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    This time last year I pulled an all-nighter farming eggs for that stupid Shorestrider mount. I was so tired and it was about 3am and I thought "Sod it, I'll go do Anzu" - and it finally dropped. My historical friends list full of druids stays with me to this day though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fnx- View Post
    Don't hate on me, but this is what happened to me just before
    I hate you, got over 113 kills atm, still no fucking dropp

    ---------- Post added 2013-04-03 at 01:10 PM ----------

    Was bored on a tuesday, so i decided to run alysrazor. 4 runs, the first 3 runs were nice and clean kills, 4th run was horrible the DK didn't knew what blood pressence was and shit, but we got it down and it dropped jeej flametalon for me

    113 kills atm for LK 25m hc , no dropp as of yet.
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    Just got the azure drake AND the blue drake (even though i got the blue drake during occy lucky bag)

    Been running that instance since wrath never seen either drop and both drop in one night on the same toon

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    First Rare Mount: Fiery Warhorse
    Guild run on Kara when back in the TBC days. We were having a contest between the "A Team" 10m (consisted of the Guild leader and officers, aka the MAIN slots of the 25m runs) and the "D Team" that I was in (consisted of the newer members, like me, and bench-warmers for the 25m raids). They had some issues on trash and our team was the first to down Huntsmen and lo and behold the mount dropped. Rolls were done and I had the highest but our Master Looter (and the raids Main Tank) had not given me the mount. He was claiming some issues in looting it to me, which was total BS, and the whole raid was yelling at him in vent. He ONLY gave it to me after the Guild Leader came into our vent channel to congratulate me for snagging it and reminding the now-former Master Looter (he was forced to give Master looter to one of my IRL friends) that his spot for the Gruuls raid may be in jeopardy if I didn't get the mount. No other raid guild on the server would take him in after some antics in Vanilla so he finally looted it to me.

    BEST TIMED RUN, EVER: Bronze Drake
    It was a late night and I was bumming around Dalaran after the dailies reset when there was a party needing a healer for the daily Heroic, Culling of Strat. This was just before Ulduar and I was decently geared (Heroic dungeon epics and some gear I got from Naxx/OS 10/25 pugs) so I joined up. We got into the dungeon without a problem and started in. Just as first boss spawned a message for Server Restart appeared. We had not discussed doing a timed run, which I had healed several times but never got the mount, and everyone just agreed to give it a shot. We had 15m to get the run done and maybe 14 left on the boss timer. We BLEW though everything, no looting and barely hitting the need/greed buttons as we downed bosses. We had less than 4 minutes after we got to the gauntlet that I told the tank, a Paladin, to just grab everything and keep aggro and I will keep him alive. With the Mage, Warlock, and Hunter AOE we got to the mini boss with a minute to spare, 2 on the restart, and I popped Heroism and my Elementals. He died with seconds to spair and then everyone hit NEED on the mount... and I won just as the servers went down. After the restart I checked my bags and for a second it didnt look like I had gotten it until I see a little dragon head and clicked it. Yeah I was happy as hell about that but never did get the daily done.

    The Last thing I won from VoA25: Grand Black War Mammoth
    Another day of constant fighting for Wintergrasp with Alliance losing until mid-afternoon. I was in a new guild and most of us got into a 25m VoA run after finally reclaiming it. Things went well as to be expected, some idiots dying in fire, adds not getting controlled, and a noob hunter MD'ing everything to his pet (that was funny the first time). We downed Emalon and the Black War Mammoth dropped. Somehow I got a 98 and nobody was even close and the ML did not do what had happened a week or so back to one of my guildies, he gave me the mount and didn't ninja it. Alas that was the last thing I won from a 25m VoA. It was either given to nub shamans, inferior loot to what I had, or no shaman gear dropped at all.

    All I got from LFD: Blue Protodrake
    Looking for Dungeon just went live and I was messing with a elemental spec and gave it a roll. Got into Utgarde Pinnacle with a good group. Discussions were made about doing some achievements with Skadi since it was pretty easy to do at that time. I had no problems with it and we made the perpetration with snagging the spears and reseting everything. I think someone cracked a joke about the drake dropping as we were AoE'ing the mobs down. Sure enough it did and I won. It was the only time that I had ever seen the mount and one of the dps was cursing up a storm since he had seen it serveral times but never won it.

