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    My paladin's been happily (har) called Happybucket for a few years now, really happy (AGAIN, and unintended too!) with the name. It's silly, yeah, but you can't really call it unoriginal (only 3 people in europe with the name I think, 2 of the characters found on armory are mine, and the others are all unplayed). Plus people shorten it to happy in raids which makes me happy in turn \o/ (though the rare person does call me bucket which I'm alright with too really)

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerstuck View Post
    My personal explanation would be that most people saw X-men movies where Wolverine, one of the main characters gets the metal blades coming out of hands. Tho, his hair, beard and body hair grow making him look like he is transforming into a wolf. Worgens do just that.
    In that case, they would appear more as Sabretooth than Wolverine in any form. Either way, it is still a bad connotation to mix a wolverine with a wolf, entirely different animals...
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    i called my be paladin blutmark after seal of blood....

    seemed like a good idea at the time.

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    Great guide. I had never thought about nicknames before but I will now.

    I guess I lucked out with Skoro, Raelyn, Zaerix, and Luminaria (Luminar was taken :<)

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    I like most of mine. The ones I don't like are from my early days and now I'm stuck with them...
    Sabbella : F Blood Elf : Disc Priest
    -its very classy and sophisticated.. it really fits a draenei but im horde =/
    Moxzie : F Goblin : Frost Mage
    -it fits her well
    Liyam : M Tauran : Warrior
    -i like this one a lot, its got a warrior feel without loosing that tauran wisdom I feel like he would be a great general or something
    Appnea : F Undead : Rogue
    -to stop breathing while you sleep
    Denwo : M Troll : Shaman
    -Owned backwards, has a nice troll ring to it also
    Amiya : F Blood Elf : Prot Pally
    -its light in some language or another

    now the ones I hate. The problem is these are my mains and I love them i just hate there names... But people know me as these names and it would be very hard to change them and still keep the basics of them.
    Igpattenlay : Tauren : Resto Druid
    - my second character and her name sucks i don't even know where i was going with it.. im thinking of race changing her to troll and shortening it to Patten
    Takiiya : Troll : Hunter
    -first character and main. I am fairly certain that's a randomly generated name. I hate it but I AM Tak..
    Tarii : Orc : DK
    -I hate her she doesn't matter
    Muwhahaha : Undead : Warlock
    -I don't hate this one as much as muwha just isn't great to be called.

    It may seem when you start that your name doesn't matter but it definitely does.. what I wouldn't give to go back and change tak to tiki ir something...

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    I really like my warriors name Erradic. Basically Erratic which gives you a sense of unpredictability.

    As for the not naming your character something due to the nicknames, I had a guild leader named Assiduous... so yea lol

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    What an truly amazing guide! Got me on alotof character names, thanks!

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    Awesome guide!

    Anyways, my goblin dk > Pokila > Pok. Love it :>
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    My Chars:

    Goblin Priest: Stoicolt (he's stoic and shoots those heals like a colt from the hip)
    Undead Mage: Archaeos (archae = ancient, and he knows a lot of ancient lore)
    Bloodelf Rogue: Periah (she's a pariah!)
    Bloodelf Paladina: Serenyte (because she's so serene, and Serenity was already taken)
    Troll Druid: Gawaihir (lord of the eagles, nickname Gawa, sounds trollish enough; Gawa gives you de mojo!)
    Goblin Shaman: Fizzcrank (he's kinda crank and fizzy )
    Bloodelf DK: Gattsu, japanese spelling of Guts, because I imagine Dk tanking like this:

    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite signature on the forum.

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    I dig Gawaihir, pretty awesome name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AetherMcLoud View Post
    Goblin Shaman: Fizzcrank (he's kinda crank and fizzy )]
    You mean like that Gnome called Fizzcrank Fullthrottle in Fizzcrank Airstrip in Borean Tundra. Nice one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporky0 View Post
    You mean like that Gnome called Fizzcrank Fullthrottle in Fizzcrank Airstrip in Borean Tundra. Nice one.
    I actually didn't know there was a NPC called like that, I just came up with it myself when putting words together that "sounded" goblinish. I quested all my chars through Howling Fjord in lich king, Boring Tundra just wasn't to my tastes.
    I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite signature on the forum.

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    I prefer my character names to be a combination of actors names mixed with something class related. Ryanretnolds is one of mine, Muttdamon, Ronbeargundy (even though everyone already did it), Tracyworgan, etc. I've wanted a Warrior for a while, but haven't came up with an awesome enough name yet.

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    Nice guide, planning to make a new alt, so hopefully this will help to get some inspiration to get a "real" name. ;p
    I named my priest "Naughtynurse".. Nelf before, now Worgen.. Ain't safe being in Running Wild no more, go figure. I should really change her name..

    Nickname: Naughty D:

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    Ryanretnolds is win.

    However, I still can't get over Worgenfreeman (from an earlier poster)...

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    Very nice guide, attractive layout, and it's noob friendly. +1 Brownie Point to you.

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    Mine are:

    Daffi - Undead Rogue
    Daffipope - Undead Priest
    DaffiBestdk - Undead well... DK

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    Without any anti semitism enchant to it, i just rolled a new goblin rogue: Shadowej : rad into it a bit Shadow wej jew.
    I like his name.

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