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    RNG can be a kind yet a cruel mistress at the same time. Here is a few mount tales I remember most vividly.

    The Time-Lost Proto Drake - Obtained Feburary 2011 (Can't find exact screenshot date will update if I can)

    A friend of mine got this early in Wrath after it literally spawned on him, as he flew past unknowingly one of the spawn points. I camped this on and off through Wrath but I never ever saw Vyragosa until Cata, let alone the TLPD. Eventually I saw it for the first time, dead, after finishing a dungeon as I entered from near the waterfall spawn. About a week later I queued for TB which ended up being a loss, and made my way back to Storm Peaks, only for NPC Scan to sound again but this time it was alive. Praying that no one would attack I was able to tag and loot it. I was later informed by a friend of mine that a Horde friend of his arrived 30 seconds after I did.

    Aeonaxx / Phosphorescent Stone Drake - Obtained 20th August 2011

    This seemed to have almost unbelievable luck but still very proud of this one. I admit I did not really camp Aeonaxx, I just checked the spawn points each day before heading off to the daily area at the top of Deepholm. I was just about to click the portal out of laziness but decided to check the spawns. When moving to the top left one npc scan suddenly thundered onto the screen and I scampered to jump on. I managed to get on, then kill it and collect my prize. I killed it around the crystal area where would find Jadefang, which also sounded from NPC scan as soon as I landed.

    Swift Razzashi Raptor - Old ZG - Obtained 19th April 2010

    I farmed this twice each reset with my friend to never see any drop from either boss for a long time. I saw the Raptor twice before, but this was with guild runs with 15 or more people in, leading me to actually believe the drop rate was linked to the amount of players that killed the boss in the raid. A month or two down the line however I was proved wrong as a Raptor did indeed drop with just me and my friend in. I won with a roll of around 65. No more dropped and although my favourite mount in the entire game did not drop (The Swift Zulian Tiger) I was still extremely satisfied with the raptor.

    Few others include finding a real camel figurine from Sanctum of the Stars by the obelisk, figurine number 6 in total. Deathcharger from Stratholme took 113 attempts with the old box trick which was patched 2 days after I got it. Rolling 97 for the Grand Black VoA Mammoth and rolling 100 on the Twilight Drake from a full OS 25 3D Zerg from Trade back in Wrath.

    Now for the dark side of RNG.

    Ashes of A'lar however still seems to elude me. I've killed Kael-Thas on my main 80 times (according to statistics anyway) and quite a few times on my alts but have not seen it drop just yet. I'm also actively trying to farm the Flametalon from solo attempts each week for the past few months, hopefully that is not too far from round the corner either. I also lost the Blue Drake from an EoE 10 run, when me and the last person to roll both rolled 91. After the reroll he rolled 97 and I rolled 17. The Headless Horseman mount refuses to drop for me after 4 Hallow's End events, did not see a drop with the old loot system and nothing so far with the new one and still taunted about not having it each day.

    As for those still farming mounts, your time will come soon, be persistent and eventually the RNG stars will align.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proxiz View Post
    Talk about lame luck

    O_o o_O
    You should buy a lottery ticket, imo.

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    My friend is the luckiest player I know. She had Ashes week after it dropped for me, got Onyxia the day after it dropped to my friend. She asked me to go to EoE with her because mounts drop anyways and she has them all, I went and got Azure. I threw her a challenge to run Utgarde Pinnacle to see what happens. She gets the mount on her first_UP_ever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pie Eater View Post
    Have you read the planned frost mage "nerfs" ?!? It's like nerfing a hangman's rope by coloring it blue.
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    3k gold right off the bat, about 5 silver a week later.

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    Got Invincible, Ashes of Alar and Ravenlord all on the same day..........I had about 16 redbull's that day.

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    I Challange you to beat this one, Sea turtle, Fiery Warhorse's Reins and Reins of the Onyxian Drake in under 1h. Can't really prove that it's done in under 1h but it's 2.08 am so max ammount of time that could have passed is 2h.

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    Does Geosynchronous World Spinner from a Blingtron box count as a rare mount story? I know they can be crafted but they seem pretty uncommon in general.

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    Bought celestial steed. Still using it

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    First time I ever visited Kara to do mountfarming on the horsemen, I got it was sooooo happy!

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    After literally years of farming, having 10 alts doing Tempest Keep each week i finally got Ashes of Alar

    Im doing the happy dance not because i now have the mount but because i never have to do that god damn boss ever again

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    I was doing Tol'vir archaelogy for the ultramarine tank when my npcscan popped up for a camel statue. I went to click for it and it was the right one, taking me to the boss and after easily killing it I got the best title (Camel hoarder) and a neat camel! Not long after that while still farming for ultramarine, I got it too! Also, first run in mop to onyxia's lair and got the mount from there too =D

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    On my old account, got Raven Lord and White Hawkstrider same day. :3

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    Went into VoA the other day for the first time in ages. Mammoth drops off 1st boss. Flamtalon dropped first time I did Alysrazor.

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    New so cant post screenies or links, but my toon is Zíra on Twisting Nether if you wanna check :P

    Was new to the game, and I saw a guy fishing. I asked how he did that and why. He replied he was farming a sea turtle and that i could learn fishing at a trainer in orgrimmar. Went and learned fishing and headed back to him. Got the turtle at fishing skill 27.

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    Raven lord story
    I had just lvled my druid to 80 back in wotl and thought, hmmmm i should do farm for the raven lord. I went there, killed him and it dropped and i got disappointed thinking it had gotten an 100% drop, so i had to check wowhead to confirm, when i found out it still was 1% drop i got VERY happy
    Scepter of Azj'Aqir, WHILE i was lvling archeology i got it, on 6th or 7th tolvir solve, i was lost for words and its been my ground mount of every char since
    300kills later...still no Baron mount Q_Q

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishmad View Post
    On my old account, got Raven Lord and White Hawkstrider same day. :3
    I got the White Hawkstrider and then Fiery Warhorse about 10 minutes apart.
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    4 mounts so far today. Ony, Ashes, Raven Lord & Warhorse. I just put the lottery on...

    i.imgur(dot)com/SYeaiFm(dot)jpg - cant post images yet

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    I know it's not a rare mount, but to me it feels like one.

    I'm one warsong flag away from the Violet Protodrake. I just need a group willing enough to let me click on a enemy dropped flag @_@

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    Back during BC, I farmed the heck out of Stratholm on my Druid to get the Baron's Deathcharger, as it was at the time, the only skeletal horse a Tauren could ride. When Wrath came around during the pre-wrath patch where we got new skills, the achievement system, ect, I decided to give it a try, and it dropped on the first kill. So whenever people brag about mounts dropping on their first kill, I can point at my achievement tally that shows I've only killed the Baron once, and that I've got the mount. >.> Totally counts, right?

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    Logged on World of Warcraft, having never killed Zandalari Warbringers, see one by luck. Go kill him, rare mount drops. Pretty sucessfull day

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    This is the bulk of my rare mount 'stories'.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryttge View Post

    I Challange you to beat this one, Sea turtle, Fiery Warhorse's Reins and Reins of the Onyxian Drake in under 1h. Can't really prove that it's done in under 1h but it's 2.08 am so max ammount of time that could have passed is 2h.

    Not quite your luck but pretty darn decent for a couple of hours.

    Got a mount on my first Warbringer kill, 2nd one on the 4th or 5th kill and finally got my 3rd one about a week ago after countless kills, working on my 3rd Egg Raptor while collecting bones for the white one (+-6k atm).
    Also, just yesterday I got my archy Battle Tank after a 5 day grind, nearly had a heart attack when it popped...

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