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    Mysterious Fortune Cards - INSANE gold with Inscription!

    I recently found a way to make a very large amount of gold for a very short time investment with Inscription.

    Things you will need

    • 485 Inscription
    • Virtuoso Inking Set (duh :P)
    • Lots of Resilient Parchment
    • Lots of Blackfallow Ink
    • An unknown/new bank alt that has no connection with your main.* (Explanation at the bottom of this post.)
    • Some starting gold

    IMPORTANT: What you want to do first is check what prices "Mysterious Fortune Card" are going for at your Auction House. If it is less than what 1 Blackfallow Ink costs, don't bother doing this, you will only lose gold.

    The Setup

    Start out by opening your macro screen by pressing M. It will look like this:

    Click on "New" and give your macro any name and icon you want.

    In the "Enter Macro Commands:" box, type in this:

    /2 Mysterious Fortune Card now on sale at the Auction House! Buy them for X gold and stand a chance to get the 5000g vendor value Fortune Card!

    If "/2" is not your Trade Chat channel number, change it to whatever your Trade Chat number is.
    At "X gold" insert whatever amount you are selling them for. Between 100g and 200g is a good price, although you can push it to 300g each if you are the only one selling them.

    The Crafting

    Log your Scribe (yes, it's Scribe, not inscriptionist/inscriptioner) and buy out some Blackfallow Ink, and run to the Inscription Vendor. Buy the same amount of Resilient Parchment as the amount of Blackfallow Ink you have, and start crafting Mysterious Fortune Cards.

    You can also choose to Mill the cheapest Cataclysm herb on your realm for Ashen Pigment (2 Ashen Pigment = 1 Blackfallow Ink) and turn those into Blackfallow Ink, instead of straight up buying the Blackfallow Ink.

    20 Herbs = 4 Mills = 2-3 Ashen Pigment per Mill = 8-12 Ashen Pigment + a few Burning Pigment.

    Once you are done crafting, mail all the cards you made to your new bank alt and post them up on the Auction House. (Make sure if there is any competition that you list them for slightly cheaper but NOT too much, otherwise the market will crash like on my server.)

    Before you click your macro you will want to type this into your chat box, or make a specific macro for it:

    /dnd If you are whispering me because you didn't get the 5000g card, please note that it is only a CHANCE to get it as said by my macro earlier. If you don't believe that you can get a 5000g vendor value card from Mysterious Fortune Cards, check www.wowhead.com for confirmation on the loot table.

    Then click your macro and watch the gold roll in.

    Ze Gold! Where is ze gold!

    My sales after a few minutes, and this is not all of them:

    In total over 2 or 3 hour's worth of hitting my macro, I made a grand total profit of 60 000g. That's over 20 000g an hour!

    Remember to do this at peak times when there are many players online (13:00-18:00) to get the maximum profit. Don't do this when there is nobody online! You will not only NOT sell anything, others might also try and make some gold and undercut you!

    Other stuff you will probably not read

    Please note: This is NOT bannable and is NOT a casino, which is against Blizzards EULA (End User License Agreement, that thing that nobody reads). You are merely selling an item that has a chance (albeit small) to give you a card that vendors for a ton of gold.

    Here's a list from WoWhead of all the cards you can possibly get from using the Mysterious Fortune Card:

    * The reason for having an unknown bank alt is that people really do not understand what "chance" means. They might buy 1 card expecting to get 5000g, and when they don't get it they QQ at you for "lying" to them. They might not let it go and might annoy you on your main character. So create a new bank alt if people know your current one is you.
    When creating a bank alt, DO NOT call it anything that might link that character to your main. For example if your main is called "Beefsteak", don't call your bank alt "Beefsteakbank" or "Beefbank". Don't just give it a faceroll name either or people think you're a gold seller and not buy anything from you. Giving it an RP name helps.

    You probably only have a few hours (if that) after you first click your macro for this to stay profitable for you.
    If your realm has a lot of smart people, they will catch on FAST and start selling their own Mysterious Fortune Cards. So don't just click your macro and hope for the best. Be active and respond to legitimate questions about the cards, and point people to WoWhead.
    Straight up saying the cards are from Inscription, however, is a bad idea. People will go look for Scribes or log their own and start making cards too.
    Most importantly: don't spam. People will just think you're a chat bot posting Trade messages and report you.

    Thanks for reading my guide, if you need help just send me a private message in game or via MMO-Champion.
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    100g, really? HAHAHA

    With 100g i can buy a stack of 50 cards...

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    Lol 100g? Price at BloodHoof horde is 8g.

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    Look at the date on the guide. This was right after Cata launched, before people knew about it. Of course the price crashed. Still, when I can pick up a stack for 60g or less, I turn them into buff food for raiding. The extra cost is worth the smile the fortune cards bring to my face

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