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    I remeber in early tbc.. me and a tank from guild and my friends little brother who was in the same house since i had my comp in his brothers room..well we went off to zg for the raptor boss. and i will state that this took some time with 1 tank 1 healer and a lowsy rogue..finally we killed him and the raptor drops. i remember i yelled DANIEL NEEDAR DU SÅ DÖR DU! in english. daniel if you need on it i will kill you! freighten of what i have said he greeded and i FUCKING won it... the warrior tank from my guild rolled 2 and i 4 xD so yeah lucky! Another story is about the setthek halls raven lord bird that i actually got my hand on last night! after like 150+ runs on several chars. been running it for 2 months everyday in cata got boored. then i started 2 months ago and have runned it on my paladin,warr and hunter everyday. and finaly it dropped!

    feels kinda sad i wont be running setthek anymore=/

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    Yesterday!! It was THE DAY!!! A friend of mine came back to wow after a 3 month stop. 3 month ago we were farming ashes together and we managed to get it (both of us) in 6 kill. Yesterday, he finally came back to wow and I was talking to him in Skype and joking about his luck with the mount drop. So, I decided to give a shot to Onyxia!! 3 minutes laterI was flying on the coolest mount in the game. But...suddenly I realized that it was the right time to finally earn the FoS of Attumen mount. I told to my friend to stay in the exact position where he was when I was killing Ony and also to keep doing whatever he was doing! I went to kara in roughly 1.5 min.....made 1500k DPS on boss...looted him and obviously the mount was there!!
    BTW, after I went to EoE and Malygos didn’t drop the mount, but I was happy enough. And also I’ve farmed those 2 guys...I don’t even know how many times!!!

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    Only rare mounts I really have are the Drake from stonecore, and i got eh raven lord out of a loot bag.
    Was running EoE with my buddy, after 2 weeks, blue drake drops he wins, 2 weeks later, azure drake drops, he wins.
    I was soo pissed at him.

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    Got Rivendare's Charger on my second try a few years ago first rare mount I got

    Few weeks ago I got Ashes of Al'ar after 11 tries and the week after I got Onyxian Drake. That same day the Blue Drake dropped from EoE, but I already had that one >.< Still hunting for the Azure!

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    Just the other day was doing Northrend dungeons for guild achievements. Im on vent and decide i will just take a FP up to ulduar so i can smoke while i wait... On vent i tell my friends... " watch this im going to take a flight path and the damn TLPD will spawn".... 15 secs into the flight... TLPD pops on NPC scan and im on a flight path...So i tell them exactly where it was but by that time it was too late. We are on a heavily populated server so it was gone quick... Also ive farmed Ashes and Ony for about 2 years now, lost Ashes twice... mind you when cap was 85 me and a friend who's a mount whore would do KT every week. I promised him the first and he got it, then one day we bring his wife in and that bitch won it... and learned it instantly... then says over vent " i guess i should have given that to tay huh"... /facepalm to broken noseville. Ive only seen Ony drop once so far though and lost that as well. At least i got the Black panther out of ZA ( i think thats the one, cat lady boss). love that mount

    *And i fished up the sea turtle the other day. Right outside the shrine, 15 minutes after we happened to be talking about it on vent. Good times.
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    Got Sha and Galleon mounts on the same day! :V

    The first time I ran Magister Terrace on my pally I got the mount. I was actually looking for the pet, which dropped 2 days later.
    Not super rare, but I felt kinda lucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by noskillz View Post
    Got Sha and Galleon mounts on the same day! :V

    The first time I ran Magister Terrace on my pally I got the mount. I was actually looking for the pet, which dropped 2 days later.
    Not super rare, but I felt kinda lucky
    Post armory or I'll assume you're trolling. The galleon and sha mounts haven't shown up anywhere, yet you claim to have both.

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    When I came back to WoW in Cata after going AFK in early BC I did not know what the in-game Satchels were nor that the Raven Lord was a mount acquireable by any means other than the druid flight quest. I tanked a ZG and got the Raven Lord in the Satchel and was is this?

