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    follower on/off trick on crafting building

    want to know details of the assigned to crafting building follower mechanics. for simlicity lets decide that follower doubles production of this building. so how it really works when i put follower on building for 3 hours. then off building to 8 hour mission. then again 6 hour building etc. what he double exactly in this case? do follower doubles of one order production if was on building full 4 hours since order start? i am interested in general mechanics and in tricks like you can sent follower to garden 5 minutes before dailys reset. chose herbs you need. gather herbs 5 mins later and then put follower off garden to missions again.

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    If a follower is ''working'' in the building right before the WO finishes, he will affect the yield.
    In your case, he will affect those 1-3 WOs that happen to end in the 6 hour window in the end. He will also affect any other WOs that end while he is in the initial 3 hours.

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    am i understand right taht if i put follower for 2 mins when WO timer ends then i receive full folower bonus for that WO? and all other time i can do missions with taht follower. thank you!

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