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    I stumped it by thinking of Chris Metzen. Gonna try Gibbs from NCIS next

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    A friend showed me this a while back.

    Beat him eventually with a character from a Lovecraft story and Mohandar from SC.
    He guessed everything else, and I tried everything I could think of. >_<

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    He didn't guess Mankrik >

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perfectdark View Post
    I stumped it by thinking of Chris Metzen. Gonna try Gibbs from NCIS next
    90% of the time if you "stumped him" you didn't answer the questions correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perfectdark View Post
    I stumped it by thinking of Chris Metzen. Gonna try Gibbs from NCIS next
    Meaning you don't know much about Chris and answered incorrectly, I did Chris and he got it like Question 15 or 18 or something

    This thing is awesome lol

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    He got it wrong twice, but eventually got it.

    Kvothe from In The Name of the Wind. Pretty sweet picture too.
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    "He's not gonna get it, he's not gonna- OH MY GOD!!!!"

    Was my reaction when he guessed Totalbiscuit correctly! :O
    I'm scared now...

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    He said Thrall when I was thinking of Bolvar haha
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    He geussed Darion Morgraine.

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    That's fun. It got Winston Churchill, Brian Greene, Frodo Baggins but didn't get Nazeem Kadri. Still pretty cool.

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    I was thinking of Seth Rogen, he gave me Will Ferrel

    He got it the second time around though.

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    3 questions in and it's fail.

    Question 1: Is your character real?
    Answer 1: Yes.

    Question 2: Is he an adult man?
    Answer 2: No.

    Question 3: Is your character a singer, or does HE work with a singer (as a songwriter, producer, musician...)?
    Answer3: I want to say "I already told you it's not a he!"


    Question 11: Is your character a cat?
    Answer 11: No.

    Question 12: Is your character a feline?


    ... wth...
    "I think of..."
    "Something I can't talk about"
    with a picture of a dude looking in his pants =.=
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    uhm, i was thinking of Gamon, he guess "skippy the bush kangaroo" :>

    oh got to cairne bloodhoof this time, at least i think its cairne :P

    this thing is awsome...but wrong most the time :P

    this time i was thinking of terminator, it instead got Mechagodzilla.. what ever that is :P

    o.0 it guessed the girl from avatar right away

    trying to get him to guess boub

    omg it guessed ghostcrawler
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    Got it right... Damn...

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    Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen character), got.

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    yes! it guessed Boubouille!
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    Holy hell.
    1. Colonel-Commissar Ibram Guant (Warhammer 40,000 "Gaunt's Ghosts" novels)
    2. Justicar Alaric (Warhammer 40,000 "Grey Knights" novels)

    Ahah! Foiled it with attempt number 3: Couldn't guess 'Doc' Dorden

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    Lady Elise from Fable III

    No way... no way! There was no picture for it either!
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    he guessed david cameron :P after asking me if he wears little clothing :s

    i am now trying to guess jesus :P
    ok.. odd it asked me on question 4 "is your character the son of god", click yes and it still asks more :P
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    He guessed Tifa from the FF series. I was thinking of Hayley Williams from Paramore.

    He asked "have they got red hair?" I though he was getting close. I'm disappoint.
    Ah well, I'll sit on this for the rest of the night. :P

    Edit: 2nd round; he guess Amy Lee from Evanesence, I was thinking of Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters/Nirvana. This guy ain't as smart as the thread title suggests. :/
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