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    What it feels like when I see people arguing over the internet

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    hahaha the kids fighting gif... hop hop hop lmao
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    I couldn't remember if this had been posted before, but with all the your/you're comments, I couldn't resist.

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    That grammar one from cyanide and happiness is just so, so awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d3v View Post
    What does it matter when the picture was posted, he's allowed to reply he found it funny (or in this case wanted to rip his eyes out).

    Seriously why can't people reply to pictures posted a while ago? What exactly is the problem? Sorry for going offtopic and not posting a funny picture but at the same time I want to know what the problem is people replying to funny pictures that weren't recently posted.

    And while I'm at it, unless someone makes a repost of a picture from a few pages before, really, don't bloody flame them for it. Do you expect people to go through 380+ pages to see if the pic they want to post has already been posted?

    /Off-topic rant done, let the funny pictures resume.
    okay sorry, i didn't saw it at that way, but well, people can at least avoid of quoting big pictures when they want to reply at it

    and yes, about the reposts, no one can't know when it is a repost or when it's not


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    That dog looks so confused after the cat beat him up

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    Dog looks disappointed, wanted to play but the cat just pushed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teebo View Post
    I don't get it. "Girls raped"? WTF??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xebu View Post
    I don't get it. "Girls raped"? WTF??
    Indeed...there's even a semen meter and a finger-less glove meter

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    Quote Originally Posted by soniqboom View Post
    Contributing in an epic thread

    Lol, There is no way she worked at Hooters. I smell something fishy here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xylophone View Post
    If you like those photoshop images here's something similar dontevenreply.com

    I get in trouble for waking my wife up with my laughing.
    thankyou so much made me so much happier :P

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