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    Wishes I had known about this thread earlier......

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    Finally a list, which tells me where to farm!!
    I've been looking for this for ages!!

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    this was very helpful

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    bubble shooter

    Ooh I like this game it's so great

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    Would be awesome if this got updated for pandaria.

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    Awesome thread.

    Last night I got my 32nd Canopic Jar on my Alchemy alt. No recipe. I've levelled her from 85 to halway through 89 now almost exclusively from Arch. In fact I was watching and I got over 30% of 88-89 last week without getting a single Tol'Vir site.

    Either the Vial recipe should be BoA, or the Pandaria crates should be. My main has gotten so many Canopic Jars and they're such a waste QQ.
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    Thanks rudax!!!

    I really appreciate it.....

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    is it better to farm pandaria sites and turn them in for tolvir?

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    if u have this mantid thingy i belive yea its faster to just dig mantid and turn them

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