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Thread: Lucky stories!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkdejager View Post
    I miss this thread when it was called your rare mount stories..:/
    Thread have changed.
    AND what are you doing inside my computer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fungj View Post
    Thread have changed.
    AND what are you doing inside my computer?
    I know, kinda stupid. Was real populair

    Well just..looking at some dirty websites your on
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    Probably not all too lucky, but after farming Attumen for over 5 years, yesterday it dropped on my third char. Makes me a happy panda!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsta View Post
    Probably not all too lucky, but after farming Attumen for over 5 years, yesterday it dropped on my third char. Makes me a happy panda!
    Big congratulations I'm still farming it on 6 chars each week since the end of Tbc. No luck yet :P

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    Back before they took out the Raptor mount boss I helped a buddy kill him each (I think) three days? The lockout might have been a week I can't remember. Anywho. One week I told him I'm going to do it on my own if he doesn't mind which he said go for it. After killing the boss on my first try solo (note i've only did it for about 3 boss kills with him) there sat the raptor mount on his body. I linked it in guild chat with saying "Is this what you are after?" He told me I was bullshitting him until I clicked it and got the achieve.

    Another good story of mine is a friend couldn't solo TK for her life. Me and the same buddy agreed to help her for Ashes for a fee. She said she would pay us EACH 100k gold if the mount drop and we passed. I'm not a huge mount collector and neither is my buddy being broke this was a great chance. Week one: no luck week two: Bam 100k gold for the both of us and a mount for her. Was a good feeling. We joked the first week after not seeing it that we just got ourselves into months of farming this damn boss for someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koenig View Post


    Gz dude. I still really, REALLY want this mount. Leveling a dk atm to be able to solo LK. Hopefully.

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    I've got a pretty sick story that occured recently,i might very much out myself with this story, but anyway; Did Malygos every week 2-6 times, for xmog on alt and mount. Never saw them dropping. Then one day i get Azure drake. Next week, blue drake. Few hours after Blue Drake i get black primal raptor from oondasta, half an hour later; onyxa mount (which i had also been running every week at least twice for over a year). After onyxia i go to TK to help my friend to get some xmog and ... no, Ashes didn't drop unfortunately but i did get lesser voidcaller pet. After this we go naxx, i get stitched pup pet > completed Raiding With Leashes > get mr.bigglesworth pet > Crazy Cat Lady title At this time i'm almost chocked seing how i rarely get any luck with RNG. On Skype with some mates, i go Stonecore normal and wouldn't you know, that boss drops the mount. Most lucky day of wow for me ever in over 8 years of playing. To round it up:

    *) Blue Drake from Maly
    *) Primal Black Raptor from Oondasta egg
    *) Lesser Voidcaller rare pet from TK
    *) Stitched Pup Pet > The Crazy Cat Lady title
    *) Onyxian Drake
    *) Vitreous Stone Drake from Slabhide in Stonecore (0,76% drop rate)

    I'm so used to RNG spitting in my face, forcing me to run lfrs and shit over and over again, then i get this. All within 24h..
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    Statistic tab on my monk's achievement page says 3 Ragnaros kills. I got both Bindings of the Windseeker over those 3 clears. Spent 7k on 7 Enchanted Elementium Bar(made 3 myself) so I hope to get the sword tomorrow.
    Also won Vitreous Stone Drake in Stonecore a few weeks ago, 1st(might have been the 2nd) time I've seen it drop. My lock doesn't have 280% flying yet :P

    Edit: Made the sword. Don't feel super special though, since it's 9 years too late :P
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    i have absolutely no luck with mounts whatsoever! im farming my ass of on my warrior and my main monk but nothing. heck i farm kara every week with 11 chars >.<.
    altough my mount luck is very low i am called lucky loot whore in my guild... everythin that has to do with loot drops for my monk shortly after mop was released it took me 5 BT runs to see the OH glaive drop twice on run 2 and 4 and the MH on run 5

    that was my happiest moment in wow so far

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    So the weirdest thing just happened to me.

    I was in the middle of LFR, and I finished off Ji-Kun when I was surprised to find a satchel of exotic mysteries in my bag. This is weird because my main is a DPS, and 1) I have never seen a shortage of DPS 2) I didn't see the role call before I queued, so was quite chocked

    "Oh well, it's just some gold"

    Then I opened the bag to find the Green Proto-Drake. Nice stuff.
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    Got the blue proto-drake on my first ever farm run of the place.

    White hawkstrider only took about 20 tries.

    Raven Lord... that's taking a while.

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    Got galleon mount today from coin after: 43+33+39+31+17+12 = 175 kills + ~3/4 of that as coins.
    FUCKING YES, my 230th mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makarena View Post
    Got galleon mount today from coin after: 43+33+39+31+17+12 = 175 kills + ~3/4 of that as coins.
    FUCKING YES, my 230th mount.
    Whoah, that's a lot of mounts.

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    Recently saw someone buying Ashes of Al'ar runs on a couple alts, considered myself super lucky.
    They were offering 1k per run, two toons, 50k if the mount dropped.

    Then the mount drops on the second kill (first week) and then they actually traded 50,000 gold.

    Felt pretty good to see them freakout and get some gold~.

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    I started to play in cataclysm and the first time i entered Tempest keep to solo it on my priest Ashes dropped:P

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    For everyone farming mounts - I just want to wish you the best!


    I've always been jealous about all these FoSes and rare mounts my friends have and I farmed the stupid Anzu for 3 years straight.
    Today I've been motivated again to farm everything I can since I dropped 3 of the really rare mounts in 2 hours! (armory link)

    The moral is - don't give up! It WILL eventually drop and I wish you best luck in achieving all this. If you have similar stories like this to share, go on!

    I decided to level up my hunter, Faldal, to speed up FoS farming. I entered the Dungeon Finder queue and ended up in Stratholme. Approaching boss I jokingly asked for a mount - he did, in all his generosity, drop it for me. Then I went Kael and Onyxia, no luck. I wanted to go to bed, but thought "wait, push it more, go for it". I did MGT, got the bird, did VoA, got the Mammoth, did all the rare drop dungeons/raids including Ragnaros for Eye. No luck in the latter though

    Anyways, this crazy spree of luck made me really energized for the next weeks and I'm sure as hell I won't stop on this.

    Have a nice day!!

    P.S. I REALLY hope it won't look like brag-post or something, I'm extremely happy right now and I just want to share it with you, guys!
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    It does happen. One night I was bitching and moaning about not winning something and ran off to kill Kael'Thas...and grabbed my Ashes of Al'ar.

    Congrats on your new mounts!
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    i'm on run 4824 run for the barons mount (this is been over the last 10 years ) even with the improved drop rate a few years back i'm pretty sure the wow gods hate me

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    Congrats on your kills. So far I've got TLPD, Aeonaxx, Baron's Deathcharger, White Hawkstrider, Fiery Warhorse(by far my most prized ground mount) and Raven Lord.

    Onyxia, Ashes, Invincible and Alani continue to avoid me.
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