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    If you had three wishes..

    Title. If you had three wishes, what would you use them on?
    Anything you like, wow or un-wow related ofc.
    interested to see what people would go for :P

    1. Own a games company as large as Blizzard.
    2. Be free from health problems (still able to die though. Eventually)
    3. Could turn invisible

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    Your worst NightmareS
    Have a healthy life
    Same wish from my loved ones
    Have the wealth of Bill gates
    Bash'a no falor talah!

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    1) PVP balance
    2) PvE balance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fixati0n View Post
    I wish for FOUR more wishes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon View Post
    I think this should win some kind of award. I mean, we must now have had one post about literally EVERY SINGLE FEATURE in the ENTIRE GAME which "ruined wow".

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    1): Ability to teleport IRL.
    2): Winning in the lottery.
    3): More wishes!
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    Corrupt someone's wish!

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    Uh, let's see.

    1. Complete and total omnipotence
    2. Huh? Can't hear you, too busy reshaping reality to my whims.

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    1. Complete and total world piece
    2. All corruption gone in the world
    3. The technological singularity is a definate truth and will eventually occur.

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    1. Infinite Genie Lamps
    2. TIME CONTROL (A must have (Also Matter control - Jelly like Ocean))
    3. Shapeshift (Into ANYTHING)
    And with the Genie wishes
    4. Invisibility..
    (I can go on for hours..But why do that when I can wish for everything I want in one wish? E.g Anything I wanted whenever I wanted. Like the ability to Aparate.)
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    1. I wish for more of the sources of these wishes. More Genies perhaps?
    2. The ability to understand Physics.
    3. World Peace and World Dominace!

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    damn wish I would've thought of some of these :P teleporting would be of the utmost importance to me lol.

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    1. World domination, building a huge castle for my own with the ultimate golden throne
    2. World peace, so I as the ultimate ruler of the world don't have to deal with it
    3. saving this wish in case that I want to go back to my old life...

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    feel no pain

    a lot of kfc

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    Besides wishing for more wishes...

    1) I wish that I would get something like $20,000 dollars every month (tax free of course) for the rest of my life, so I don't have to work ever again.
    2) I wish for a strong, healthy body, and a sharper mind.
    3) I wish for a better world, as in no war, global and local economic growth, and a higher standard of living for everyone.
    I'm just a fan of a brand new wiki:
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    realistic wishes (no magic stuff!):
    #1 healthy gf / child
    #2 complete law school
    #3 not really sure, maybe split #1

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    #1 300 Billion, Enough to start my Triple Business I've always wanted to (3 Business that go hand-in-hand if your wondering)
    #2 Myself and My Fiance better immune systems, these viral infections out there lately have been tearing us up
    #3 The ability to slow down time, almost to a stop. So many things can be avoided if I had this ability. Think like Bullet time, but slower. where everyone else would see me moving at insane speed, but I'm just slowing down time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidoeng7 View Post
    Have the wealth of Bill gates
    he's not the richest man in the world atm..just saying

    Also i doubt you'd be able to do what he WILL do:donate like 90% of it for charity and let your relatives take 10%

    /respect for him
    Quote Originally Posted by Mooneye View Post
    Why would it be wrong to kill a human being?
    Quote Originally Posted by Davillage View Post
    "Russian Feminist Cop Shoots 19 year old black pro life Iman after Getting a Bad Tip In Israel"
    Pateu's postulate: '' As an online discussion about RPGs or sci fi grows longer, the probability of a comparison or bashing involving Mass Effect 3 approaches 1. ''

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    Ability to Time Travel.
    Capability to grant both these powers to one other person of my choosing.
    I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it.
    Sane people are boring. Or else I've been around insane people so long that I can't tell the difference anymore. Either way, chase away those silly notions of linear thought: they have never done anyone good.
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    1. for the rule to not wish for more wishes was removed.
    2. for as many wishes as I want
    3 and beyond: all worlds problems solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbyjawz View Post
    Ability to Time Travel.
    Capability to grant both these powers to one other person of my choosing.
    These are outstanding, I'd go with this as well.

    The only reason I wouldn't choose world peace or something of that nature is because it would remove a person's free will. Free will is really all that's needed to do most of these wishes anyways (wealth, happiness, peace, etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalinth View Post
    I wish for FOUR more wishes.
    My thoughts EXACTLY lol

    1) I really can't think of anything I would definitely want to wish for. I was just agreeing with this guy ^^^^^

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