agree, it seems a little out of the MCU at the moment, will be interesting to see how it fits into Agents of SHIELD and other upcoming movies.

    One thing I will ask though, if you are going to the cinema to watch this, either make sure any kids you take know it is not acceptable to laugh, shout and joke around during the none action sequences, as it totally ruins the film for others. It wasn't until I threatened to go get a member of staff that the guardians of a group of kids realised they where pissing off a good number of people in the theatre.

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    Avengers Age of Ultron 8/10

    Good action scenes, but the villain was weak ( power wise, not acting wise ) and it felt like filler.
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    Avengers Age of Ultron 7/10

    Nothing amazingly new, but thats not to say it doesn't do what it does well. Great action scenes, followed by the typical lighthearted comical moments made it a good watch.

    I'll agree though, It did feel like a filler for whats going to happen soon, especially with how relatively weak Ultron was.

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    Star Wars - 7,5/10

    Can't really say much, been a while since I last saw it.

    Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - 9/10

    My favorite, eventhough I'm a huge fan of the battle in Erebor in RotJ. The training with Yoda is awesome.

    Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - 8,5/10

    Beautiful, the entire saga really teaches me shit in life.

    - I really can't say much about Star Wars. It's not a well-made series, specially because of its age - but it's still an amazing story and brilliantly made considering the resources in the early 80s. The imagination behind every scene - specially with each background - is amazing.

    Chef - 7/10

    Fun movie. Feels a bit rushed, but still pretty entertaining. Plus I'm a big fan of culinary.

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    Avengers: Age of Ultron - 8/10

    Really good movie. Action, laughs, hot guys... I enjoyed it.

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    I just watched Black Hawk Down for about the third time in my life.

    Still a favorite of mine at 9/10

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    I watched Black Death again not long ago.

    7/10. It was a great way to kill a couple of hours. Surprisingly good for something I randomly grabbed out of the $5 DVD bin at Wal Mart.
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    Kingsmen: The Secret Service. - 7/10

    The action/fight scenes plus the leg-sword chick is 6 of the 7 i gave it. another pnt for michael caine. story wise it seemed to jump around a lot, focusing on the 'kid' then just switching abruptly to the 'mentor'. Great fighting tho.

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    Ex Machina

    Looking forward to Isaac and Gleeson in Star Wars : TFA.

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    Kingsmen: The Secret Service - 7/10

    Good silly action movie fun with occasional nice song selection! Love the Princess (you know what I'm talking about!) and the premise is kind of different from the normal agent action movies.

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    Run all night with Liam Neeson and Ed Harris
    Neeson as we know and love him. Solid story, very cool transitions with the camera flying through the city, the relations of the characters are realistic, the action scenes are long and most of the time creative and it didn't remind me too much of Taken. Very enjoyable!

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