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    i want a fishermans hat again like vanilla

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    I'm curious, is there much competition for the STV contest on very low pop servers?

    I still have RaF active on my account and would love to level a 60 or even a 70 just to get the damn BoA ring once or twice.

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    When you have 600/600 fishing does increasing it with items do better performance?
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    dwadawdaw awesome!

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    Two of us Wrstark!
    But i want the Turtle....

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    Thanks, I need to get up Fishing & Arch in my spare time to finish everything out to 700 on my Warrior, this'll help keep things fresh and interesting!

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    super nice post

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    I've been trying to find out if it's possible to catch a 32 Pound Catfish from Northern Barrens via Wowhead and googling, but so far the closest thing to a confirmation is that (apparently) you should be able to catch any pound catfishes in waters where normal catfishes can be caught, with the exception of capitals. Getting close to 15k casts and so far I've only got a bunch of 17/9 pounders and two 22 pounders, so a 32 pounder should be possible aswell yeah?

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    Does anyone know what is tied to the Fishing Hut level 3 @ Garrisons ?

    "Also grants you a chance to catch a unique fish that can be used to lure mysterious creatures onto the shore." -> Mysterious Creature that will give us a TCG Mount, right?
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