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    Interrupt Help, Specifically for Blast Furnace

    Hi! I'm looking to set up an interrupt macro, really it's unacceptable that I've gone this long without one. I realized this was an issue on Blast Furnace when I want to dps the primal elementalist but interrupt flame callers. Now in my head I was thinking just a macro that if I have no focus set it would interrupt my target, which I think generally would be perfect, but specifically for Blast Furnace I'm not sure if I would want that or something that would target the flame caller or set focus with a key bind

    So I'm looking for advice or guidance on which type of macro I want to make and how to make it. Any and all help is appreciated.

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    /use [@focus,nodead][]Interrupt
    Remove the second condition if you only ever want it on focus, season to taste. Remember to set your focus appropriately.

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