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    Question Getting a Kitten - Suggest Names?

    So I know I'm getting a nice little kitten for my Christmas... Confirmed by my sister who can't be quiet.. Which is cool because Id rather know before so I can prep for it coming!

    First things first.... Names? I just can't think of one....

    I'm sure I can trust the guys at MMO champ to come up with a few good ones

    Pictures of small kittens to go along with the name are a plus <:

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    Mr. Bigglesworth!

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    Mr. Bigglesworth
    Ahh damn, Baphometh was faster than me.

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    steve french!

    thats what i call my cat, such a badass cougar name
    (its from Trailer Park Boys btw)

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    High Overlord sadistic's Avatar
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    Lord Marrowgar. Idk, i want to name a cat that someday for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aswed View Post
    mr. Bigglesworth
    ahh damn, baphometh was faster than me.
    score!! :d

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    Lol, Mr. Bigglesworth... Is it bad that I didn't see that coming?

    Steven French.. Not a bad idea, It would be rather strange if someone asked what my kitten was called But then again It could be rather funny.

    Lord Marrowgar - Rofl... That would cause a few storms... Ohhh.

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    I've always liked the name Scholomance for a cat. You could call 'em Scholo!
    To quote the great sage Ook Ook, "you can take the derk out of the jib, but you shouldn't put the jib in the derk."

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    666 DESTROYER OF WORLDS, SLAYER OF MORTALITY 666 - possibly add in some ascii

    My cat is called Karma irl, i like it..

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    Ninj if it's black. Tabby if its orange. Storm if it's white. :P

    Thanks to Amalisa for this great Sig!

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    Shirvallah ? Zulian ?

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    Must... resist... posting... huge... animated GIF...

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    Zazzles. Because it's zazzy.
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    you know james? no? wel 20km to the north of his house and you'll run into my house, cant miss it
    either go with robert or richard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bizkitz View Post
    Zazzles. Because it's zazzy.
    ROFL! the Writers Guild Gods doth smile upon Big Bang Theories writers
    I vote this name.

    OP, you should take your favorites here and start a poll once some more names come rolling in. Call it "MMO-Champion: Name My Cat Edition!"
    If you love / enjoy WoW in its current state, don't bother with my signature...with all due respect, its not for you. (note: I am happy and respectful though, of your enthrallment with WoW... if not a little envious!)
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    Testicoolz nah jks uhmn luxor or Stefan

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    Kitty? And start yell "HELLO KITTY!!!"
    Congratulations on graduating to expert level trolling, I would stick around but I'm busy getting gay married in 13 states and performing roadside abortions while passing bills that take away people's guns while i sip superior european wine and cheese i bought with european style socialist money, arrivaderci!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orodoth View Post
    ROFL! the Writers Guild Gods doth smile upon Big Bang Theories writers
    I vote this name.

    OP, you should take your favorites here and start a poll once some more names come rolling in. Call it "MMO-Champion: Name My Cat Edition!"
    Ah nice Idea Ill see how it goes loving some of them so far ;D

    So many choices...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baphometh View Post
    Mr. Bigglesworth!
    I would love to have a kitty named like this.

    OT: My mother usually names our cats after some mythical creature or god etc. Kinda funny to see her doing all that research when we're getting a kitty.
    Also my favorite name is Shiva

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