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    "Iron man, Iron man, does whatever an Iron can!"
    "isn't is SPIDER man?"
    "Duh!, why would spiderman be able to do everything an Iron can?"

    I didn't mind bio-dome :P then again I was high as a kite when I watched it....

    I've grown to hate almost every Jack Black movie, cept School of Rock, he's a grossly overrated "actor" and for every good movie he makes, he's got about 5 rubbish ones.
    Reading A Song of Ice and Fire is like playing with an adorable puppy, then someone comes up out of nowhere, shoots the puppy and punches you in the face.

    Stands in front of 100 enemies with 10% health left "Myeh, I'll save my potions for when I REALLY need them." - every rpg player ever.

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    My best Comedy movies:
    -Annie Hall
    -The Pink Panther

    My worst Comedy movies:
    -Easy Money
    -The Family Jewels

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