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    Quote Originally Posted by chazus View Post
    Malcolm McDonnell Douglas Reynolds. Also called Cable Cat, as he has a crazy left eye eye-shine due to a pre-ownership injury of some kind. We picked him up from the local SPCA, due to his signature barrel roll blorp maneuver. He is also the unofficial "Error 37 Cat" that was hosted on IGN. I have no idea how that happened, but he has a bigger internet footprint than I do. (Click images for full size adorables)

    [IMG][/IG] [IMG][/IG] [IMG][/IM]

    [IMG][/MG] [IMG][/IG] [IMG][/IG]

    [IMG][/IG] [IMG][/IG] [IMG][/IG]

    [IMG][/MG] [IMG][/IG] [IMG][/IG]


    About 80% of his day is spent either on my desk, on ME, or on my keyboard. While I'm using it.
    Might be the coolest cat ive ever seen. Thumbs up.
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    Slick looking rather dashing.

    Tito being about as ferocious as he knows how to be.

    Reggie likes eating grass..

    Calvin relaxing in one of his stranger napping spots.

    Tinkerbell being floofly and adorable.

    Tucker is happy to see you.

    Sorry for size. Post all the aminals!

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    That Tucker cat... all i can say is Awwwwwwwwwwwww

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    Here's a couple more. These were actually taken with an older camera, so not the highest quality.

    I'm pretty sure this was the first time he'd ever seen snow. Also before you people up north start laughing at me, we get very little snow here, so yeah. This is usually about as good as it gets. What you see in this pic is usually enough to close schools here.

    Hiding under a couch. He stopped doing that after the first couple of years. We don't have that couch anymore, and he can't get under the ones we have now. We used to worry that he'd end up getting hurt under one of those so we'd do what we could to keep him out. He is deathly afraid of storms (particularly when he hears thunder) and will hide under the nearest thing like a bed that he can find until it's over.
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    wtf? are two images appearing here or is my mmo-c just messing up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post

    wtf? are two images appearing here or is my mmo-c just messing up?

    its just mmo-c messing up..also that dog... those eyes....

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    I don't really have conventional pets...

    African Praying mantises, 4-5th molt. The green one is a female and on her 5th molt, the 2 brown ones are males and on their 4th molt.
    Ingrid is the female and the males are Thor and Loki.

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    This is jack. Just turned 1.
    We were on the way home.
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    Our newest addition to the family, Toby a 5-month old first-generation Jug puppy. (half Pug / half Jack Russell)

    Awesome little dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hempstar View Post

    Our newest addition to the family, Toby a 5-month old first-generation Jug puppy. (half Pug / half Jack Russell)

    Awesome little dog.
    Good looking dog

    Almost looks like a Boxer pup.

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    fucking imgur links screwing up!

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    My sisters cat, Turns out she really likes bread!

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    My babygurl!

    And a picture of her as a little kitty!

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    my husky Stardust looking surprised about something (though just yawning)

    my retriever mix Rosie

    my chow/gsd Barley

    and my golden retriever Honey

    I apologize for the crap quality on a couple of these. My camcorder takes crappy pics unless they are outside in natural light. My other camera (the good one) died.

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    My Shiba Inu, Toby.

    And my DSH, Coda!

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    Such cute dogs and kitties. Uploaded some new pics of my doggies.

    My husky, Stardust, yawning.

    My chow/gsd Barley.

    My retriever mix, Rosie.

    My golden retriever, Honey.

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    Your coffee.

    S (moderator)
    P (WoW Gen, Pets/Mog/Ach, Fun/Chat Zone)
    L (guidelines*)
    E (WoW gen rules*)
    N (my art*)
    D (Trixie for World Domination)
    A (Sensational™)

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    'Murrica, of course.

    Her name is Morgan. She is a 4 year old Blackmouth Curr. I love her to death and she is the best dog ever. <3
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    Jack the half-rex half-belgian hare

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuke1096 View Post
    Personally, I think it would be hilarious if Troll Druids turned into walking cannabis plants.

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    Ringo / Little Red
    Age: About 6 months give or take.
    Status: I think his planning to kill me.

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