    Since then and countlesssss Satchels later I have gotten Blue Drake from it as well (althought I already had that one :P )

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    Winddrake - first run of vortexx
    raven lord - 2nd run of actual farming

    Azura Drake - 2nd run of The Eye
    Blue Drake - 3rd run of The Eye(Gave this one to a buddy who was with during the Azura kill)

    Funny thing is I would trade all 4 just to get The blue or green proto

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    got my Camel Hoarder achievement on my first figurine back in cata days. other than that, i did maybe 100 stratholme runs all the way from vanilla but not even saw it dropped once.

    i have a theory about those rare things. some items drop very easily yet others never drop. it must be your toon's id or whatever. i believe this seriously.

    edit: forgot to add that i got my green drake at first and pet at second eggs respectively. see why i believe that?

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    I got the rare stonedrake from Stonecore on a guildrun, all 5 of us were on vent. When the druid tank jokingly said that the mount would drop, needless to say we were all laughing about it and I won myself a sweet ass mount.

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    This is a secret :o
    Back when I was new to the game I was lvling my mage alt through LFD and guess what, Rivendare's charger dropped there on my first ever try on that dungeon. I was shocked to see such a mount, some other won it and later they told me about it's insanely low drop rate. I was crushed... Dx

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    Hah. Done Alysrazor this week in hopes for the mount, normally clear the other easier to solo bosses too in hopes of getting the RnG 2h Sword for transmog.

    Then this happened:
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    i got the white hawkstrider when I first cleared mt, and I was just going for the heroic achievement. had no intention of farming it either because i think it's ugly on my toon.

    got the green proto-drake on my second egg. again, not even going for it, just decided to buy them while i was raising oracles rep, had no intention of buying a new egg every... what is it... week? but yeah, second egg and green proto drake. i also think it's ugly.

    and I got the grey camel without even farming. was just flying through uldum after taking the portal to go to DS when my scanner addon started blaring. searched around the area, didn't find it, gave up, started to fly away, I didn't/don't like the camel mount either and never farmed it and didn't plan on starting, I think it's ugly period. but then was like, fuck it, let's look one more time. went back, searched a little more and found the little prick. so of course when i click it it doesn't turn into sand and teleports me to feralas first try.

    so if i've learned anything from the rng gods is that they'll throw stuff at me that I couldn't care less about but when it comes to stuff I actually want, those bastards are tight-fisted

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    Not really a cool story, but it's the one I like the most...

    Last Tuesday I started farming Invincible with a friend (Me=DK, He=Mage). Of course it didn't drop. Wednesday, we were missing tanks for our raid so we called it off and because we didn't know what else to do we went to Icecrown Citadel to duo the Lich King again. We wiped a few times because of stupid mistakes, but then we finally killed him. And what would this story be if the mount didn't drop, right? :P

    Well it dropped, we both rolled need of course, I rolled a 92, he had an 89. Finally got my Reward for killing Arthas back at 80 =)

    While not the best story, it's the one that made me happier than any other mount story =)

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    Nabbed Aeonaxx's mount while randomly flying through Deepholm about an hour before I planned to transfer my character off the realm. I wasn't looking for it and I was actually leaving Deepholm after finishing leveling there...

    Was meant to be, I think!

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    Big Love Rocket dropped, but I'm convinced they buffed the droprate on it. I didn't get the Onyxia mount after like 3 years until the droprate buff, so would not surprise me if they did the same for this. Still an awesome mount, and looks great with a Boomkin riding it!

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    I guess I have only two mounts that can be considered even remotely rare. The headless horseman mount which dropped last year - so it isn't even that rare anymore and the Ultramarine Battle tank from Archaeology which I got by stubbornly sticking to this profession (and eventually even Zin Rokk)

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    In the early weeks of Sunwell, a druid in my guild was doing daily runs in Sethekk for the Raven Lord. I decided to join one time, probably because I was bored, and I didn't even know this rare boss dropped a mount, I had never even killed him before. Obviously, the mount dropped, and I won, my first rare mount was only the 3rd on the realm! Still use it to this day. =)

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    I won the bronze drake one time in CoS. It was crazy. You should have been there. The one guy rolled a 3, and with sweat dripping fro' my brow, I clicked need, and then BAM!!! 74!

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