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    Is 20 ilvls better than the 4piece tier 15? I'm still stuck with the raid finder tier helm, but I have access to the Spirit Keeper's helm. Here's my armory: normal armory link + en/character/malganis/Othinsson/simple

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    Short answer is no. It takes ~4.2k in sp/mastery to be worth dropping 4 set and you have to gain the 4.2k budget soley from dropping all 4 of the tier peices you are using.

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    Thanks for the answer!

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    We have a small discussion going on in the PTR Discussion forum about Restoration Druids in 5.4. There has been quite a few people talking regarding the T16 4-set bonus. If you want to add your information (theorycrafters especially), drop any bit of information you can.

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