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    kalamazoo michigan

    are you jacked irl?

    title says it all

    are you jacked? ripped? shredded? whats your answer?

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    5'10, 120 pounds. /flexribs.

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    Hell no...

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    6'2 230 pounds, iv got a gut, but im not fat : )
    Thats my usual weight in the winter, in the summer im usually quite a bit trimmer

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    Jacked? Never heard that term before.

    Nothing special but I still maintain a decent workout regiment. 6'4" 210, certainly not fat but I am "full".

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    kalamazoo michigan
    personally im trying to get completely shredded. i'm kind of obsessed actually. i wish i could practice more moderation in life - just look at my wow/working out habits.

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    6'4" 200 pounds.

    Body mass well spread out, slightly above average strength I would say. I actively play sports.

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    Tall and thin.

    Think Troll, not weak, but for my build I seem to fare well enough.
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    6'0 78KG (never used pounds) Not jacked, but toned.

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    tall and skinny.
    I would say im fairly weak and i beat kids up at school if they mess with me. Fighting has almost nothing to do with strength.
    all my fellow preschoolers fear me. >.>

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    6"4 220 pounds, Got too fat since i had to quit rugby. When i was training for rugby on a daily basis was bp'ing 120kg at 18 years old.

    Can press around 150 now but don't have a strict training regime.

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    5'10" 135-145lbs I dance so I'm just muscle but not totally ripped or anything...

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    6'1" 280. Think teady bear xD

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    I'm 5' 10" and i weigh around 166 lb 11.9 Stone. Play rugby and football like 2 times a week + matches so around 2/3 and between that i'm generally in the gym so ye sport is ftw

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    Tall and big. Not really fat, but not in six-pack shape either.

    196cm (6'5) and 120kg. Of which around 10kg is excess weight, but doesnt bother me! Might have to get rid of that extra 10 before summer and the start of the season, though!

    As they say, weight equals powerful, overweight equals over-powered! Atleast as far as American Football is concerned!

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    6'5 and 190-200 lb, cut but not ripped
    This bro quit the game but still loves the game and will be back for MoP!

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    6' 1" 260 lbs. I fit the sterotypical gamer atm. Used to be until I had to take prednisone for 3 years, that fucked me up. but working on getting rid of the fat. a lotta cardio and weights. Total gym really works well.
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    5'3" 300lbs but I'm not fat.

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    Pandaren Monk
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    Stoke, England
    about 5"8, 8-9 stone ( yes im english and use stone to measure my weight )
    but i'm 14, so i think it's irrelivant

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