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    Got Baron's deathcharger after about 15 runs. So glad I don't have to farm Stratholme like I did Vortex Pinnacle.

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    Bored waiting on patch, so I'll share a few of my stories.

    The mount that got me into collecting was the Swift White Hawkstrider. I was running MT because I wanted the phoenix pet. Someone (incorrectly) told me the pet only dropped on heroic. On my second run, the pet didn't drop, but the mount did! I had no clue a mount was even on the boss, and from then on I was hooked. I didn't get the pet until my fourth run, lol.

    That was my only really lucky drop, but I'd say I've had above average luck with my rare mount drops. Nothing spectacular, but I got most of the basic rare drops in a relatively short amount of time. Managed to get the Kara mount in about 35 tries.

    My only truly "unlucky" mount was the blue proto. I killed that boss every day for over four months before I got it. I think I only missed two or three days in that time. One time when I had a friend over, I had him look at the wowhead page for the mount, read everything carefully, and verify that I was killing the right boss. I was convinced I was having a major durp attack and killing the wrong boss all that time because my luck was so bad. Finally got it though!

    My only bad mount story was when I was running normal mode dungeons on my 85 with my cousin's 81 mage. We were in Vortex Pinnacle, when lo and behold, the mount drops on his first run ever through the instance. Everyone rolls. My cousin wins. I ask him to trade it to me. He doesn't play hardly at all and is typically a really laid back guy, so I figured he wouldn't care. He gets offended and says I have too many mounts as it is and he'd like a cool one for himself. Ugh. Oh well. Never been the argumentative type, and after all he won fair and square. The worst part? He had to "borrow" the gold from me to learn the proper training to ride it. Yeah, never got that gold back. He quit a few weeks later. That's family for ya! I still can't bring myself to try and farm that mount to this day, I just know my luck is going to be horrible.

    Most pathetic story? Near the end of Cata I was really at my wits end as far as what I wanted to do in the game. I started knocking out things like "Insane in the Membrane" and other mildly grind-y things to pass the time. That's when I remembered the Halaa Talbuks. The wow battlechest had just gone on sale again, so I got an idea. I had always been interested in multiboxing, so I bought the second game, downloaded a standard multibox program, and leveled a bunch of alts to level 80 via RaF with myself. Once I got the hang of it, I really had a blast with it. I eventually rolled a couple DKs on the opposite faction and took them to 80 in the course of a day or two. Once I got my DKs to 80, I flew one out to Halaa and farmed myself so I could get the tokens without having to deal with anyone else. Then, of course, a few weeks later they add CRZ and I see multiple forum posts about people making Halaa groups to farm tokens the proper way. Ouch.

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    I got the Swift White Hawkstrider in about 5-6 runs. Other than that, I've been attempting to obtain Onyxia's mount, Ashes, Reins of the Raven Lord, Attumen's mount, TLPD, and Aeonaxx with zero success for the past couple months.

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    Just got a second Ony drake, this time on my better half's account. I finally got mine after 112 attempts last week. Today was my third time trying on his hunter and it dropped because even RNG wants to gargle his characters' balls. I had to buy him 280 flying so the damn thing could even be learned. It's not fair 0_o

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    Flying around storm peaks herbing waiting for av to pop...and as soon as im done with the bg i fly right into the time lost drake without even looking for him .

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    Well i took a break from farming bones and decided to do Kael for the 2nd kill ever on my DK, and got Ashes, made some people rage in vent. Then I went ahead and finished the bone grind hunter and got my bone-white raptor, not rare perse but rare in that few people actually put life on hold to farm the bones. However my dk Alfaqup on sargeras has the chieve if anyone doesn't believe meh!

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    Got a few:

    Farmed Anzu for over a year and gave up, after a few months i was bored so thought ''what the hell, lets try this shit again'', mount dropped. Funniest part: my friend saw me with it and said ''that's a cool mount, where did you get it?'' ''Sethekk halls hc'' ''cool, I'll try it!'' 15 mins later he had the mount.

    My girlfriend saw someone with aeonaxx but had no idea how rare it was or even how to get it, she just knew she wanted it, so i told her how to get it and that she could expect to be camping for very long if she really wanted it, but ofcourse being the laziest person in the world as she is she asked me to camp it for her, obviously my first reaction was ''fuck no, that's gonna take months!'', specially since i didn't use addons, but since she insisted so much i thought ''whatever I'll just camp for a few days and be done with it''. So first day I'm camping in Deepholm half afk reading stuff on the internet, what's my surprise when i go back in the game and aeonaxx is there flying in front of me, after only 3 hours of camping, so i killed him and got the mount....on my girlfriends account >.>

    Last one, being a mount collector I always wanted the time lost proto drake but could never bring myself to camping it, specially because I have a friend who spent huge amounts of time camping it and only got it after more than a year, but that day i just thought ''that's it, I'm gonna camp that bastard and I'm gonna get it!'', I told my friend and he said ''Pff you'll never get it! Specially not without addons! Haha Good luck with that!'' so I said ''I don't need your shitty addons, addons are for noobs!''...So anyway I camped for 30 mins before I went to sleep, next day I log in, wait for 5 mins and bang! The time lost proto spawns just a few meters away from where I was, it was hilarious when i showed it to my friend.

