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    LW Patterns

    I am having an issue with the LW patterns that can be bought from the vendor in Dragonmaw Port. Every one I have bought has said "Item not found" when I try to learn it. When I ticketed one the GM refunded me the 10 heavy savage and said that the patterns were currently bugged. Since then I have bought several more patterns and all have had the same flaw. I was wondering if there was any news on this, if anyone else was having the same issue, and or has a quick fix that they know of.

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    Nobody else?
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    I just bought some 2 nights ago and had no problem learning them. It might be a problem on your server or maybe something caused by one of your addons? I'd try putting a post in the bug report forums.
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    read require skill of 425 as 525 that is the problem once you get max skill you will be able to learn the epic patterns you bought

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    It's a bug. Some of them -say they require 425 skill; in actuality, they required 525. Trying to learn them before 525 results in the aforementioned error. I had the same problem, but maxing it out cleared it up for me.
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    Thanks so much for the info
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