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  1. #1641 - Beginning: Apparently tank left after first trash pull because he couldn't keep threat - End

    Thanks for this opportunity. Love the hard work you put in to keeping us informed on all aspects of WOW. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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    Normal BC with little alt dru ^_^
    Merry Christmas everyone here!
    Бельчо // Свежеватель Душ

    P.S.: I been reading this site for a few years and didn`t even register till now.

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    EU Burning Legion



    Unfortunatelly mage had to leave us after two bosses

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

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    Enjoy Christmas

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    The Patient
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    Jun 2010
    The deep hot South

    Red face

    Had an excellent run so it was a pleasure to post Christmas Greetings! And a Merry Christmas to MMO also!

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    Here's my entries, a bit closer to the wire than I would have preferred but still in time. I'm getting blocked on posting the actual links to the images (even plaintext links) unless I remove the http colon double slash thing, so...yeah.


    Yes, I know I misspelled 'solstice' in the first one, and I know I screwed up the end message (everyone left while I was doublechecking to see if I missed anything), but hopefully I got the sentiment through.

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    So, not allowed to post links, but if I exclude the http part it seems to work, but requires copy-pasting.

    Joined the group, they had been wiping at the stoneworm apparently

    Finished it.

    Loot rolls got in between my wishes, so I had to make a third shot.

    Ps. The Moonkin left as the last boss died, but he was there for the whole run

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    Hello and Merry Christmas everyone !

    First : http: / /

    Second : http: / /

    Sorry for the link but wouldn't let me post it as a working link

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    Two of them left before I could say happy holidays to them

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    I forgot to screenshot it right away, so I scrolled up to show I said it. You can see the time stamp on chat and time on map. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas, and a Happy New Years!!!!


    1. jpg/

    2. jpg

    P.S. Had to put a space between the . and j First time posting.... Again, have a safe and wonderful hoildays!!!!
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    Hello, and thanks to Boubouille for setting this up (and anyone else involved), plus the kind people who gave stuff to give away!

    Start: imgur dot com/bLt89.jpg

    End: imgur dot com/1Qjxs.jpg

    Thanks again, and I hope you got some Jim Davis in your stocking!

    Note: replace the dot with a . and remove the spaces on either side

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    Merry x-mas!

    Start :
    End :

    //Ravicsx - Mal'ganis US

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    Torgrog - Silver Hand


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    hxxp: // Start

    hxxp: // End

    P.S : Couldn't post links as I got no posts, I mainly use MMO to read

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    Nesyad-Silver Hand


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    Hi, we did Halls of Origination and final boss (Rajh) went down before Isiset, Ammunae and Setesh but we did all of them anyway (have proof if needed )

    As a new member I can't post images so I had to improvise


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