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    Just got ashes on friday, 2nd solo run on my monk (though been farming on my dk for quite sometime)
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    Last Valentines day I was upset that my girlfriend had broken up with me, so I decided the best cure was to drink it off and do the Holiday Boss. While half in the bag I queued up for the event and must have passed out at the computer. I woke up later that night with my character ghosted out and dead at the loading screen and asked myself what the hell, I am a healer how did I die? I reviewed my recount and saw that I cast Beacon and 1 Flash of Light the entire fight and in my bags there was the (Big Love Rocket)

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    x-52 Nether Rocket, both versions.

    It was during the latter part of TBC, before SW came out. I was just sitting there in Org one day on my Paladin and I see someone in trade ask, "Where can I get a decent axe for a lvl 29 pally?" There were a plethora of typical asshat responses, not uncommon in tarde chat. I sent a tell that he should go to Razorfen Kraul for corpsemaker. Five minutes later, "Where is that? Can you show me?" I was bored, why not. Ended up flying to Barrens and running the guy there, that turned into helping him get the axe. I was lvl 70 in full BT gear at the time, not an issue, took 3 runs, maybe ten minutes.

    The guy was so happy he gave me a code, said it was for a rocket mount. I look on Ebay, they were selling at the time for 3-500$. Told him this, "I know I'm 23 I know what it is and I don't care." So I rolled on down to Booty Bay as he told me to do and proceeded to turn in the code. Said it was already redemmed. Figures, when something seems to good to be true, usually is.

    Two weeks later I am in BT fighting Illidan when the same guy sends me a tell, "Hey remember me, I have another code for you to try." Interesting, after raid I get the code and go Booty Bay, says redeemed. Told him, he says, "Hmmm, you know what, you ar edoing this wrong, you go to the Upper Deck website and redeem there for a new code you use in game." WHHHAAAAATTT?!!!!

    Proceed to UD website, there it is, code redemption, input code, REDEEMED, gd it....

    Frantic search around desk for paper with first code on it, FIND IT, UD website, input, BAM!!!!

    Two rocket mounts for 25 minutes running a poor newb in RFK.

    TY Karma!

    Moral of the story, stop being a douche in tarde chat.

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    I had Swift Zulian Tiger drop 1st time i went there, i was like ROFL!
    TLDP camped for like 5 hours avg a day from begin wotlk till begin cata (2 days before cata launch i had m).
    Onyxia mount after a Zillion time.

    My friend:
    Runs Ravenlord first time > mount drops.
    He goes into TK first time, mount drops.
    He goes to Onyxia first time> mount drops.

    Dafuq? > got them all 3 in like what, 1 hour? > dafuq again. o.O
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    Did Kael'Thas yesterday with a friend of mine. Ashes dropped. He has literally every other mount and I the rarest..ehm, Amani Battle bear. I let him have to finish his collection.

    Today, while heading for Ulduar (with said friend) he spots Time Lost. Hunted for 30 minutes only to realise he spotted it XR during a FP-flight. Anger, boiling anger.

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    I finally got my Reins on the Onyxian Drake today! Even before mounts were shared, way back in Wrath, I told myself I'd have it one day. I've been farming it seriously for roughly six months This is the mount of my dreams and it's finally mine!

    When it popped up, I kind of blinked and stared at it for a few seconds, then learnt it and proceeded to do a funny little dance around my chair.
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    Ashes of Al'ar after like 4 months of soloing.

    I killed Kael'Thas.. looted him... and missed mount. I have no idea how it could happends, but I just don't realise he is there. I loot every item then go sleep. Next day when I was vendoring items I saw it. And I just start loling so hard

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    Got a new direhorn mount from a Warbringer. These aren't rare, however after killing 30 more of them to get another color (which I haven't got so far) I'm starting to think RNG can be a bitch.

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    I've been running Strat for years and I've never seen the Baron's mount... and i refuse to give up.

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    Luckeist eh...

    I guess grey riding camel, since I didn't even look for it. Just happened to see a statue on the ground on my way to t4w to raid.

    Clicked it and got ported, was like "lol wut"

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    Got a new direhorn mount from a Warbringer. These aren't rare, however after killing 30 more of them to get another color (which I haven't got so far) I'm starting to think RNG can be a bitch.
    Had all 3 different drop during the last 2 days :P We were 3 people however, so we got 1 each, and helped eachother til we all had one.

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    Old guildie of mine ninjaed Mim's head and got it taken away by a GM. Different old guildie of mine ninjaed the normal madness mount and got it taken away by a GM.

    Starting to think I attract mount ninjas
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    some time ago i was farming Ahes of al ar ( i took me 2 years and nothing) ... and time to quit wow come, i get rid of account and thing ill never com back.

    After ~6 months i come back! hit 90 and in that same day go to TK for just for fun because i was bored, and i droped Ashes in first attempt ! my guild master told me that he hate me and he wish i never comeback to wow - not its time to drop invicible reins xD

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    I think I'm going to beat pretty much anyone who posted on this thread.

    I got both the ZG mounts from one run soloing, while it wasn't my first run (had been farming that place for many months) it's still the luckiest thing that happened to me in WoW.


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