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    Happy healing during the Holidays fellow Paladins!

    Start: http: //
    End: http: //
    http: //

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    Hi guies marry christmas
    so this is me trying to be nice i hope ur not all too judgmental (ALSO i did use the lfd i swear to god)

    bye guys merry Christmas thanks for your time

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    Had a nice smooth instance, Only had one drop which was my friend who que'd in with me, he just ran out of time.
    The new druid was nice also.

    Normally my instances are fairly friendly anyways, must have good rng.

    Anyways, start:


    Merry chirstmas! (to all those that marco'd it, if its just another button press, does it really mean anything saying it ?)

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    Helfire Ramparts (Normal)

    Gotta say, it was actually nice... Even though the Death Knight really didn't have faith in her skills, we helped her as we could. Luckily, Jess was a Protection specc'd paladin, so she was able to take over as we helped the DK out.

    ... Will admit, it felt awkward though being the only goblin amidst a pack of Blood Elf women. :P

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    Ran a random normal after a painful heroic failure - people are much more cheerful in normals.

    Greeting my good friends:
    Farewelling them and wishing them a merry christmas:

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    I got ported into an instance already in progress so I started at the end boss



    Also, everyone have a great holiday

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    Bloodsail Admiral Deralte's Avatar
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    I might as well participate :3

    Edit: I even leveled up, haha.

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    Red face

    Hello there
    Long time lurker, first time poster.
    I wish you all a merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!



    (Since it's my first post, I'm not allowed to submit links... the addresses above should work when cut&pasted, anyway XD)

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    Avatar thanks to: Cthulhu Ftagn.
    I joined as they were at the first boss, their first dps had left.


    Good luck and happy holidays everyone!

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    happy holidays and merry Xmas to all

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    BRC normal run on 82 Resto shaman - Loudmode
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    Tank Extraordinaire

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    Merry Christmas!

    Start- (Sorry, but I didn't get my guy saying it. Its in chat though!!!)
    This was in Tol'Vir

    Merry Christmas to everybody! May 2011 not rip me away from WoW and into PS3 land too much!

  15. #475 start, didn't cap it as I said because of a sudden pull and I thought I was the healer, but it's in the log! end
    Had to do a Ragefire Chasm run on a lowbie healer, as I don't have much time for gaming today, but wanted to partake on such a great initiative(also, rocket. Rocket is just my thing). Ended up going disc DPS with a nice bunch of people and for one of the first times since the Dungeon Finder told us it ended at Taragaman, so it was pretty cool! Edit: Also, woot for top DPS. Nerf smite
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keile
    I voted Waffles, because Waffles are awesome.

    Freshly baked up in the morning with some fresh old fashioned butter and maple syrup, can't go wrong with that.* Just think about it for a moment, imagine the waffles in your mouth, syrup dripping down your throat, and then downing it with a glass of O.J.

    It is because of this that I believe Blizzard should rework Azeroth for Waffles.

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    2. (All the same members stayed till the last boss, they just left before I had time to wish them a Merry Christmas)

    And Merry Christmas to all you guys on MMO-Champ too! And hip-hip-hooray for Bibi for another great year keeping us up-to-date with WoW news! Hip-hip-hooray!

    (Okay Bibi, I tried being nice. Now you can give me that Nether Rocket or we can do this the hard way... I know where you hide your lasagne. 'Nuff said ).
    Quote Originally Posted by Zarleck View Post
    "Hey, this guy's been offline for more than 4 days.. He must be plotting against us, quick! Ban his ass!"
    Quote Originally Posted by General_Typhus View Post
    Hi i am any class in the game. To beat me spam icelance and then talk about how skilled you are when the 20k crits roll in.

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    Merry Christmas =) Start Ending

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    Merry Christmas all =)

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