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    Are you bored? Post here!

    I am bored, I cant log into WoW due to the authenticator thing so I am starting this thread.

    The purpose of this thread: Tell hilarious WoW stories to keep me company in my time of need and withdrawal of WoW.

    If your post fails to be funny, I curse your babies to be born naked!!!!


    1st poster gets a waffle.... #<('o'<)
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    Only here for the waffle!

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    LOAD"*",8,1 Fuzzzie's Avatar
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    Going to dump this in Fun Stuff so people don't post to boost their post counts

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    Noooo im to late.. i want the waffle! mey i have one?!
    /cast Thorns
    /take it like a man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    Going to dump this in Fun Stuff so people don't post to boost their post counts

    Quote Originally Posted by Tueland View Post
    Noooo im to late.. i want the waffle! mey i have one?!
    Ugh... Sure here you go... #<('o'<)
    My PC: | AMD A8-3870 Quad Core @ 3.0 GHz | 4GB Corsair Dominator-GT1600 MHz | Biostar A55MH| Logisys 330W | Windows 7 Pro 64-bit |

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    Well, i am pretty bored right now

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    Just Reading Some Stories from: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...oW-players-IRL
    And Yep, Kinda Bored.
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    Very bored. D;

    Not in the mood for WoW because I feel like i'm about to throw up >.>

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    Bored, BG queues are so damn long...
    Meanwhile watching South Park and trying to find some good music. ;>

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    Cba log on, I will be spammed with invites and/or being forced to level my new alt with a friend..

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    Yes i'm bored, fed up of getting ganked while trying to lvl my shaman and i can't seem to find a decent pug grp on my pala sucks that the guild have other things to do tonight

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    Lol ^ that video is hilarious.
    <-- Also bored, doing nothing but pvp all night.

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    I'm fucking bored too T_T
    I can log on tho, but don't just feel like i want to play at the moment.
    I don't have so well tanking gear, and I had forgot how long DPS queue was.

    BUT I can tell a little story about earlier today, a nice time i had with one of my friends.
    I asked him if i could invite him to a group so that i could try to do AQ-Ruins solo, he wanted to come with me tho.
    We completed AQ-Ruins, I complained a bit over the fact that AQ aren't for level 85 and i really want to make a real raid on it, and then we jumped into AQ-Temple, and got killed like hell.
    I complained some more, the same subject as before, and then we went MC.
    Well, there we got pwned too.
    We got most mounts in AQ tho.
    We was a feral druid level 85 (me), and a arms warrior level 80, incase you want to know.

    PS: I love the word "tho" and use it even if it would give no sense, don't complain over my english >_<

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    Posting in posty thread

    Just sittin here surfin da intarwebz for better pr0nz ..

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    A little funny event that happened while I was farming in wintergrasp.
    I was farming eternal fires, when this dk with his army still up, at half health sees me, also at half health, so of course he deathgrips me looking for a quick kill. Only one problem, he gripped me while I was in a solar eclipse, and i hit him with 2 wrath crits in a row and all the ghouls vanish, and i see a corpse of a dk in front of me, lol'd after that.
    Also a frost mage who would keep trying to kill me, good 100+ honor a kill pre 4.0, he needed to l2 counterspell.
    Both pre 4.0, so the DK died within literally 1.5 seconds of deathgripping me.
    Favorite one so far, in tol'barad, doing my dailies after a battle, I am up in the tower, and a spriest decides to kill me, I starsurge/solarbeam him, and being in such a small area, he jumps out of the tower, and dies from falling damage. It was just priceless.
    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Ford
    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why few engage in it.
    This explains a lot.

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    I'm also bored

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    I Don't Know.. Somewhere..
    Well if you guys are bored.. Go play poninator!!!

    Edit: And by the way, Merry Christmas =)

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    Yeah bored, been working on my professions for ages.. -.-

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    Waitin for X-mas dinner yo! Wow is snoozey atm

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