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    Welcome to Cataclysm, Where you stand in fire And make people angry

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where archaeology consumes your soul and still doesn't give you a mount to show for it.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where your are smothered by content with upgraded visuals and in no time at all you're realize it's all the same game.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, Where you can stand in the fire And be rewarded for it!

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where you are nothing without your guild and Wiping is fun again

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    Welcome to Cataclysm where PuGs die and... Well, everyone dies

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where twilight fans racechange their blood elves into worgen and where Azshara is not amused.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where heroics are a blast and your sarcasm detector just exploded.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post
    I don't really get how Bloodlust fits Shamans...

    "I need to calm the elements, and through our sacred bond we will - wait, is that a fucking boss? I'M SO FUCKING ANGRY! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! NO, WAIT! I'M GOING TO RAPE HIM THEN KILL HIM! WITH SPOONS! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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    Welcome to Cataclysm where you can skin owls and shamans can rain on your parade!
    The moment when, thanks to transmogrification, your character selection screen looks like the cast of the Downton Abbey.

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    Welcome to Cata... "BY FIRE BE PURGED!!!"-Ragnaros .. yes we know your back rag...

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where your soul belongs to Blizzard and where you think back and /shrug the idea because you don't care anymore after 6 years!

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where trash kills more and hits harder than bosses.

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    Welcome to Cataclysm, where all paladins are holy again and all other healers have rerolled.

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    welcome to cataclysm where PuG's are worse then WoTLK.

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