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  • Sushi and Sashimi

    5 6.41%
  • Pizza

    20 25.64%
  • Pasta

    8 10.26%
  • Soup/stew

    3 3.85%
  • Ice Cream

    2 2.56%
  • Noodle Soup

    2 2.56%
  • Steak

    13 16.67%
  • Fish

    3 3.85%
  • Salad

    2 2.56%
  • Other

    20 25.64%
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    What are your favorite foods?

    Hello everybody! I am here just for an opinion. What is YOUR favorite food? For me, it would be Sushi and Sashimi, I am a HUGE fan of those, nothing else can beat those for me.

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    im a pretty picky eater, but if i had to say i had a favorite food, id have to say chinese sweet and sour chicken with white rice, im in love with it. if not i really like goldstar chilis 3 ways, for you not in ohio i guess you just call it a 3 way but goldstar FTW!!! for those of you that actually know what im talking about.

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    !!!spaghetti alla carbonara!!! spaghetti with eggs and bacon

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    Chinese food. Egg rolls, chicken balls, ginger beef, that kind of stuff

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    Vegetarian, so I guess salad for me :-)
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    jaffa cakes, porrige, ham sandwhiches, steak
    have realy simple food taste

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akatitosaka View Post
    !!!spaghetti alla carbonara!!! spaghetti with eggs and bacon
    That actually sounds good. Haha.

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    Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches and pretty much anything raspberry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norgannon the Dreamweaver View Post
    That actually sounds good. Haha.
    yes taste very nice maybe not very healthy but ye who cares hihihi

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    you should try sarma, serbian national food

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    lasagna is my favorite!

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    shawarma with garlic sauce fries and fresh salad

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    I could live off of bacon. Or Cheesy Quesadillas. With Bacon.
    All in all, I like a lot of food. Not too picky.

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    Scrapple and cheese(white american) three egg omelette with hash browns- the shredded kind, none of that chopped or scalloped nonsense. Also white buttered toast and coffee, black. Best thing anytime.
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    Woah, this is THE list I could go on and on. Although I will make categories:
    Soup - Cold beetroot soup (Pink!), mashed mushroom soup;
    Meat - beef steak, chicken and pretty much everything if made chinese-style;
    Cold starter - Caesar salads, Philadelphia maki (sushi);
    Pasta - Lasagna, spaghetti bolognese;
    Flour - pizza, pancakes;
    Fish - roasted salmon, dorado fish;
    Seafood - oysters, king shrimps (those biiig ones);
    Fruit - orange, pineapple;
    Cake/pie - apple pie, cheese cake (it is not a lie!);
    Drinks - orange juice, sprite;
    Daaaamn now I got hungry >_>
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    any seafood, so i guess i´ll stick with fish
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    Anything with Carrots is good in my eyes!

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    chicken in all it's forms, especially fried.
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