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    WoD Profession Drops 7.1

    Random question;
    Does anyone know if they fixed the WoD profession drops? I'm asking about the scrolls that teach you the professions. I want to putter around on Draenor with my DH and get some of the garrison achieves and prof items I never bothered with during WoD as I wasn't playing much. But when I went back on my main to do some of that with their profs, once you've learned the Legion level it triggers the WoD level as "unlearned" and you get the stupid scroll drops every single time you attempt to gather anything.

    Anybody know if they fixed this in 7.1?
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    I'm still too scarred to go back to Draenor... sorry.

    I'm working my way up to spending Sunday after next in my garrison leveling pets with Squirt during the pet battle week. Ye gods.

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