    It wasn't even a Mount run: Rivendare's Deathcharger
    Before Titles went account bound I wanted some unique ones for some of my characters. My Druid got the Guardian of Cenarius, my shaman had most of the seasonal titles with a few raid titles, and I wanted the Argent Defender for my pally. It was a few weeks before the Cata patch was going to go live (where Argent Dawn rep was to be much easier) but I want to get it done before that. I would farm most of the bosses in Strat for the rep and kill Rivendare for fun since I knew that the odds of getting the mount were staggering. Hell I had a guildmate that spends he weekends farming Strat ever hour he could but to no avail. Well my goal was insight and my Argent Dawn rep was less than 1 run from Exalted and I decided to get it done and after killing the ghoul mayor I got my title. I had completed the goal and decided to make a run on the Baron for the hell of it. It was a good choice since the mount had decided to grace me with its appearance. My guild was laughing at the event save for the one that was farming Strat earlier whom just gave me a cold shoulder.

    Yeah he must have hated me for that: Violet Protodrake
    It took a year but I was about to finish "A Long Strange Trip" but for the life of me getting "Let it Snow" was a PAIN. Blood Elf warlocks were not as common on my server as they are now so finding one in Dalaran was next to imposable. Finally frustration led me to do some battlegrounds with my friends until my guild leader yelled at me to get to Lumber Mill as fast as I could, he had found a blood elf Warlock. I got there in time to get feared, sheeped, and death gripped all of the damn place but somehow managed to get a target on the blood elf and let loose a snowflake before I died. Oh vent was a riot of laughter when I got the final achievement. That warlock might not have been that happy about it since he made it a point to come after me the rest of the match regardless of the circumstances.

    Never got it on my Main until Account-Bound
    My shaman is my main character but alas luck can be a fickle mistress. No matter how many times I would run Brewfest the mount never dropped nor was in in my satchels when they made that change. My Druid got the kodo and my Paladin got the ram.... several times over (like every damn bag for 3 years!). Hallow's End was a pain. Before Pandaria, I had 5 max level characters and it was my Alliance Mage that got the mount and I only ran it once with her after hitting 85.

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    Got Ashes yesterday after several months of farming on multiple toons, and then decided today I wanted to start farming Malygos for the Azure drake. Looted it on the third clear today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    Only one still on my wishlist is onyxian drake. Killed it countless times, but no..
    I got invited to heal a twink group for my guild (I was on my 90 priest, they were 80-84) for Ony. First time being in there since they added the mount and bumped the level from 60. Mount dropped, I won the roll :-) So many pissed off people in that group lol. I made a video of me learning it, mounting on it, and ony-teabagging my GM in SW, then posted it to our forums. Oh, how I love feeding on the tears! :-P

    Granted, by the time I stopped playing WoW, I still didn't have the Kara mount, ashes, or the white chocobo, though I did get the phoenix hatchling. And those were just the ones I was going after, there are several rare mounts I don't have.
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    I may have already posted it in here but...

    I tried camping TLPD back in Wrath for a month and gave up. Storm Peaks still had a fair bit of traffic back then and it took me weeks to even kill Vyragosa, never so much as saw the corpse of TLPD. Then weeks later I was flying through on my way to a daily when NPCScan goes off. I nearly have a heart attack, race over and see him already in combat.

    I thought it was all over but then I notice he's wailing on some guy in the air and isn't tagged yet. The guy was afk! I dismounted in the air and KSed on the way down to tag him. Nearly died from the fall... only just killed him before he killed me.
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    I've been camping Aeonaxx on and off for months. When I say months I mean since mid Cata and when I say camping I really just mean when I'm absolutely bored or want to watch some stuff on Youtube, I'll log over to my DK I leave parked out there just in case.

    I've been hanging around a NW camp spot most of the time and in the last month or so I've seen him a few times, but he was always already mounted and either full HP or had just been started on. So I figured it made sense to move more towards the SW since he kept coming from there (I know RNG is RNG but it just felt right).

