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    How many mounts in total are there atm ?
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    Funny thing. In Germany we translate scientist into Wissenschaftler. Translated word for word that would be "knowledge creator" and it shows very well why I stopped accepting science. They get paid for creating all these statistics. They have deadlines, they have people they have to listen to and they have to "strive for the next sensation".

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    awesome guide thanks!

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    Completed this tonight with help from this guide

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    Wow this is an amazing guide I am definitely gonna use it to get my 100.

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    nice list, achievement was quite easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by savvasp View Post
    How many mounts in total are there atm ?
    I think 151

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    Not guide u just listed almos all mounts in wow

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    thanks for this.

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    Great list

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEX2555 View Post
    I think 151
    Only if you count Mew :3

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