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    The only rare mount I've ever gotten (not a big collector) was the one that drops from the dragon in VP.

    Got it on my first/second run, and got yelled at by the whole team for winning it because I was a druid with instant flightform.

    Whatever, rare loot is rare.

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    First week of the level 80 Onyxia being out, Mount drops, roll a 99! .... Surprisingly the Raid Leader didn't ninja and take off. I ran it only a few times after and never looked back. Thalrax on Arthas US

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    Love reading these threads... so many lucky people!

    Took me 11 attempts to get Ashes on rogue, probably the only mount I ever wanted, was in a social guild at the time who didn't care for the mount so allowed me to master loot it to my self, it's still a very rare mount (Seeing only 2-3 on my realm still) and no matter how many people have it, still looks absolutely amazing.

    Started farming the old Zul Gurub (Only the tiger boss was soloable for my rogue at the time) when it was announced on MMO Champ that it would be removed soon and the tiger mount dropped on the last ever reset of the raid, don't ever use it though as I prefer my Crimson Deathcharger I stole from my DK's shadowmourne.

    Farmed Anzu for nearly a whole year, multiple guildies (50+ including alts) had already got the drop and what used to be my daily run turned into days of not entering the instance due to my boredom of seeing the same loot drop everytime. I finally got bored one evening and went for a quick run and the damn thing dropped, used it once since I spend most of the time on Ashes.

    White hawkstrider on second kill, Baron mount dropping twice in twenty or so kills, first one went to a DK who went there for the first time, drakes from VP/To4W on alts and such.

    Nothing interesting though .
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    I've been 2 manning EoE for the past...forever with friends to farm both the drakes.
    A friend of mine came back to the game the other day and we brought him along as well to just speed phase 3 up.

    Azure Drake dropped.

    I have a new good luck charm.

    [[None of my friends want the mounts or are ok with me getting them first due to the collection I have going. So yes, I obviously got the drake. :P ]]

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    Just after I started to collect rare mounts I thought I would try Strat solo as a level 80 mage. Had never solo'd a low level dungeon before and not having ran it since mid 50's wasnt quite sure what to expect. Anyway, Rivendare's mount dropped on the first try. /smug

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    I had been farming Ravens Lord on my main shaman for about 3 weeks, meanwhile I was leveling my druid with my friend who leveled his shaman, we hit lvl 70 and que up for a BC Heroic and we get Sethekk Halls! Of course the mount drops and we're 5 people rolling on it and I win, I was happy and angry at the same time cause I had been farming it for a month on my main and it drops on the first run ever on my alt...

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    This is a rare mount frustration story. So anyways, I've been attempting to get Deathchargers reins for over a year now (250 kills) and so I decide I'm going to spend like 8 hours to farm it. So towards my 6th hour or so my friend logs online and calls me in skype. I explain to him what I am doing and he says, "Oh there is a mount there?" So he comes out to kill Rivendare in a seperate instance for giggles. About 8 minutes later he starts laughing and I see the Feat of strength pop up for him in guild chat. I have yet to get the mount a year later.

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    The 1st ever ZA/ZG i tanked for a satchel dropped the Raven lord for me, Never had anything better than a flask since tho :-(

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    Did the daily in Stormpeaks the other day for the first time, opened the satchel after turning in the quest and bam, reins of the polar bear.

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    Some lucky examples: 5 mins doing a crusader daily in storm peaks the 1st September 2.011 at 5.30 a.m. close to k3, time-lost proto-drake, got it (whereas 21 hours of camping for vyragosa for the achi some days earlier). Farmed the new panther mount in ZG for like 15 kills solo on dk at 85, dropped, and also got the VP drake in like 15-20 kills and deathcharger in stratholme in 38 runs. There are way more that I got, but I consider them not too lucky or unlucky.

    Some unlucky examples: farmed al'ar solo for a few months on both chars I could do it every single week, around 60 kills, nothing; a friend of mine who did it like 1-2 times per month enters 2 days after, ashes of al'ar; got it myself after 2 more weeks of farming with all chars for a total of 66 kills. Farmed onyxian drake since March 2.012 (though not really intensively at the time, only on dk each week), then started doing it on 2 chars, when MOP came out got 5 chars to 90 so soloed with all 5 each week; made an 82 blood dk to solo it too, 6 chars since then, 123 runs, same friend enters once, reins of the onyxian drake; decided myself to level 1 more blood dk to 83 (easier than 82) each week and soloed with all chars since then, 193 runs, nothing.

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    Had Invincible drop while 4manning a few weeks ago.
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    at home for summer from uni, pc in the living room. my mum was playing mario galaxy and couldn't do a boss so she asked me to do it half way through horseman fight in kara. she wanted it done there and then so i showed her what buttons to hit on my pally who was prot at the time. i finish her boss and she kills horseman and loots him (but doesn't roll) and sitting there at the top of the list is the mount.

    and today (literally an hour ago) decided to go do my weekly TK runs before continuing farming wrathion rep on my priest, ashes drops been sat in orgrimmar afk with a big grin on my face since :P. kicker is a friend was online but logged off just before i was gonna ask if they wanted to come.

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    Killed attumen, fiery warhorse dropped, the end.
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    71 kills at LK 25m dropp as off yet G_G

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    1st solo attempt in TK, got Ashes

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    Consistently raided the kz during BC, first time it dropped during raid for our guild, i won put then passed it to our tank.
    Now during MoP Decided to do a run to help friend on chess, killed attunement in my lockout and mount finally dropped.

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    Swift Zulian Tiger from Zul'Gurub during classic.

    Won the roll and I didn't even have the riding skill required for it (150) yet. Everyone in vent was like "Is he still riding a pony? I wish I had a Ferrari without a license."

    Lulz were had.

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    I have an old school mount...the normal unarmored palomino from 2004 lol...used to play a lot more back before any xpac.

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    I used to farm Sethekk Halls everyday on my Druid throughout Wrath. Sometime mid-Cata I ran it one time on my Hunter, who had become my main, and the Raven Lord dropped. Months of farming on my Druid and nothing. One day on my Hunter and Bam! /sigh

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    The one reason I was glad that mounts became account wide. I have my Hunter that is my mount toon. Has a lot of rares. On my druid I got the Drake that drops off Utgard Pinnacle, won it twice, both times I gave it to friends that I was with since it was us two and 3 pugs. So I did have to go back and farm it in cata days on my hunter.
    The other one was the Mammoth out of Vaults. I saw it drop a few times on my pally but I generally didn't roll on it when I was with my guild since that wasn't my mount toon. Well one time when I was in a PUG, I rolled and won. Once the mounts being account wide was announced, I was glad I didn't have to try and farm that one on my Hunter.

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