    Last night (technically this morning) I was hovering, the usual people flying past telling me to shoo or wanting to know what I've seen recently but it was pretty much just me out there in LoS. I'd planned to hit bed at 2am SVT but I just wasn't sleepy, so I had been doing some PvP on and off and actually alt+tabbed to come and check out MMOC. 2:22am the drums blare, all of the recent 'false alarms' had my response time pretty relaxed until I saw it was an unmounted Aeonaxx directly below me! Then begins the dreaded scramble. Will I get there first? Who else is here I haven't seen? What happens if it bugs and I just fall? Alas, I arrived first, mounted successfully and had the beast slain before I saw a single whelp. As I was looting my mount I saw opposing faction over head and instantly got a friend request with the note 'damn you '. I mounted and continued to do giddy back flips in Deepholm for about 30 minutes before calling it a night.

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    My stories consist of...

    Blue Proto Drake x2 - Both Lost, one to my best friend who beat me by 6, and one to a pug.

    The Drake from Vortex Pinnacle - I rolled a 1.

    Onys Drake - Raid/Guild leader took it for himself in Wrath.

    Invincibles reigns - Ninja'd by guy leading the PuG in Cataclysm, he was banned though.

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    Alright, time for a post here.

    *Swift Zulian Raptor - I had a very interesting connection to ZG, and I farmed it on and off until the old version was removed from the game. It's one of those cases where I did it with several partners (always me and another person) and we would farm it every week for a couple of months, then my partner lost interest, so I sorta forgot about it. Then I found another person to do it with, and this pattern continued, and I had in total 2 or 3 different people I ran it with before I started doing it with my closest IRL-friend. It was one of those days where we cleared it by default, no expectations, no hopes, just a "get in there, get it done"-kind of run. The difference to most other runs was that the raptor dropped this time. My friend had gotten Raven Lord a few days earlier, and we had a system where we would get every other mount, so he had to pass the raptor to me. Was really happy that I got it, and it's now one of my used ground mounts, mostly because you can't obtain it anymore. It was the only time I saw a mount drop in ZG out of maybe ~120-130 clears on different chars. Too bad I never got the tiger.

    *Grand Black War Mammoth - Has an interesting story to it, because I met a friend through this mount. Was doing VoA10 on my Paladin-alt, did it every now and then hoping for some gear, but this time the mount dropped. It was the first time I saw it, and I rolled the highest. It felt weird because I was never a big fan of the mammoth mounts, so this wasn't a mount I would have farmed, and it was on my alt, so I was pretty surprised. A mage from the group whispered me and asked if he could buy it for 20 000 Gold, and I said "sure", but it turns out he was just joking and didn't have that much gold. Still, we started talking and became pretty close friends, and it was really cool. Now I appreciate the mount more since I can have it on all characters, but I very rarely use it, unless people need a lift or something.

    *Swift White Hawkstrider - This was during a period of WotLK when I had a routine on my Priest of doing the Shattered Sun dailies and MGT HC every day, hoping for the mount. I got the phoenix pet on the second run, and saw it maybe 2 or 3 times in the next 5 runs. I remember that I was in a bit of a hurry one day and had just finished the dailies, but I only needed a few hundred worth of rep before hitting Exalted, so I decided that I would do the HC very fast. And what do you know, the mount dropped, AND I hit exalted as well. I loved the look of the mount ever since I first saw it in TBC. The difference was that I played Alliance back then, and have played Horde since WotLK, so while the mount isn't as "exclusive" as a horde (because there are other hawkstriders), I still love the coloring of it.

    *Raven Lord - One of the mounts I wanted the most. Had farmed it for a while with different druids, and that was back when you needed a druid to summon Anzu. Had to pay one of my partners 200g per run, which probably went up to 4-5k gold before I stopped doing it with him, and with no luck. Eventually I got the mount, I believe I did it solo that time (after they removed the need for a druid). Was really happy, I still love the mount even though many people have it. Another funny fact is that "24" seems to be my lucky number. I got both Raven Lord, Swift Zulian Raptor AND the Black War Mammoth on day 24 in different months, pretty cool.

    *Armored Razzashi Raptor - Saw this one drop from the 5-man Zul Gurub and was lucky enough to win it. Didn't like the look of it that much compared to the original, but it was pretty cool that I won it. Didn't see it drop after that, and never saw the panther drop either.

