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    <~$~("The truth, is limitless in its range. If you drop a 'T' and look at it in reverse, it could hurt.")~$~> L.F.

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    Sabaton - 40:1

    I just love that track
    The biggest mistake one can make, is not admitting when you're wrong.

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    Lamb of God. used to drive guildies nuts on vent.

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    Chemistry block.
    I must be not normal because as a tank I like keeping calm but sharp, so I revive my dads ipod and listen to his stuff like David Bowie, Bob Marley, Beatles etc... If I listened to my generation of music it'd be all that "hip hop dance" bullshit I can't understand or enjoy to any meaning of the word. Rebel Rebel and Ziggy Stardust are awesome for certain bosses. The guitar in them is like the screensaver to my mind, it's perfectly ingrained.

    One of my favourites though is a svensk guildy with an awesome mic, clear as day, and he has classic jazz on in the background - he'll occasionally leave his mic open and that gets us through trash.
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    Also a vegetable is a person.
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    I dont care if they [gays] are allowed to donate [blood], but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    Both are equally fitting as a mage as everything wants to kill me and I drink a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by athanasios View Post
    Sabaton - 40:1

    I just love that track
    Hoo-rah! Sabaton All The Way!

    Though i do like Ghost Division and White Death

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    Right now it's been:

    First impressions are everything to me. Make it count. <3

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    Everywhere, and nowhere.
    it is, and always will be

    The Call of Ktulu by metallica, its so dramatic and amazing, its like an oncoming storm at the beginning, the middle is the eye of the storm, and the end is the storm passing, with a slight hint of malice and an aura of mystery

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    Gangstarr Full Clip! OFC!!!

    And this shit cuz i was just listening to it!

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    Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror:
    Dschingis Khan - Moscow:
    Manowar - Gods of War:
    Dick Dale - Misirlou:
    Men at Work - Land down Under:
    Cirque du Soleil - Incantation:
    Ballroom Blitz:
    Turisas - Sahti Waari:
    Tunak Tunak Tun:
    Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge:
    RHCP - Snow:
    Disturbed - The Night:
    Sonata Arctica - My Land:
    Freedom Call - Warriors:

    I could go on, but I think I've linked enough.
    "Imagine coming across a mentally disabled person who was not only drunk, high, but had a full frontal lobotomy leaving little to no intelligence left in their body.

    He would be NORMAL, compared to me."

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    M.O.P - Cold as ice while doing hodir in ulduar.
    Epic feelings.
    The perfumed* boys he wrapped in chains and threw into the sea. They were unnatural creatures, and the ship smelled better once cleansed of their presence.

    *Degenerative Casuals

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    Grinding ----> any Architecture in Helsinki
    Hanging around ----> shuffle
    Raiding/Boss Fights ---> Vent (DUHHH), Infected Mushroom/Benny Benassi once content is on farm.
    Nothing to see here! Move along! Nothing to see here!

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    And DPS means Don't Pull Shit!

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    Fossil Genera - A Feed from Cloud Mountain Between the Buried and Me

    Nothing like the carnival music from hell to get you going.

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    Anything from Pearl Jam's "Ten", Morbid Angel's "Covenant", Cattle Decapitation's "To Serve Man", Slipknot's live album (don't remember the name), Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffet.

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    Inside my own little bubble
    My song - Girls Dead Monster
    so yea... thats my song

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    crazy pump up you will top 20k+ dps single target with this song on

    edit: also
    0:40 = 30K+ dps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrunch View Post
    Hoo-rah! Sabaton All The Way!

    Though i do like Ghost Division and White Death
    This is probably a bit random, but since you mentioned White Death (Awesome song), i just recalled something about the song: The intro riff, and some of the chorus riffs, are actually "borrowed/stolen" (depends how you look at it) from Anki Bagger's song "Where Were You Last Night"?
    If you listen closely, you can easily hear the similarities. Nightwish also covered "Where Were You Last Night", it might be easier to hear the guitar and keyboard in their version.

    Sorry for the derail, i'll another song to make up for it: So, ever heard bagpipes in metal? Try it! Skiltron - Between My Grave and Yours
    The biggest mistake one can make, is not admitting when you're wrong.

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