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    Quote Originally Posted by Batpanic View Post
    My boyfriend :-D
    Ahahaha, awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZAJLAWL View Post

    and that photo made my day :3
    Quote Originally Posted by Nuke1096 View Post
    Personally, I think it would be hilarious if Troll Druids turned into walking cannabis plants.

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    Okay, here is my cat. Sadly no longer with us, but still the cutest little basement cat I ever saw!

    Here she is hanging onto the brick wall outside the window, like a ninja on the prowl.

    Here she meets my boyfriend's pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crumpet View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ZAJLAWL View Post
    and that photo made my day :3
    Made my day too. They are so cute!

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    I like how this thread has so many cute pets and girls........ yeah!

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    I have a Bichon Frise,
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    Awesome signature by Mipeo =3

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    My cat, Buddy. I adopted him from a family that could no longer keep him. I am grateful everyday that I have him in my life <3

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    Me and my brother named our duck "King Duck" guess which one it is.

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    I have read the entire thread. I will be heartbroken if I can't post photos yet... may be 1 or 2 posts off from 20 ><

    my beautiful golden retriever Sasha. I had to put her down on Christmas eve 2008 because a tumour wrapped around the tendons in her leg had metastisized and was in her chest cavity (her last night was spent struggling to breathe.) it was a profoundly horrible experience because the damn dog was fighting with me on the euthanasia table even tho she was blind from double Valium shots cause she could hear my mom crying in the next room. putting a dog down is not Disney drifts off to sleep la la
    she was only 9 and I miss her every single day.

    Miss Lily, my parents' golden retriever - she is purebred but looks goofy, I think she was the runt (10 years old now)

    Lily and Sasha buddies

    my hubby's dog and cat Gunner (red merle Aussie) and Shadow (tortoiseshell.) Shadow passed away at 17 years old last year.

    Gunner being a big goofball

    edit:: oops huge photos. will fix my cat photos and repost.

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    cat time!

    Bella (calico) and Stella (torbie) as lil kittens

    Stella, she's crazy.

    Stella being SO CUTE

    Bella, she's starting to become a fattie (not in this picture)

    gangster cats

    Celsius, my BFF's retarded and lovable puppy mill "beagle"

    Paishie/Patience, the fattest, dumbest, meanest cat I've ever met. some housemates got her and she insisted on living in my room and yowled incessantly if I didn't let her in. she also got stuck in the closet a lot and yowled until I dragged her out, clawing and hissing at me the whole time. stupid cat.

    god I fail at picture sizes in photobucket. hopefully these are good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerr View Post
    My boyfriend is allergic to almost everything with hair.
    Can't say i blame him.

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    this thread is overflooded with so much cuuteeeneeessss.. oh my god.
    there are so much lovley and adoreable pictures of your furry (and less furry ^^) friends in there! <3
    ››yeah, here used to be a signature once. I've must lost it somewhere in the twisting nether... still waiting for the mail from the postmaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brytryne View Post

    Whoooaaahh. That's a spitting image of my cat when he was a kitten :O

    *I have no up-to-date picture, nor a picture of when he was a kitten. But here's one...

    He's called Smudge
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    No, she isn't's all fur, I swear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiggletard View Post
    My cat Jasper likes to play fetc,h but only with select objects. Its kinda weird. Paper wads, those plastic rings from the cap on the milk jug and twist ties.

    He is also a keyturning scrub.

    and a mattress hog

    Also have an American Bobtail(Mackerel Stumpy), cant find any picks I have of him. And its dark right now. But hes a typical extremely muscular, bit aggressive Bobby.
    Hey! that cat is playing... Nice bot... lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crumpet View Post
    You either love or hate these threads, but I couldn't resist anymore. I WANT TO SEE YOUR ANIMALS. Yes I'm one of those annoying tards that LOVE animals (and eating them too, ironically) Who chews the wires through your mouse if they're feeling ignored? Who causes a raid wipe by jumping on your keyboard? Who insists on sleeping on your bed? (And if ANYONE says "lolz wife! I will smite 'em)

    It's our lovely bundles of fluff/scales/feathers whatever

    I have two insane house rabbits. they lord over the house, chase the boyfriend's cats, jump around like lunatics and snuggle up on the sofa, one is a deformed runt, the other is insane.

    Batbunny and Rascal:

    Batbunny aspiring to be a lolrabbit

    Rascal stole the bed:

    "Sup, laydiez"

    When he was smaller, he also loved to sit on my shoulder, much to everyone's amusement. I think I lost 10 pirate points.

    He wasn't pleased when this happened:

    That was WAY more photos then I intended. Now please post yours along with whatever story you have about your pets, I don't want to come across as Crazy Rabbit Lady we need mindless cute in here, participate 0_0 I already feel embarrassed just for making a thread (heh?) so join in.
    Very cute pets.... and a very beautiful owner =D

    Your solo nature means that you're very capable of fending for yourself. It also means, however, that you have trouble finding your place in groups. *Completely true! Do you want to be my friend?*

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    My cat.. he likes to eat.. and sleep.. and that's pretty much it ;o

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    Mordaren can you/a mod pls cut the images from your post? Rather annoying all 6 of them have to load and makes pge take ages to load...

    My camera isn't too good and without flash the pictures would look horrible...

    Splash and Adel, not together so had to have 2 pics :< They're the same age but look nothing alike in size, although fur pattern and colour they are similar.

    Rata (fur) and Banats (hairless) in their house. They look kinda sad cause of the flask :<

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    So I am new here and can't post links up yet so I will just tell you about my dog and and the devil dog we had for a little while till I post enough to show pics :P My adorable corgi/chihuahua mix has been in the family for almost 3 years (he is almost 4 years old) and we had a black lab mixed with something else (we never knew what else) that was the devil dog. The corgi we named Puppy after getting him at a shelter and seeing his name was Brownie but he refused to come to it. We tried anything we could think of that was similar to Brownie and other stuff and he showed no interest. Till we called out Puppy and he came running. He is one of those dogs that acts like a cat. If your hand is free, he will put his head there in your palm as if to say "You really should be petting me right now." He is a wonderful dog. I need to go for now but I will post about devil dog later and maybe shortly after that (and a few other posts lol) I can post up pics of my lovely animals.

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    Ok so devil dog, formerly known as Dahlia, was a lab mix we got as a puppy from the shelter up the road from us. I think I am the only one that refers to her like that since she was the sweetest dog to everyone else but she refused to listen to anything I had to say. Trying to get her in from outside meant I had to sacrifice one of my forearms to her jaws. I started putting her on her leash when I took her out so that I could bring her in without sacrificing my arm and instead she played dead. After trying to be the good momma I said screw it and just dragged her inside. Then we found out we would be moving (military) and we could only take Puppy with us so we had to take Dahlia back to the shelter. I still feel horrible about having to do that but there is no way she could have gone with us and we could not find a family for her on our own. Even though she was hell, I still miss that dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    No, she isn't's all fur, I swear.

    I don't want to sound a complete arse here, as I love fat cats, I mean, cat's have to be fat.

    But that's cruel. There is no way that cat can live a normal life and be comfortable. Poor thing.

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