    *Azure Drake Mount - One of my most recent additions. Was doing some oldschool raids with a friend just for fun. We did OS10+3D, and he got the black drake mount. We then headed off to Naxxramas where he continued to be lucky and won two pets (one from Maexxna and one from Loatheb), and I was starting to feel like this wasn't my night. We were just about to turn WoW off to play some L4D2 instead, but since we were in Northrend after all, I suggested trying Malygos. I had no idea how the fight would be at 90 since I remember the last phase being somewhat unique. We wiped two times, being rusty and just failing really. Third try we managed to almost nuke him down before the last phase, and eventually got him down. The mount dropped and I won it. Was later surprised when I saw it only had 4% droprate or something. I thought they had buffed it since WotLK, but I guess I was really lucky winning it. As for losing the black drake, I went back this week and got it for myself.

    I also have the Brewfest-mounts, the one from Halloween and a few others that might be considered "rare", but since they are more common than the ones I listed, I wont bother writing about them. And I do feel slightly annoyed that I have never gotten Baron Rivendare's mount. I've done over 1000 Stratholme runs (most back in TBC/WotLK), and I just lost interest in doing it. That place literally killed me. Maybe I'll get it from the exotic bag one day or something.

    As of now, I'm still farming Tempest Keep, Karazhan and Onyxia on a weekly basis, with a few Utgarde Pinnacle runs whenever I feel like it.

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    Few weeks back, power leveled with a mate from 80 to 85, he only had cata at the time so he was getting all chars to 85 ready for mop, so I said I'd run both my 80 alts with him,

    on my 2nd alt we were running cata dungeons, and we both hit 82, now it was late as I took a break to go training and he went a diff char, so when I got back we resumed and headed into vp/sc anyways were both only dpsing this time, and I put my hands up, I was tired and not concentrating, I Fell behind a tiny bit and they started the first boss, couldn't get inside the area quick enough tornados killed me, so I said "my bad, but really in future you should consider making sure everyone is here" since they were all in normal quest gear and no looms I just presumed they were new players, turns out they were the same guild and arrogant, defiantly gobby teens, so I got kicked, as it happens me and my mate aren't in the same guild so they didn't know we were togeather, 10 mins later he wisps and says I GOT THE MOUNT, and the son of a bitch got it,

    What annoyed me more was, my mate has no interest in mounts and has always said he will give them to me, so yea I was pissed a bit, but laughed when he told me he told the group he was a mate of mine and would of given it to me, but since he can't he'd destroy it, apparently they raged at him and kicked him

    ---------- Post added 2013-04-04 at 05:07 PM ----------

    Well, I've been lucky in the past before with the VOA grand black war one, Ive been in on three toons, and won it on all three, each time that toon was my main for that patch so I learnt it,

    Now when I go on a alt some place to raid, then I have no interest in mounts, well at the time that was the mentality anyways, I won the azure drake, gave it to a mate, saw Anzu drop, passed on it, and there was another one but can't remember which one now, needless to say, now Im pissed always happens to the nice guys right

    but lol talking about the deathcharger, I go through periods where I'll farm it for a few hours, log off come back tomorrow do the same, then wont do it for a few months rinse and repeat, now was one of these times I was grinding solid, and a random level 52 or something wisped me and asked was I running strath, so I replied yes, mount runs and grinding cloth, as it happens my bags were getting full of cloth,

    so he said, can I come along please, so I said sure why not and I said keep what you pick up Im almost full, so yea Im max leveling, boosting him for free and letting him keep cloth and any drops, cloth at the time was going 16g or something a stack in the ah so a tidy lil profit,

    as in we get in, I go, right Im putting ML on, when we get to him, just a heads up mount is mine, sword is mine (on a DK so yea I wanted the sword too )

    Anyways he starts complaing "DUDE THATS NOT FAIR, IM HERE WITH YOU" so after him spending 20 minutes bitching and complaining he didn't get a chance at the mount he finally shut up and just kept going, we went in about 7 times, having to wait for the internal debuff thing to wear off, and on the last run the sword dropped and he played hell I took it while he was level 55 or w/e he hit from being boosted,

    Anyways that was enough for that day, came back the next day, and there he is, waiting for me at strath bombarding me with wisps, I put up with that shit for 4 days being polite until I told him I finished running the mount, month later or so I went back in, and BANG straight away he appears from no where asking to come with me and he had hit level 72 needless to say I wasn't polite any more

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    Players like that can be annoying, luckily I haven't met too many of them. If you boost someone, they should be happy with that. There are people who would go as far as saying "all loot is mine, I'll sell it for profit", but reserving the mount and the sword, and letting him have everything else.. it's free XP that requires no effort from his side. I would probably have kicked a person like that, and I'm pretty nice towards other people.

