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    just got mechano hog from blingtron, loool

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    Onyxian Drake, girlfriend and I decided to do it after I hadn't soloed it in 2-3 years, we do it and the mount drops first time since 3 years. We were amazed and I was glad because it had been a mount I've always wanted ever since Anniversary.

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    Went to go solo Malygos 10 to get Black Ice for transmog but sadly it didn't drop instead I got the Azure drake my first time running it. The next week I tried again and the same thing happened, which make me a little sad since I never have this kind of luck druning my raid nights -.-
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    first time I ran old school ZG on my rogue I got both mounts same run :P... then got swift white hawkstrider 4 days later....... was amusing since I was trading Druid mount runs for ZG/MT Hc runs with a m8 xD

    http : // / 65d0z4 . jpg

    http : // / wow / en / character / nagrand / R%C3%ADn / achievement#81

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    My little slice-o-luck: Trolling around Northrend looking for the Unborn Val'kyr when I crossed into Storm Peaks and NPC scan goes off telling me the Time-Lost Proto is near...and joygasm of joygasms the thing is ALIVE and UNTAGGED. Needless to say, I now have a new proto-drake in my stable! *fist-pump*

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    Sea Turtle - A friend in guild vent was talking about it one day and saying he had fished in over 2k pools and still had not seen it drop. About an hour later we were getting people together for Ulduar raid. Since I couldnt do dailies anymore and the previous discussion in my mind, I decide to go fishing en route. First cast, fish... Second cast, achievement goes off in Guild and that guy started going off about "OMG I hate you!" To throw salt on his wounds, I used it as my mount going to the first four bosses and Fraya ^^
    Rivendare's Deathcharger - Ran Stratholm for Argent Dawn rep prior to WOTLK. Got on 2nd run.

    Now if I could just get lucky wish Ashes and Fiery Warhorse

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    Ashes of Alar: Now, there's a bit of a back story to this. My ex and I used to go kill Kael'thas 5x a week, for about 4 months, to try to get her the Ashes. After we broke up, I stopped going there for a few months. A few weeks ago, a few friends were showing theirs off, so I decided, why not, might as well try to get it. I take my mage in, and down him, and lo and behold, my first attempt that would've actually gotten me the mount, and it drops. Even better, she was online on the one character which she hadn't changed guilds with.

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    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    Deathcharger's Reins after 216 Stratholme runs, yay...

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    Went for the polar bear mount for the umpteenth time one day back in Cata and wound up with the time-lost proto-drake . Took me another few months to finally get the polar bear.

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    Back in Wrath, I ran a random and won the roll on the Blue Protodrake. In Cata, I was flying into Deepholm to get Jadefang on my hunter and Aeonaxx spawned in front of me! I also managed to scoop up a Raven Lord on my 5th run through Sethekk, and a White Hawkstrider on the 4th try in MgT. Recently got a Direhorn off the Warbringers in Pandaria. Been trying for Alar, Baron's horse, Midnight, Ony, and the two instance stone drakes from Cata for months now. I enjoy the excitement of farming mounts!

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    Started a few weeks late on Wotlk, was in a guild where pretty much everybody hated me for saying the truth. Got to 80, no help whatsoever, when two guys in the guild started asking if anyone wanted to run some heroics.
    As there were just another 3 people online, including me, everyone entered a group, and we headed to Pinnacle. Group was me (in greens) and 4 guys that hated me in epics.
    We reached Skadi, I didn't knew the fight and ended up dieing in the first whirlwind.
    They kill, blue proto drops, I roll and win. I guess it was the server first for that mount lol

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    I got a couple funny mount stories. I'm always very lucky with mount drops.

    Back in cata I camped the Phosphorescent Stone Drake with my level 70 Priest. After days of camping the mount finally spawned. I mass summoned a level 85 friend to kill the rare spawn for me.

    I managed to fish up the Sea Turtle in no more than 20-30 casts with a fishing skill of 60

    I also managed to get the Reins of the Onyxian Drake this week. Apparently the mount itself requires Artisan Riding (to be learned). I had to farm the 5k for artisan riding because I didn't leave any gold with my alt priest before I xferd my main priest off the server.

    On a side note the Raven Lord Mount dropped for my level 70 druid after 5 or 6 days of farming and Ashes of Al'ar dropped for my 90 priest after 7 or 8 solo kills.
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    This was yesterday after a rotten RNG streak for runes on the legendary quest 6 bosses only one rune off Lei Shin stuck at 10 of 12 now, I ran my usual solo 10m shots of Ony and Kael and both gave buttkiss, flew up to do Maly 10m and I wasn't even feeling it to do the fight right 1-1-2-3, screwed the rotation up a bit thought I'd die around 3% but somehow I pulled one outta my arse, Maly dies and reins of the Azure Drake drops. This made up for the lack of runes dropping in ToT.

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    The greatest thing happend me and my friend.
    It was just me and him and we decided to do Sethekk Halls to see if we had any luck, we were both 85 if i remember correctly. I had never done Sethekk Halls before on any character and neither had my buddy. We killed Anzu and the mount dropped just like our jaws did. My friend won it and of course I was a little sad, but the story isn't over; we went back the next day just for laughs and, what do you know, the mount dropped again... Two days, two mounts. The first time ever any of us actually did that dungeon. So now we both have the Raven Lord

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    Just got back to the game , logged in , clicked my /target Aeonaxx macro and poof! Aeonaxx. Downed him and got my mount
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    I'm pissed off. Just did a HD satchel run looked at my loot saw purple (!!!!!!!) and then realized I HAVE IT ALREADY.

    Reins of the Blue Drake. I got it from an occy fail bag in Wrath.

    It HURT to delete it.
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    You know what happened when i started playing in TBC in 2.1 and rolled ret as my first char? Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret You know what i was saying in a few months? Lol hows kara? Then I cleared BT/SW while they followed behind me sniffing my gloriously rosey turds.

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    Rivendare's mount dropped to me on my first run, was going there for the elders and decided to kill it and dropped it , ZG mounts tho the old ones, farmed 2 years and nothing dropped.

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    I'm actually decently lucky when it comes to mounts:

    Swift White Hawkstrider: I farmed up at least 6 seperate ones for all of my toons before mounts were accountwide, my rogue actually had 4 at one time because i was farming the orb (one learned, one in bank, one in bags and one in a loot window).

    Raven Lord: Seven attempts total and it dropped

    Firey Warhorse: Never really wanted the mount, but would farm it for the thrill of possibly getting a mount. Took me a few months of attempts (off and on not every lockout) One day i decided to just do it on every toon i had at resonably max level, 80+ and managed to get it on of all things my hpal (Friend actually got it on his hpal same day, then 30 minutes later got the ony drake).

    Ashes: Took me about 3 months of attempts and had a friend who ran with me every time, would pass if it dropped, dropped like a month ago and i still use it on almost every one of my toons.

    Blue Protodrake: IMO luckiest by far, during Wrath i leveled my first ever toon (a paladin) as ret. At 77 i switched to tanking by making the cobalt crafted set. I did well, however my first heroic i ever tanked was Utgarde Pinnacle. Bam, blue proto drops, i beat a 98 roll with a flat 100. Didn't have the flying, had to borrow the 5k, (seemed like a fortune at the time).

    Grand Black War Mammoth: I still consider this lucky, rolled a 98 to beat the entire raid group back in wotlk.

    Spawn of Horridon: My latest string of "luck", dropped in our raid group after we had the entire place on farm, rolled a 96 and won it (was awesome because i never had luck with warbringers).

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