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    Swift White Hawkstrider, first try.

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    My friend got ashes of alar on his first try. He actually didn't realize he had it in his bags until the very next day...

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    Not a drop for me (but I'm really jelly) but for one of the tanks in my guild.

    Yesterday, me and my guild went for the Sha of Anger guild achievement, and when Sha just died, we just heard a whisper in teamspeak, saying "I got the mount, and I can't fly with it cause I'm not exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent.
    At first, we did not believe in him, cause he said he used it right away, but when I'm now looking at his armory - he was not lying to us.

    Damn you, Steelblood, I am very jelly on you!
    Armory for proof:

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    Needless to say that he wasn't there when I landed, hm?
    Oh you, CRZ.

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    Caught a little of the mount collecting bug these past couple of weeks. Mostly grinding Argent Tournament for the mounts (will be done with both factions grinds and have all mounts and pets by the end of April). But I was thinking about where to go next with my mount hunter characters. Found out that they relaxed the "Raid" requirement for solo players so that people can get into older raids without having to be in a raid. So I thought I would hit up Ahn'Qiraj seeing how those would be the easiest dungeon mounts to farm. Got the regular battle tanks pretty quick of the first 11 trash mobs, and decided to stick around for a few more trash runs until the # of dungeons per hour limit hit. Well. rare or not, the red battle tank dropped somewhere between the 10th and 12th trash clear. Was pleasantly surprised.

    My other good fortune happened the next day (this past Sunday). Decided to see if I could solo heroic Utgarde Pinnacle (Skaldi). Didn't expect much, just a testing of the waters on my 87 level mage to see if this was easily farmable. First solo run through and the blue proto drake drops . Couldn't believe it.

    The only other easily farmable mounts left on my list are Fiery Warhorse from Attumen and Rivendare's Charger. I don't think I have the patience or gear to try Kael'thas, Malygos, or Sartharian just yet.

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    I can remember back in Wrath showing a young newbie friend of mine where to get Rivendare. He had ofc rolled a DK like all the younguns who wanna look mean. I took him through Stratholme and upon killing Lord Rivendare i explained that he drops a rare mount with an insanely low drop rate. Then i told him about just how many times id been running through Stratholme when i had some spare time in the hope id get this damn tough mount... ofc it never happened.

    Then i kid u not, the VERY NEXT DAY, i saw my newbie friend in Org sitting on Rivendares Deathcharger!

    Apparently the very next time he ran Stratholme the mount dropped for him.. and yes i was gutted!!

    And u know what, the story gets worse!!!

    About a week after that i saw my newbie friend running round as a Paladin, so i had to ask him if he was changing main... he then proceeded to tell me how he had got bored of his DK and deleted him cos he wanted to play Pally now!!!!

    i mean, WTF!?!??!?

    NOTE: i never did get Rivendares mount

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    Been trying to get the Ravenlord for years now. I Ran Magisters Terrace once and got a mount from Kael. Killed Malygos for the first time last week, got the Azure drake - killed him again this week, got the blue drake. I seem to be lucky, yet I never get the stuff I actually really wish for.
    Maybe if I stopped wanting it, it'd drop immediately. :/

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    Camped him for around 60 hours straight, and then went to school. We were finished early from school, or i was sick, i dont remember, but i got home early, so i logged on, and aeonaxx spawned in front of me.

    Time lost proto drake
    He just popped up in front of me, and ive seen him three times after that.

    Ashes of Al'ar
    farmed three times with a friend, since he had it from before, i got it

    Reins of the White polar bear
    Was farming it every day for maybe 7 days, until i just cba to do the quests, so i just did it one last time, and it dropped.

    Flametalon of Alyzrasor

    dropped during a normal FL raid, and the raidroll landed on me. wii

    Probably some more stories, but i dont remember.

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